5 Fm Radio Apps Without Internet for Android and iOS

FM Radio apps for Android you can use without internet connection

Most people like to listen to the radio if you are one of them so this article can be very useful for you. In this article we have created a list of some best FM radio apps without internet for Android as well as for iOS connection on your phone. Sounds good! By using these apps you can listen to the radio without internet. So here is the list of radio apps that doesn't use data or wifi. So let's check them one by one.

Best Free FM Radio Apps without Internet for Android and iOS

1 - TuneIn Radio

2 - PC Radio

3 - Free Radio - FM Radio

4 - Simple Radio - Free Live Fm, AM and Music Streaming

5 - iHeart Radio - Free Podcasts, FM Radio and Music Streaming

1 - TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is one of the best FM radio app which works without internet. This application has more than 100 million plus downloads on google play store. This is a very popular offline radio app for FM all over the world. Approximately more than 100 countries use this radio app, any of your favourite radio stations you can play on it. Live sports, music, podcasts, FM and AM can be enjoyed with this app.

The UI of this app is simple(you will definitely like) and easy to use. You will be able to find your favourite radio station very easily. There are categories inside this app like trending, music, news, sports etc.

use fm radio apps without internet connection

LIVE SPORTS. MUSIC. NEWS. PODCASTS. are the main features of TuneIn

Reasons To Download the TuneIn App:

1. Never Miss any Live Sports Game

If you are at work, at your home, at the gym or on the road. Hear live and on-demand coverage of every NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL game – plus College Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, talkSPORT & ESPN Radio – literally everywhere you go. Plus the best of sports AM & FM radio stations.

2. Endless Music Streaming

Never worry about having to pick the next song with exclusive music stations curated by renowned DJs, influential tastemakers and special guests. Discover the best new songs and artists in every genre, along with all of your favorites. Plus the best of music AM & FM radio stations.

3. Breaking News

Experience live 24-hour world news and breaking news radio from local, national and global sources, including top outlets like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News & BBC News (including BBC World Service News & BBC Radio 4, etc). Listen to MSNBC, CNBC and Fox News completely ad-free with TuneIn Premium. Plus the best of news AM & FM radio stations including: WNYC-FM and KCRW.

4. Listen All Your Favorite Podcasts

From chart toppers to newly discovered gems, immerse yourself in the world of talk. Follow classic podcasts like RadioLab and various BBC News Podcasts, explore top-rated hits like The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, NPR's Up First podcast and NYT's The Daily podcast or search for your favorite podcast in the TuneIn app.

5. The Most Powerful Free Radio App in the World

Your FM radio dial can't do this! Stream 100,000+ AM radio, FM radio and internet radio stations from around the globe. Radio stations currently trending in the US: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, BBC News Radio and KQED-FM.

TuneIn Premium features includes

• Today’s Best Podcasts

• Commercial-Free News - CNN, BBC News Radio & More.

• DJ-Curated Music

• Live Sports - Football, Baseball, Basketball & Hockey, talkSPORT & More

• 100,000 Radio Stations

2 - PCRadio

PC-Radio is one another FM radio streaming app without internet for android. This application has more than 10 millions plus downloads on google play store. More than 500 radio stations are provided in this application. You can choose whatever you want to listen to. If you want to listen in HD audio quality then you will need internet connection(24 Kbit/sec and more) to achieve that sound quality otherwise the audio quality will be normal.

Radio without internet - PCRadio

Enjoy your radio everywhere, whether you are driving, working, jogging or doing anything else. All types of music categories are divided in this app like Electronic music, pop music, rock music etc.

PCRADIO is battery efficient and can be controlled from your headset.

3 - Free Radio - FM Radio

The radio application is developed by Ryu Mizuki, having more than 5 lakhs of downloads on play store. You can scan radio stations near you and search for the specific radio stations in this app. You can create your custom favourite radio channel list. Sleep timer setting is also provided in this application in case you feel sleepy. Songs can be recorded and live information can be seen what's playing. The user interface of this application is quite good and easy to use and understand the functions of the app. More than 4000 radio stations can be listened to by this app.

fm radio apps without using intenet

Special features

Voice commands: You can also use the Google Assistant to manage your FM Radio hands-free. You can find a list of supported commands in the Options menu.

Languages supported: U.S. English, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, UK English, French (EU), Italian, German, and Spanish (EU)

4 - Simple Radio - Free Live FM, AM and Music Streaming

Simple radio application provides many different types of radio channels you can listen to without an internet connection. This is also a very popular app among youngsters as well as in old age peoples. There are more than 10 millions of downloads on play store for this radio streaming app. Definitely this app will make your day and will give you a good radio listening experience. Stream your favourite radio station from anywhere. 

free radio streaming app without having internet

Special features

📣 News

💬 Talk Shows

🎶 Music: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Latin, Rap, Blues, Country, Jazz, Classical & more.

🏈 Live Sports Radio: NFL Football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, MLS Soccer, NHL Hockey, Nascar & more.

5 - iHeart Radio - Free Podcasts, Radio and Music streaming

iHeart is another best offline radio streaming app for android. More than 50 million downloads are there on google playstore for this radio app. More than 1500 live radio stations can be listened with this app and unlimited music streaming can be done for free. The iHeartRadio app for Android Phone and Tablet is easy to use and best of all, it's FREE.

listen fm without internet

Features of iHeart

The Best Live & Local Radio Stations

Free Music Playlists - perfect for any moment

The Ultimate Station Made Just for You

Play Free Artist Radio Stations

The iHeartRadio Podcast App - now #1 for Podcasts

Premium Features Includes

Enjoy unlimited skips

Create unlimited music hits playlists

Listen absolutely free without ads, or take control of your listening experience with iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All Access.

Save and replay any song with our music app from the radio

Search and play any song, album and playlist with our library of millions of songs on demand

Download music to your Android Phone or Tablet to listen offline from Google Play


So readers this was the list of best choosed radio apps without internet for android you can use without having internet connection or wi-fi. You can listen to the radio for free by using there, you can go for the premium versions according to your need and how much your pocket is deep. Hope you find this post useful and informative do comment your opinions and suggestions so that we can improve our content quality for better user experience.

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