30+ Cool Drawing Ideas from the Real World

Hey, have you some free time and want to utilize it. You can draw some cool things in your spare time. Everyone has some free time in a day so why not draw something cool, cute, cartoons or funny drawings to feel good and utilize spare time. Here in this article we are going to share some drawing ideas which you can draw easily. For beginners there are many things to draw easily. It's not so hard let's create them.

drawing ideas
Drawing Ideas

When I was in my school days I loved drawing cartoons. Every Sunday drews cartoons and cutted them and pasted them on the walls of my room. That was an awesome feeling for a kid. You can start your career in drawing also if you are a drawing enthusiast. There are many career opportunities in drawing cartoons, making sketches etc. So let's create something cool and funny.

How to Draw some cool Stuffs

Let's make a drawing with some cool stuff, it is very important to take interest in a work to get the result of it. Without taking interest you can't learn or do anything it will be a total waste of time energy and money. 

Cute Cactus Drawing with Colors

Cactus mostly found in dry areas like in Deserts, but have you seen cute cactus in cartoons? You can also make it with your own cartoon drawing creativity to make it more cute, cool and attractive.

Keep it Simple

Have you ever gone with your family ever, I'm sure most people go with their family for trips. We see many scenes in between the trip we can also draw them like as a scenery of mountains, river, forests etc.

what to draw when you are bored

Cup Sketch

Funny cup sketches can also be drawn in spare time.

Dress sketches for girls - Drawing ideas for Girls

For girls they can create some cool and attractive dress sketches in their spare time.

Cartoon face pictures

Almost all people love cartoons. You can also draw cartoon characters.


You also can draw Cartoonish animals or birds pictures.


Creating a perfect ghost depends upon your creativity how scary you can think. This is another easy things to draw. You can create a ghost drawing cute or scary depending upon you.

ideas of things to draw

Some 30+ easy things to draw, drawing ideas list taken from real world:

1 - A famous person you admire 2 -Your feet (or someone else’s feet) 3 - A cup of coffee and pastry from a local cafe 4 - An interesting knick-knack off your shelf 5 - House keys attached to a Keychain 6 - Your hands (or someone else’s hands) 7 - A necklace, ring, or another piece of jewelry—try combining them in a still life 8 - Your favorite wild animal 9 - The back of someone’s head 10 - Trees outside your window 11 - The exterior of your favorite building 12 - The items on your coffee table 13 - Your most interesting pair of shoes 14 - A cute baby animal 15 - Recreate scientific renderings of bugs or birds (such as John James Audubon) 16 - Fresh fruit that’s been cut in half (citrus fruit works well) 17 - What you’re wearing today 18 - Sketch someone on public transit 19 - Play with perspective by looking straight up at a skyscraper or at a bridge 20 - Crumpled fabric 21 - A myriad of mushrooms 22 - Collection of your favorite things 23 - The interior of your living room 24 - A houseplant 25- Kitchen utensils, like a whisk or slotted spoon 26 - Your self-portrait 27 - A family photograph that you cherish 28 - A landscape that you love (such a favorite vacation) 29 - Make a copy of your favorite painting or statue (bonus points if it’s in a museum) 30 - A furry friend (working from a photograph is probably best) 31 - A fresh bouquet of flowers (try colored pencils with this one) 32 - A closeup of your eye 33 - An object in a glass dish 34 - Your dinner that night… 35 - The view from your window 36 - What you see from your car’s rear view mirror

So these were some easy things to draw when you bored or you have some spare time to spend. These drawing ideas will improve your drawing skills and creativity. Utilize your spare time. If you have some other drawing ideas you can comment we will add them to our list as soon as possible.

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