Top 10 Best Thermometer Apps for Android and iOS

Thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature of the human body likely in fever and cold. Generally the temperature is measured in degree Celsius and Farenheit.

thermometer apps for android and iOS

Is there any app to measure our body temperature? The answer is yes. If you want to measure your body temperature you will need an Thermometer, but if you have a smartphone then you can measure your body temperature by yourself at home. Here below we are going to show you some popular and tested thermometer apps for android and iOS. Below is the list of the best apps to measure temperature you can download.

Temperature measuring Apps for Android and iOS

1- iThermometer
It is one of the best and popular thermometer apps to check fever for android as well for iOS. You can check your body temperature on your smartphone. This application is very easy to use and free. It is also known as a personal doctor by which you can get information about you and your child anytime. 

Available for - Android and iOS

2- Vix Smart Temperature Thermometer

As we all know the name of VIX company. They have their own developed temperature measuring app, vix smart temperature thermometer. You can measure the temperature of any body childrens, adults or old ones for free on your smartphone. The special feature of this application is that you can track the temperature of a particular individual of your family by signing in with an account. It also allows you to note temperature readings for future analysis.

Thermometer apps for android and iPhone

Available for - Android and iOS

3 - Smarttemp

Smarttemp another popular smartphone thermometer app for iOS and Android. It is a free application to measure body temperature on your phone. The best feature of this app is that you can track the temperature of each member of your family after creating an account. Temperature reminder feature is also available you can use to see the history of temperature.

Available for - Android and iOS

4 - iCelsius

iCelsius is an amazing thermometer fever app for android and iOS. It is a digital thermometer app which shows you the temperature of your body on your smartphone. Graph with zoom in option is also there, set alarms and you can also record the reading with title and image of the person. Note feature is also there. 

Available for - Android and iOS

5 - Thermo

Thermo is another popular and easy to use app for measuring the real time body temperature. You can measure any environmental temperature with this app for free. That's why it is called a geological app. All you need to do is share your location with this app and this app will show you the current temperature of the location where you are. Temperature values are provided in both Celsius and Farenheit both.

Available for - Android and iOS

6 - Fever Tracker

This is another popular fever tracking thermometer app. This app can be used for making pranks and also for the actual temperature measures. You can surprise your connections by showing them the recorded temperatures(which will be high). But this app also records the accurate body temperature which is very helpful. This is the fastest app with live temperature recording and you can also print the report. There is a fingerprint scanner in this app through which you can measure your body temperature and other alerts can be set.

Thermometer apps for iOS

Available for - Android

7 - Thermometer ++

The latest launched temperature calculator app for a variety of users which gives you ease of measuring the temperature in different modes. This app is specially made for measuring the humidity of an area and weather changes. It shows location based temperature in Farenheit and degree Celsuis with fast recorded temperature and latest temperature and weather updates on your smartphone.

Available for - Android and iOS

8 - EasyBBQ

EasyBBQ is a smart cooking thermometer app for iOS and android that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. It makes your cooking easy and convenient. 

Key Features
Displays temperature in real time
Temperature Graph
Eight main barbecue foods for options
Six temperature probes can work at the same time

Available for - Android and iOS

9 - Kinsa Smart Thermometer

It is another fever measuring thermometer app iPhone as well as for android, which lets you know the sign of sickness. It helps you to record fever, medications and other features. You can create notes for separate individuals with their name and temperature. The best feature of this app is, it gives you age specific fever and symptoms guidance in real time.

Available for - Android and iOS

10 - Room Temperature Measure

It is the best app to measure the room temperature in real time for android. It is easy to use with a user friendly UI with Celcius and Farenheit temperature readings. This app uses your phone's sensors to measure the temperature. We can’t measure the accurate room temperature but round figure temperature can be calculated with this app.

Available for - Android

Note: All the apps listed above are for informational purpose and we don’t guarantee that these are the accurate temperature measuring apps. The ideal and accurate device for measuring the temperature is a physical thermometer which you can buy from any chemist.


According to us iCelsius is the best thermometer apps for android and iOS. All the other apps performed well but the results of iCelsius were amazing and somewhere accurate. Maybe other apps will perform better on your smartphone.

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