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10 Best Auto Tune Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

Showing talent in public is not an easy task, some people don't hesitate to show their talent in public while some of them hesitate. The talent can be anything like singing, dancing, public speaking, etc.

Most people prefer to leave their talent in the bathroom or bedroom. From which crew you belong, some auto-tune apps can help you out to showcase your talent on social media platforms or the trending platform which is Youtube. These apps can change your voice automatically and improve your singing skills and public speaking. In this article, we have listed some best auto-tune apps that can help you. So let's have a look at them.

Best Autotune apps for Android and iOS you must Download

1 - Voloco

2 - AutoRap by Simule

3 - Starmaker

4 - Rapchat

5 - Tune Me

6 - Micdroid

7 - Auto Tuner Voice Recorder

8 - Voice Synth

9 - Vio

10 - Vanido - Learn to Sing

1 - Voloco - Auto Tune + Harmony App

Voloco is an amazing harmony and auto-tune app for android as well as for iOS, made with many inbuilt functions. It helps you to quickly get the desired effects in your voice in auto mode. This application records your voice in real-time and adjusts its intonation to the selected music, and makes it ready immediately for playback.

2 - AutoRap by Smule

A person having a sweet and good voice always dreams that he or she will become famous in singing or rap songs. Eminem the rap god everyone knows about him. AutoRap app can be a life-changing auto-tune application for those people. 

This app converts your voice into a rap style. The application works on replication technology and totally based on Autotune technology.

After opening the app, you have to select the appropriate mode. There are 2 types of modes in this application the first one is Talk mode and the other is Rap mode. The difference between these two modes is that when you select the talk mode, you dedicate the lyrics for your future song and the app matches those lyrics with the rhythm automatically. While in rap mode you have to follow the chosen bit and sing along. 

There is a large variety of styles and bits inside this AutoRap application. The final composition can be uploaded directly to Facebook, Youtube, or any other social media and also can be saved in your gallery. You must try this auto-tune app if you love rap.

3 - Starmaker

Loves singing and wants to join a singing community to follow your singing passion, then the Starmaker app can be a way to follow your singing dream. This is one of the best auto-tune app for singing and very helpful for people who wanna make a career in singing.

In this application, you will find more than 50 million music lovers all around the globe. This app can be an opportunity to become famous by singing songs. Record and edit your songs with a wide range of auto-tune and voice-changing effects.

This app also supports duets from where you can sing songs with other people and can share your videos directly to any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

4 - Rapchat

Rapchat is another popular autotune app for android and iOS platforms. This is a totally free music app by which you can record songs and can add effects like auto vocal tunes to them in real-time.

rapchat auto tune app for android

With the auto vocal tune feature, you will not believe that your voice can be your favorite singer. If you are unable to find your favorite rap, then you can find your fav. rap by tapping on the Rap Name Generator tool given inside the app. There is a huge collection of free beats more than 1000 from major beat producers. So go ahead and sing like a pro.

5 - Tune Me

If you have an android device and want the best auto-tune app then Tune Me is for you. TuneMe is a hip-hop and R&B recording studio application for your phone from where you can record tracks with auto pitch and pitch shift features on more than 500 free beats.

High-quality tracks with full-featured recording and editing tools can be done with this app. You can share your tracks directly to SoundCloud(one of the biggest) and on other social media platforms. It's easy and simple to use.

Features of TuneMe

Set any song as a call
Possibility of singing with any MP3
Record and load background bits
Freestyle mode

6 - MicDroid

MicDroid is another popular autotune recording and auto tune app for android, having many inbuilt features such as e-mail recording, auto pitch correction, set recording as ringtone etc and one special thing that its ads are free. The size of this application is so small you can't believe just only 36KB which is super light to run on all devices.

7 - Auto Tuner Voice Recorder

I want my voice to be like a pro singer in reality it's not possible. But by using this app I can change my voice according to my need. There are many features given in this voice changer app like autotune, voice effects, and many more. By applying different-different sound-changing effects I can make pranks on my friends by making a prank call.

8 - Voice Synth

For iOS users many of the apps are paid like this one, they don't have many free apps to download. This app is specially made for singing purposes with auto-tune effects for iPhone users.

It costs around $11.99 on the App Store is a voice synthesizer and voice processor app that plays by your voice. As this is a paid voice changer and auto tuner app so we can assume that it would be the best in comparison to other free auto tuner apps.

There is a large category of voices in this app like Animals, Weird, Evil, and many other sounds. IOS users must try this if they are able to pay for an application otherwise you can go for other free apps. This is the best auto-tune app for singing. You must try this auto-tune app for iPhone.

9 - Vio

This app has set a new standard in voice correction. All your presets will sound in a new way. No matter how bad your voice is(just kidding) you will hit the notes and the song will sound in a very natural way, no one will say that this voice is from an auto tuner app.

10 - Vanido - Learn to sing

Vanido is the best application to improve your singing skills from home. This app comes with lots of vocal exercises that will help you to improve your pitch, tone, and voice. There are daily sessions you can go to and improve your singing skills to check your progress. Practice daily and see your progress report to analyze how much you improved your voice.


So this was the complete list of selected best autotune apps for android or iOS. Start your singing journey with these cool apps. Hope you like these if you have other suggestions comment down below we will add them to the list. Thank you for spending your valuable time here.

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