6 Best App lockers for Android must Installed on Your Smartphone

Lock Your Personal Data with these Best App Lockers for Android

Nowadays we have many security threats around us regarding our smartphones or personal computers. We always care about our data and personal information. We should, because we don't want anyone to access our phone and see our personal data or information.

App lockers for android
To keep our smartphones secure we use many types of app lockers and third party tools. Some of them are capable of protecting our devices but some of them steal our data.

So in this article we are going to show you all the popular and trusted app lockers for android you must have installed on your smartphones. So lets see them.

The 5 Best App Lockers for Android you must download

1 - Norton App Locks
2 - Lockit
3 - DU Antivirus Security
4 - Avast Antivirus and App Locker
5 - Hexlock App Locker
6 - Smart Launcher 5

1 - Norton App Locker

Norton, a reputed antivirus software company, also provides app locks for android. Lock your apps and files and protect your privacy with Norton App Lock. You can use a secure password or any pattern you want to keep your Android device secure and private.

app locker for android
How Norton App Lock protects your privacy

✔ Add passcode security to apps that don’t have it
✔ Lock one or more app with the same 4-digit PIN pass code
✔ Protect your private data and photos from the prying eyes of intruders
✔ Make sure you’re the only one changing your social status or posts
✔ Keep app content private if you share your device with kids or friends to play games or watch videos
✔ Add a layer of security in case your device is lost or stolen
✔ Prevent those embarrassing “pocket-dial” accidents
✔ Choose the apps you want to lock—all, some, or follow our recommendations

Key features

Lock apps
Lock photo or video apps
Parental controls
Sneak peek Anti-theft
Protect your sensitive information

Installation - Free and Premium both versions are available

2 - Lockit

Lockit a trusted security app locker which provides overall security protection to almost all of the Android phones. This application can be the best solution for your privacy needs, so that you don't have to worry about your privacy and data. It keeps all the data and privacy in your control. You can be totally tension free about your private photos and videos or any other data, and that data will be only visible to you. Lock any app, games or even incoming calls. 

app locker for android
Key features of Lockit

You can use fake cover
Lock your system
Hide notification bar
Hide your pattern

Installation - Free

3 - DU Antivirus Security

I think you all have heard about the DU Antivirus security, it is one of the most popular and widely used antivirus and app lockers. As its name suggests, it is an Antivirus app as well as an app locker for android. It keeps unwanted or noisy people out of your phone with privacy encryption. You can hide your photos,apps, videos, documents or any other private data with this app. DU Antivirus security will guard your smartphone safely and securely.

Installation - Free

4 - Avast Antivirus and App Locker

Avast one of the biggest names in the Antivirus software industry. Provides antivirus services as well as app locks for antivirus in a single application. The application has many other functionality which will short out your other problems. As the app locker is from the trusted company so you don't have to worry about the security of the data. There are more than 100 millions installs on android and ios devices of Avast app locker and antivirus app. Below are some key features of Avast:

app locker for android
✔ Antivirus Engine
✔ App Lock
✔ Anti-Theft
✔ Photo Vault
✔ VPN (virtual private network)
✔ Power Save
✔ Privacy Permissions
✔ Firewall (for rooted Android only)
✔ RAM Boost
✔ Junk Cleaner
✔ Web Shield
✔ Wi-Fi Security
✔ App Insights
✔ Virus Cleaner
✔ Wi-Fi Speed Test

Premium version of this application is also available there with some extra premium features like -

Camera Trap
Sim security
Avast direct contact support
Last known location of phone
VPN(Virtual Private Network)
Ads free

Installation - Free and Premium both versions are availabe

5 - Hexlock App Locker

It is a new app lock for android and it looks very beautiful due to its UI and with lots of handy features. This app allows you to lock your apps through your fingerprint, PIN or pattern as your backup password.There are many profile presets like Home, work, party, personal, school etc, you can also create your own custom profile.

Hexlock allows you automatically enable a profile based on the wifi network your device is connected with. This app also captures the photos of unwanted people who are trying to unlock your phone in the absence of you. Uninstall prevention feature is also provided in this app, app re-lock and many more.

Key features
Create your own custom profiles
Fingerprint locker
Uninstall prevention
Photo capture

6 - Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is a new launcher with some decent and cool amazing specifications. The application has an ambient and attractive theme like hotkeys, gestures, adaptive icons, app sorting etc like as other launcher apps provide. Rather than one of the niche features of this app is applock, you can lock any of your apps to be hidden or locked. The launcher helps you to hide your apps and lock them with a PIN. It is a launcher app + app locker so you don't need to download a separate launcher or app locker for your phone. You are getting both things in a single application.

✔ Adaptive Icons
✔ Smart Search
✔ Ultra Immersive Mode
✔ Built in clock widget with weather report
✔ On screen notifications
✔ Gestures and Hotkeys
✔ Wallpaper selection
✔ Customization
✔ Protect your apps(app locker)
✔ Automatic app sort

So this was the latest updated list of some best app lockers for android as well for iOS you must download on your smartphone to protect your private data, photos, videos, documents and other important files from unwanted peoples.

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