10 Best Countdown Apps to Schedule your Events Properly

These Countdown Apps will Help You to Schedule your Events Properly

If you don't want to miss your upcoming events and tasks, organize them in a systematic way with these countdown apps for android and iPhone.

There are hundreds of countdown apps available on google play store and apple store, but here we have shortlisted some best countdown apps for your iPhone or Android. These apps will help you definitely to schedule your future events, birthdays and other important programs.

Lets have a look on those countdown apps which will help you to manage your time and attend events properly.

Best Countdown Apps for Android and iOS

1 - Big Day Lite - Event Countdown App

If you are looking for an event countdown app for your iOS and you don't want to keep an eye on the calendar all the time, you can use this elegant app.

It helps you to create a separate countdown notification for each event and picks a favourite one to display on your start screen. You can select your custom image for your event from your gallery, google photos or camera. You can use Big Day Lite as a widget on your  desktop screen or on your phone's lock screen.

Available for - iPhone, Android

2 - Countdown Days App & Widget

Countdown days app is a calendar event app which shows you all your important events of each month. You can choose a separate title, picture or brief description for each event or task. This app provides features like daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly events. One of the best features of this application is that it also offers a backup and restore function for your data. If in case you accidently delete all the data from your phone or you are switching to a new device, all the important dates and events will be saved in your account so that you can view and manage your saved events on your new phone.

Available for - iPhone, Android

3 - Dreamdays Countdown

With daydream countdown you will never miss any event or update for any important occasion and you get updated with all the upcoming events. This is one of the best countdown widget for android and iOS. There are 6 default categories - anniversary, holiday, birthday, life, school and trip - and custom categories can also be created. You also can prioritize your favourite events into default category or in your own custom category in order of importance. Dreamdays countdown allows you to embellish each countdown event with hundreds of beautiful and attractive background theme options. In addition you can also add voice memos to your events and can share them with your family, friends and social media.

Available for - iPhone(0.99$), Android

Key Features

- Supports countdown to events and counting up once they arrive
- Passcode protection to keep your privacy safe and you can unlock Dreamdays with Touch ID
- Toggle between time in days, y/m/d, and h/m/s with a single tap in each event
- Live preview your events as you create them
- Six default categories (anniversary, birthday, holiday, life, school, and trip) and the ability to add customized ones
- Push notifications to remind you of an arriving event
- Widget in notification center
- Voice memos to record your thoughts for each event
- Set your favorite event as cover

- Ability to sort events by time
- Customizable background for each event
- Color-coded anniversary to distinguish it from all other events
- Back up data across all of your iOS devices
- Share your joy with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and via emails or text messages
- Redesigned app icon

4 - Vacation countdown app

If you love travelling and go for vacations frequently. So this fully featured Vacation countdown app can be very useful for you. The main function of this app includes countdown to several trips. You can choose endless background themes for your different trips which suits them perfectly. Trak the time in days, hours, minutes and seconds left for your vacation trip. In addition, the app gives you a handy packing list and travel related quizzes like flags of the world.

Available for - iPhone, Android

Key Features

⁃ Some of our Beautiful BACKGROUND PICTURES include:
⁃ A Lush Hawaiian Waterfall (ideal for trips to the tropics)
⁃ NEW: More than one trip coming up? Great news globetrotter- set up a second and third countdown easily!
⁃ CUSTOM BACKGROUND THEME: Set your favorite background theme from our many exciting choices or use your very own image!
⁃ Italian Vineyard landscape for wine tasting trips
⁃ A fun Cruise Ship theme
⁃ Exciting Theme Park / Amusement Park
⁃ Stunning Beach Scenes
⁃ An Adventurous Hiking Trail
⁃ A Pure White Snow Landscape
⁃ A Picturesque Sunset
⁃ An exciting mountain scenery with a clear blue lake
⁃ A rare desert landscape with desert vegetation
⁃ A Calm campground with tents
⁃ An unforgettable honeymoon theme
⁃ A map of Europe
⁃ The icon is Las Vegas sign
⁃ The powerful Statue of Liberty in New York
⁃ A sights theme with different sights in Italy, France, London and other exciting places!
⁃ An adventurous Mountain Valley
⁃ The Massive Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA
⁃ The Remarkable Great Wall of China
⁃ The Tequila Mexican beach
⁃ Adventurous New Zealand
⁃ Trendy Los Angeles
⁃ Seoul in Korea
⁃ The world famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
⁃ The picturesque Mount Fuji In Japan
⁃ The Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy
⁃ The magnificent Yosemite National Park
⁃ The famous Kangaroo sign in Australia
⁃ Famous white Buildings and amazing ocean view in Santorini Greece Island
⁃ The Picture perfect Taj Mahal in India
⁃ The Talk Big Ben tower and red telephone booth in London, UK
⁃ Majestic Blue Lake
⁃ Massive Sand dunes

5 - Reminder and Countdown

Reminder and Countdown is an amazing feature rich application for iPhone with a beautiful interface. You can also customize the interface according to you. This app provides dozens of font styles and themes for free. One of the highlighting features of this application is that you can integrate it with social networking apps which allows you to share your personal countdown events with your friends and family.

Available for - iPhone

Key features:

- Multiple reminders
- Counting down in real-time
- Individual backgrounds
- Selection of timing units you wish to count down
- Custom intervals to repeat events
- Sorting entries by date, name or applying a customizable sorting
- Individual names, time&date options, categories
- Various icons
- Importing events from the iOS Calendar app and Reminders app
- Configurable alerts before or after a due date
- Importing birthdays from your Address book
- Set photos as background
- A wide variety of fonts to choose from
- Formatting Dates and Times: Full, Short, and Abbreviated time units can be applied
- Changing the default event icon to a personal photo
- Sharing countdowns through all available ways sending the whole countdown screenshot or only a part of it

And you can also:

- Brighten up reminders
- Enjoy awesome, easy to use UI
- Make colourful notes
- Use the app as an alarm

6 - Day Count

Day Count another one user friendly countdown timer app which includes a wide variety of beautiful themes. Choose any theme which fits your event or task. If you are worried that you can miss any important task then you can use the note field feature  to write down notes for your event. The bonus feature of this app lets you to adjust visibility and choose options between light and dark mode.

Available for - iPhone(free) 

Key Features

• Countdown the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until your events.

• Keep track of the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds since your events.

• Achieve your goals and create positive habits by aiming for the longest streak of productive days.

• Backup and sync your events and streaks across iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

• Sort events into custom categories.

• Light and Dark widget modes.

• Share your progress with a full-resolution screenshot of your event.

• Tap and hold DayCount events, then drag to rearrange order.

• Schedule notifications to alert you hours, days, weeks, months or years before or after your events.

• Write notes in dedicated note-taking spaces for each of your events.

• Add an infinite number of events.

• Customise with themes.

• Set out multiple events to be easily viewed with Grid.

• Adjust visibility to boost text visibility by increasing contrast.

• Resize events with regular, medium, large and huge options.

• Set between Light and Dark modes.

• Widget provides quick access to your top events.

• Reset button to set event date to current date.

• Alternate Light App Icon.

7 - Exam Countdown Lite

Exam countdown a must download application specially developed for student.They can track the dates of their exams and important test dates. To make your exam planning more exciting and funny, select among hundreds of beautifully designed icons and themes. The user friendly IU(user interface) lets you color code your exams to easily identify the specific ones. Another feature lets you create notes and make sure you do not miss any important details of the upcoming exams.

Available for - iPhone, Android

Key Features

- Store all your key exam and test dates in one place
- Add notes to exams and tests
- Stay focused with a daily countdown
- Share your exam or test on Facebook and Twitter
- Color code your exams and tests
- Choose from 400 icons
- Basic Notifications

8 - Final Countdown Widget

Another countdown app and widget for android you must give a try. You have a lot of customization. The app allows you to import your events from the phone calendar and birthdays from Facebook.

Available for - iPhone, Android

App Features:

✔ Embed Countdown widget into a website
✔ Countdown app and Countdown Widget
✔ Sync countdowns across Android and iOS devices
✔ Resizable Widget included for the home screen
✔ Cloud Backup using Facebook login
✔ Import events from live phone Calendar
✔ Customize recurring countdowns, pick days of the week, biweekly and many more
✔ Shows year, months, weeks, days, weekdays, hours, minutes and *seconds*!
✔ See live countdown from Web View on Mobile, Desktop, Smart TV
✔ 300+ FREE HD Background images
✔ Share live personalized countdowns across mobile platforms Android, iOS and web share countdown through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, Instagram, Kik, Vine, Tumblr, Sina Weibo, text sms, email
✔ Milliseconds - We have that too!
✔ Import Facebook birthdays
✔ Customizable skins design your own widget skins
✔ LCD, LED, Roboto fonts, plus extra special fonts
✔ Choose and crop your own background image!
✔ Automatically accounts for Timezone and Daylight Savings Time changes.
✔ Has a simple countdown timer for short-term countdowns
✔ Reminder and to-do alerts
✔ Pre loaded events for Christmas, New Year and the Weekend
✔ You can also Count Up from a point in time!
✔ Custom alarm ringtones
✔ Supports multiple countdowns - as many as you want
✔ Low CPU/Battery usage

9 - MyDay - Countdown Calendar

Another calendar countdown app for iphone and android with a beautiful interface and many other personalization options. This app offers a large variety of pretty wallpapers and countdown units. Another useful feature is to countdown your facebook friend's birthday.

Available for - iPhone, Android

Key Features:

• Email – access to a light version of your mail client so you can keep track of emails
• Balances – you can check how much print credit you have, as well as your catering balance.
• VLE integration – provides details of your assignments and courses, as well as notification of assignment deadlines and grades.
• Offline access – allows access to most apps when browsing offline
• Full access to timetables so you can see where you need to be and when, as well as notifications if anything changes.
• Library account – keep up-to-date with your borrowing history and reservations, as well as receive notifications when a reserved book is available, or overdue notices.

10 - Multitimer Stopwatch

The application developed by LemonClip specially made for cooking, study, sports etc.

Available for - iPhone, Android

Key Features

✓ Multiple timers at once
✓ Each timer it's own sound
✓ Control timers with sensors
✓ Designed for all devices
✓ Designed for all devices
✓ Improvement through your input
✓ Timer within a timer


So these were the some best countdown apps and widgets for both android and iOS which will help you to schedule your events, holidays, weekends, exams, meetings, occasions and other things properly.

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