8 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android and iOS

Change your voice with these Cool Voice Changer Apps

Hey, guys wanna sound like a girl? Change your voice with these voice changer apps in real-time. These apps will help you to change your voice from male to female. If you are searching for the best voice changer apps male to female then you must have a look at the below list of voice changer apps. Sometimes we think about pranking our friends with girl voices. So how to change our male voice to female?. Here in this article, we have listed some amazing male-to-female voice changer apps for both android and iOS users. You will find some cool girl voice changer apps, use them and prank your friends. There are many funny prank call ideas that you can make with a girl's voice. So try these girl voice changer apps and have some fun.

So let’s see them -

Top 8 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android and iPhone

1 - RoboVox

RoboVox is a semi-decent voice-changing app. It was recommended by one of my friends. One of the most attractive things about this app is that its UI is like robotics as its name tells. You will definitely like it and it is easy to use. This app has 32 voice filters you can use for changing your voice pitch. The strength of each filter can also be controlled by you for varying the effects. The application also provides a voice recorder, the ability to save the sounds as a ringtone, parrot mode, and much more. In the older versions, there were some bugs in this app but many of them are debugged by the developers.

Available for - Android(free) and iOS($1.49)

2 - Voice Changer App By JINMIN ZOHU

voice changer app by jinmin zohu

This voice changer app lets you change your rough voice into a smooth and sweet voice of a female. It is one of the popular male to female voice changer app for iOS. Record your sound and make changes in it by editing the voice and control its pitch, height, etc to sound it more realistic voice. The app will help you to change your voice into a female but for better results, you will have to edit the sound in the app to sound more real. If you are looking for a voice changer app male to female then you must try this app once and see the results.

Available for - iOS

3 - Voice Changer by Android Rock

It is above average from other real-time voice changer applications. Having the support of dozens of sound effects like old man, bee, martin, hoarse, drunk, etc. It works like other voice changer apps do, but is more effective. Record a voice and apply a filter. You can also apply filters to your previous recorded voices. The application is totally free with some ads, which can sometimes irritate you.

Available for - Android(free)

4 - Voice Changer by e3Games

Another best voice changer app by e3 games is a color application. It is capable of changing the voice of a male into a female. It is basically a fmod application that works the same as the other fmod voice changer app works. The Androbaby and this application are almost the same, there is not much more big difference between these two. The only reason to use this app can be if Androbaby is not working on your device or you don’t like the UI.

Available for - Android(free) and iOS($0.99)

5 - AndroBaby

Voice changer by Androbaby is one of the most popular and installed voice changer apps. It is an old application. It is also an fmod app that uses an fmod sound engine and the app works pretty well. There are more than 2 dozen sound effects inbuilt you can use them free and can change your voice which will sound like a girl, old man, drunken, etc. There are some unique effects which you will not get in other apps.

Available for - Android(free) and iOS($0.99)

6 - Snapchat

Snapchat is a social networking application and the most popular girl voice changer app available on Android and iOS platforms. It is an image and messaging service like Instagram, having a large variety of filters you can use and change your appearance, voice, and also environment. The Snapchat memories feature is also available. It also offers you to record yourself making funny noises in weird voices instead of only doing one-off videos for your followers and friends. This app consumes battery a lot and the iOS version of this app is much better than Android. It is a free app and easy to use.

Available for - Android(free) and iOS(free)

7 - Baviux Voice Changer with Effects

Baviux Voice Changer is another popular pure voice changer for Android. The app provides you more than 3 dozen sound effects you can use with your voice to change it. Record your voice and apply the effects to them. You can also share your voice with others, set it as a ringtone or your notification tone or save it to your phone directly. The file import option is also there you can edit your old recording as well by this option. Free and paid versions both are available for $2.99. Paid version will allow you to do more customizations with your voice and some more extra premium effects.

Available for - Android

8 - Voice Changer App by Handy Tools Studio

Voice Changer App by Handy Tools Studio

It is a decent performing voice changer app it also offers you different voice effects like - old man, alien, bee, chipmunk, robot, female, etc. The work is the same as of other voice changer apps out there in the market and listed in this article. You can record your voice and add voice effects to it. These voice changer apps are used by newbie singers or people who are interested in singing. The echo effect also can be applied to the voice. The ads could be annoying for you because they popups accidentally in between many times and we have to wait for some time to skip them

Available for - Android


So these were some best voice-changing apps you can try on your android or ios smartphone. Some of them are free and some are paid but the paid ones will work better. Hope you will like these apps and try these to change your voice from male to female.


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