The 12 Best Avatar Maker Apps for Android/iOS in 2020

Create avatar whatever you wants with your creativity

Wanna to create your own avatar Cartoon or animated avatar? The trend of avatar creation with apps has become very popular these days on the internet. Cartoon, amine and avatar maker apps are available in the market on Android as well as on iOS platforms. These avatar making apps helps you to create your own representation on all social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and so on.

Avatar maker apps

Hey guys here in this article I will show you a list of apps which can help you out to create your own avatar So, lets see the avatar apps everyone is using these days. You can run these apps on any of the platform weather it is Android or IOS device. Sometimes you have seen cartoon characters with real person photos, you can also make such avatars. Below is the list where I have given you such an app by using one of them you can create your own character or avatar in a few minutes with these trending avatar maker apps.

So lets create an avatar :)

Avatar Making Apps for Android and iPhone in 2020

1 - Amine Avatar Cretor
2 - Avatar Ersteller
3 - Emoji Maker
4 - Cartoon Maker - Avatar Schopher
5 - Bitmoji - Your Personal Emoji Maker
6 - Boo - 3D Avatar and AR Chat
7 - SuperMe - Make your Comic Avatar 
8 - Styledoll - 3D Avatar Creator
9 - FaceQ
10 - Face Avatar Maker
11 - MSQRD

1 - Anime Avatar Creator - Create your own Avatar

Wanna to create your own anime avatar so this can be the best amine avatar maker app for you. Whatever character or Amine avatar you want to create. Use your creativity and create cool amine avatar using this app. This cool application has many other amazing features you can use. You will get a big collection of templates here to make an avatar and with different facial expressions with detailing.

Here you will get all types of emotions on faces of the avatars with different shapes of mouth, eyes and eyebrows. You can choose color for the eye and hair. To make the avatar cool and good looking you can also change the background of the avatar. You must try this avatar making app once.

avatar maker app

2 - Avatar- Ersteller - Anime

This avatar maker app is also another good anime maker application. Here you will get more than 10K character options to create your own one. You can customize anything with your eyes, lips, hair, clothes and other properties. From here you can also share your character directs to social media on any of the social media platforms.

Can set an avatar to the wallpaper of your phone directly from here. To make it more attractive and catchy flexible color options are provided in this application.

3 - Emoji Maker 

All smartphones come with emoji even if it is from android or ios all comes with emojis. You can use them but I say to try this emoji maker app to create your own emoji. Share your thoughts in an impressive way with your friends or closer ones. This application helps you to create any type of emoji you want as we can say that custom emoji. With your creativity and ideas try this app and create your own emojis in this app.

4 - Cartoon Maker - Avatar Schopfer

This cartoon maker, avatar creator app is also another option for creating a perfect cartoon avatar. In this application you can create an avatar by combining different parts of faces. It is easy to use and understand other functions. In this cartoon avatar maker app you can create a good quality and attractive avatar with your creativity. Change hair style, clothes color or eyes color whatever you want in a very easy manner. This was one another best avatar maker app you should try.


1- Apply cartoon effects to the photos in your gallery(create avatar from photo)
2 - Apply real time effects and take photos with your camera
3 - Use back and front cameras of your phone
4 - Pinch to zoom
5 - You can choose from many impressive effects
6 - Save images or take a photo quickly by a single touch of a button
7 - Supports auto focus (tap anywhere on the screen)
8 - Share photos with your friends
many different cartoon type effects, create sketches, oil painting, pencil, thermal vision, crosshatch and many more

5 - Bitmoji - Your Personal Emoji Maker

Bitmoji is one of the most popular emoji and creator apps and avatar maker applications. This application has more than 100 millions of downloads on google play store. The size of the application varies on android and ios. You can create a good looking and attractive avatar with it.

While chatting on social media or with other stranger chat applications(like Azar etc) you can send your own created emoji, avatar and sticker to anyone with the help of this app. If you like stickers then you will find a huge collection of stickers inside this application. Create bitmoji with your photo, simply choose any of your photo and create your bitmoji from photo.

This app also allows you to use your friends avatar to film 3D avatar in fantastic scenarios. Try this emoji and best 3d avatar creater app once.

Bitmoji features

• Create an expressive cartoon avatar
• Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU
• Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat

avatar maker app

6 - Boo - 3D Avatar and AR Chat

In this app you can create 3D avatars and AR(Augmented reality) avatars. You created any avatar and wants to give it a 3D look then this app is perfect for the job. Customize your avatar by changing its color, hair color and eyes to make it more cool.

You will find a tool area to decorate your avatar. You can wish your friends birthday or any other occasional thing by recording your own voice and create an animation with your avatar to wish or welcome any one.

avatar maker app

Key Features

  • Avatar Creator & emoji Maker
  • Get More Followers
  • Emoji & Sticker Maker
  • AR Camera
  • Create Avatar from Photo
  • Video

As this app is 3D based so we can also do fun with friends and close ones. Play with your friends by sending 3D avatars. This app also supports AR so you can also create AR videos in this application. You can make AR videos by putting your avatar in the real world. This app is one of the best AR and 3D character creator apps. Must try once.

7 - SuperMe - Make your Comic Avatar

This app is one of the best avatar maker apps for iphones in 2020. There are many more apps on the Apple store you can download.The special feature of this application if that it lets you change facial expressions which makes your avatar more cool and funny. If you wanna to put any animation in your avatar then there are more than 100 animations provided in this app. iPhone users must use this app once to create an avatar.

avatar maker app

8 - Styledoll - 3D Avatar Creator

This is another best 3D cartoon maker app for iPhone users. You can turn your selfie into a 3D avatar. This application has a rank of 1 in more than 50 countries around the world. Used by some famous people like Lady Gaga, DeGeneres Lily Rose and by many other celebrities all around the world.

This app works on facial recognition technology and makes a good avatar of your selfies and photos. Skin, eyes color, hair color and clothes colors can be adjusted. A huge collection of beautiful dresses is inbuilt in the app you can try. For creating unique emojis this app is also another option for  iphones.      

9 - FaceQ

FaceQ another best avatar maker app. If your drawing is not so good you can create your own avatar by combing the different parts of the faces in this app. Having more than 10 million downloads on google play store, you can imagine how popular this application is. Try this once on your android device.

avatar making app

10 - Face Avatar Maker

I Want to create your own cartoon emoji face, avatar, animated emoji or animated stickers. Then this anime avatar maker app can be the best once for you. This application provides you a keyboard where you will get a huge collection of emojis and avatars. Need animated emojis or animated stickers to chat with someone you will find all in this app.

Here you get features for creating live avatars which you can design then according to your own needs. With Zmoji avatar maker you can also make your own custom avatars and emojis. Android users must try this app once.

11 - MSQRD

Record your selfie video animations, change your look and share it with your friends and shock them. MSQRD is one of the best and most popular animation making and avatar creator apps which can amaze you. Try this once on your android.

MSQRD avatar maker app

12 - Zmoji

Zmoji an excillent avatar creator application by app creator company. Zmoji offers you a custom creation of social avatar of yourself that you can use and share it with the online world. This application is so popular among the youngsters all over the world. You must try Zomji once. Zmoji is available for both android and iOS platforms.


So this was the complete list of best selected cartoon, amine, emoji and best avatar maker apps of 2020 whom everyone is using on their android and iPhone. Download and try these apps today and create avatar using your creativity. These avatar maker apps are being used by everyone.

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