How to Find my Router IP Address - Windows or MAC

Why Router IP Address is needed

If you are going to configure your router, you will need to log into it. To login to your router you must have the IP address of your router. You can find the default IP address of your router here. An IP address is a unique identification number provided for each gadget which is connected to the internet.

find router IP address

It consists of fields, which are separated by full stops. A home network IP starts with 198.168. Basically routers have IP addresses like or etc, depending upon your device or computer. By the way to find router's IP address will be different for each device(platform). Following are the steps for each device: Windows, MAC, Android, iOS and Linux.

For Windows

Finding router IP on windows is simple just open your command prompt, simply type cmd on the search bar you will find the command prompt and hit the enter button. A black window will popup on your screen type "ip config". You will find your IP.

3 simple Steps to find ip on Windows

  1. Click on start and then Open the Command prompt
  2. Just type "ip config" in CMD window
  3. Hit enter

For Linux

Firstly navigate to applications on your Linux then go to System Tools then Terminal and type 'ip config'. You will be able to see your Linux Ip address beside "inet addr".

  1. Click on Applications
  2. Then click on System Tools
  3. Open the terminal
  4. Type - "ip config" oin terminal window

For Android

For android devices it is easier to find the router IP address on android by using a third party application Wi-Fi analyzer is the best one. Install the Wi-fi analyzer app then tap on View menu and choose from AP list. You will see there connected to (Network name). Tap on that a new window will open and you will see all your network information there including your router IP.


Here are the 6 simple steps to find your router's IP on MAC.

  1. Click on the Apple menu(see top of the screen)
  2. Choose the 'System Preferences'
  3. Click on the 'Network Icon'
  4. Choose the relevant network connection
  5. Press the 'Advanced button'
  6. Click in the TCP/IP tab to see IT address on the right corner of your PC.

These were the simple steps by which you can find router IP address of your MAC OS.

iPhone iOS

If you are using an iphone(iOS device) simply go to the settings of your phone find wifi there click on the wireless network to which you are connected right now. Look in the DHCP section of your phone and you will find your router IP there.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on wifi(wireless network)
  3. Look in the DHCP section

Chrome OS

In chrome OS, on the taskbar simply click the notification area. Then, click on the network you are connected to(or want to connect) and then click on the Network tab to display the results which will include your router IP address with other details.

So this was the simple guide on how to find the IP address of a router for different platforms.

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