5+ Apps to See Through Clothes for Android and iOS

Hey wanna to see through clothes? of your friends or anyone else. Today we have a new form of entertainment with mobile applications to make some fun. There are many android and iOS applications which allows you to see through clothes. Actually these clothes remover apps don't do anything but are for school childrens to entertain them.

In this article we are going to show you some best apps to see through clothes for both android and iOS. Hope these apps will entertain you.

1 - Sexy Booth Free which makes you hot

This see through clothes app is for iPhone users and the android version is also available. This app will help you to make fun with your friends and play with them. This app uses your phone camera to scan the body with a special scanner. All you have to do is point your phone’s camera towards your friend and you will be able to see them naked.

Remember this is a fake, it will not show you the actual naked picture of your friends unless they are ready to show their underwear self. It shows you the pictures of men and women models.

2 - Camera body Scan

This is another fake body scanner app by which you can see through girls clothes(theoretically) not practically. If you are searching for an x-ray clothes app for scanning girls this can be the perfect one. Actually these all applications are best for prank purposes so you can make fun with your friends.

This application also works with your phone camera, when you will point your camera towards any girl it will show you that it is scanning the body of the girl. But it will not be real. After the scan is completed it will show you the under and upper garments of the girl which will be totally fake. Download this app now for entertainment.

3 - X-Ray Cloth Scanner Simulator

This is another see through camera app for android which is also fake and perfect for entertainment purposes. There are more than 1 million downloads of this app on play store. This app works like an X-ray machine which scans anyone's clothes(not practically). You can prank someone with this application and have some fun. 

Scan your friends and tell them, I have seen all the parts of your body! #lol

4 - Body Scanner Camera

If you are getting bored and have nothing to do, try this body camera scanner app. You can make fun of your friends with this body scanner app. This is another entertainment app, actually you can’t see inside the clothes. This app is specially made for boys, you can see through the boy body and see his abs and muscles. 

Download and scan now. 

5 - Audery Girl Figure Scanner

Scan any girls body figure with this cool girl body scanner app for Android. This app allows you to see through girl’s clothes. It is also a fake body scanner that only shows you the scanned body of girl models. You can trick a girl you like and  think that you can see her underwear. You can scan only a girl's body with this app. 

6 - X- Ray Cloth Remover

X-Ray cloth remover is another cloth remover app for Android. This app is very old and still works, old is gold. There are many x-ray body scanner apps available on play and at the apple store you can download. You must try this cloth remover and scanner app once.  If you want to know how to see through clothes using an Android, then this app is perfect for. 

Hope you will like and try these Apps to see through clothes, have some fun. Remember these all see through clothes apps are not real you can actually see inside they are made for fun and entertainment purposes. 

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