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150+ Best Instagram Usernames to Look Unique On Instagram

Cool, classy and good Instagram names are being used very widely by both boys and girls on Instagram nowadays. Everyone wants to have a cool, classy and good Instagram name on their profile.

cool, classy, attitude and good instagram names

Did you know what is Instagram? Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media platform available in both app and website version free for both Android and IOS platform. You can share photos and videos very easily as same you shares on Facebook. Instagram is one of the very rapidly growing social media platforms nowadays and becoming more popular among youngsters as well as Businesses. Everyone wants to increase followers on Instagram to become more popular and and to grab the social media influencer sponsorships and deals.

All the big brands and Celebrities have their accounts and have millions of followers on Instagram. Business pages run advertisements to reach more people through this platform to scale up their business and products sales.

Amazing fact about Instagram - According to Mark Zukerberg, on average a Instagrammer spends about 45 minutes on Instagram on a daily basis. This data represents how much the consumption of Instagram is there. But today, we are going to look at Instagram names.

Cool instagram names
Cool Instagram names

What is a username for Instagram?

A username is a unique name that is assigned to a particular person or Brand that you can set on your Instagram account/profile through which other peoples can find you easily by your name.

For example @shubham_butola_ or @garhwali_traveller_

How to write your Instagram address?

Every Instagram profile has a unique URL.

How to change your Instagram name?

Changing Instagram name is a very simple process. Follow the steps below to change your Instagram name:

1 - Firstly go to settings.(Tap on 3 dots on the right corner of your profile page)
2 - Scroll down the page then click on "Edit Profile".
3 - Change your username whatever you want, that's it.

Now let’s move to the cool Instagram names list.

Notice: In case, you are unsatisfied with the below 100+, and wants to come up with your particular username then read our upcoming posts for tips.

instagram usernames
Instagram usernames

Cool usernames for Instagram

We have categorized the names according to their categories like as cool, attitude Instagram names, funny Instagram names etc.

Good Instagram names:


Cool Instagram names


Attitude names for Instagram:

@papa ki pari Insinex
@pretty kitty Lynch
@coco Booshking
@dream girl
@bad girl
@virgin girl
@lovely Griller
@fifty shades of love Chickleen
@honey Monkey Flashy Baby base
@marley Quantic

Cute Instagram names:


Cute Instagram names for girls:

@Hot Username Here
@Beauty Babe
@Mystical Dimples
@Twilight Queenbee
@Secret Giggle
@Princess Fuzzie
@Rainbow Sweety
@Hot Cupid
@Candycane Missy
@Cupcake Hugs
@Dazzled Sweetie
@Hot Babe
@Super Giggles
@Songbird Garden
@Sugar Genius
@Sugarplum Chum
@Secret Fruity
@Lil Cutie
@Soft Mambo
@Sugary Heaven
@Snowy Secret
@Triple Adorable
@Hippy Sunshine
@Jelly Cuddles
@Sweet Whimsy
@Shy Snicker
@Live Chic
@Squiggly Munchkin
@Tickle Star
@Snuggle Kitty
@Sizzling Teapot
@Cutie Bun
@Huggable Bab
@Missie Lucky
@Crazy KupKakes
@Pretty Pumpkin
@Bunny Passion
@Tigger Fresh
@Peace Hug
@Magic Peach
@Tiger Kitty
@Sleepy Tinker
@Tragic Girl
@Deputy Girl
@Girl Royale
@Sad Cherry
@Tom Sasha
@Butterscotch Seven
@Panda Heart
@Scribbly Lightning

Relationship Instagram names:

@Quarter Note

Best Instagram names for girls:

@Super Giggles
@Sugar Genius
@Sugarplum Chum
@Secret Fruity
@Lil Cutie
@Soft Mambo
@Songbird Garden
@Snowy Secret
@Triple Adorable
@Hippy Sunshine
@Jelly Cuddles
@Sweet Whimsy
@Shy Snicker
@Live Chic
@Sugary Heaven

Classy names for Instagram:

@Gun mylifeline21
@Butterscotch Seven
@Naughty Slay
@Teen Graph
@Firestix Natural
@nock Delicately-delicious
@glimmer Beloved – Angel Super
@Teen Touch

Best Instagram names for Boys:

@Bad Captain
@Bad Chatty
@Deal Cereal
@Deadline Dork
@Nucking Futs
@Deal Looser
@Compact Racer
@Fear Swag
@Freak Bad
@Facer Racer
@Feature Swag
@Gamer Simmer
@Gamer Slayer
@Gamer Tales
@Far Racer
@Interior Bad
@Jade Bad
@ver Shades
@Beacon Bin
@Floating Heart
@Bad Captain
@Claudio Clouds
@Tonight Gamer
@Dead Deal
@Deal Anneal
@Deal Cereal
@Dead Guru
@Crazy Anyone
@Looney Looser
@Various Eye
@Virgin Vanilla
@Racer Hell
@Racer Party
@Swag Football
@Swag Grant
@Looser Bad
@List Mist
@Baby Bold
@Show Runner
@Blade Woman
@Lowercase Guy
@Planet Zoom
@Super Sandy
@Candy Cough
@Heart Ticker
@Yoyo Guitarist
@News Deal
@Hello Hell
@Anonymous Girl
@Lucky Lad
@Manhattan Man
@Will of Washington
@Creepy Camp
@Rice Wife
@Ninty Nun
@London Lions
@New Jersey Jack
@Swag Swamped
@Well Checked
@Beacon Boss
@Girls of Neptune
@Women Vine
@Girls Cake
@Plot Racer
@Smart Swag
@Veal Deal
@Bean Never Seen
@Team of Tangs
@Tiny Hunter
@Jump in Jaw
@Snake Super
@Freak Treat
@Windy Orbits
@Pasta Pins
@Helicopter Number 12
@Broken Paws
@Instant Charger
@Polly Crest
@Board on Road
@Surfing Scooter
@Dim Tim
@Eye Lover
@Caption Master
@Mouth of Mexico
@David The Dancer
@Global Tummy
@Billy Hills
@Nature Nut
@Texas Tiger
@Beijing Band
@Training Tent

attitude instagram names

It becomes hard to find short Instagram names not taken but we have listed 5 names which are not taken.

Short Instagram names not taken:


So this was the list of Instagram usernames for your Instagram accounts. If you have any name suggestions comment down below we will add them.

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