Best Amazing Font Styling Apps for Android and iOS

stylish font apps

If I ask how many of you will prefer to read a text(document, letter or message) with a simple plane font and the other one is in a professional stylish font. I’ am curious to know.

Font a very important part of any note, document, letter or a message. More attractive and beautiful will be the font it will gain more user engagement. A good font is must to convince the reader.

If you are using a simple plain font maybe some people will read it but not all. You need to use professional and attractive fonts, so that more and more people read your worlds.

Font style plays a very important role, so in this article we are going to show you some best and popular font style apps for your android and iOS. You can use a large variety of font styles from these apps and create an unique font for your smartphone. 

These typography and font style apps will help you to engage more people to read your words.

Best Font Style Apps for Android

1 - Text Swag

As the name tells swag in the words. Text swag allows you to turn your words into unique photo text design. You can create your own unique text layouts and designs within a few seconds on your smartphone. This app is basically for creating quotes in different styles and designs. A beautiful and attractive design can be provided through this app for our text and we can also share it with our friends and family through social media.

Available for - Android

2 - Stylish Fonts

This app provides you a perfect stylish look to your text/font which will make your phone more attractive to others. Have you seen stylish fonts on Samsung? This is the same app. Many inbuilt fonts are there and you can also create your own new font. Preview option is also available so that you can easily see what your font will look like. 

Available for - Android

3 - HiFont

It is another most popular font style app for android having hundreds of unique font styles. You can choose any of them according to your phone. The best feature of this app is that you can create your own custom font and use them for free. This application also supports emojis, cute smileys and emoticons and you can use these to chat with strangers and friends.

Available for - Android

4 - Font Changer

Another font style application for android users which allows you to change your smartphone font easily and free. With this app you can create your stylish fb names, Instagram bio, stylish fb status, messages etc. There are tons of fonts you can use and customize. You can copy and paste the font from this app to another or anywhere.

Available for - Android

5 - 3D Magic Fonts

The name says that the fonts will be in 3D style. It is one of the best 3D font style apps for android. Having a good collection of flip fonts for your device. There are hundreds of 3d font styles. You can choose one from them. 

Available for - Android

6 - Gothic Fonts

It is another good font changer app for android smartphones, which allows to change fonts easily. It is available free on playstore and easy to use with various fonts styles. This app is basically based on Korean fonts. 

Available for - Android 

7 - iFont

Another most popular font styling app for android which helps you to get beautiful fonts on your smartphone and use them for free. There are hundreds of free font styles available you can use and customize them. Change any text into a beautiful and stylish font and change color, size etc. Custom style support option is also available. 

Best Font Style Apps for iOS

1 - Fonts Editor

Font editor is an amazing and popular font style app for iOS which allows you to use different font styles on your iphone for free. Just simply download this app from the app store and you will have a huge variety of fonts to use on your iphone. The most interesting feature of this app is that it allows you to use different messaging apps like(your default messaging app and messenger) and also you can comment on social media sites with stylish fonts.

Available for - iOS

2 - Font Changer

Another font changer app for iOS with a huge collection of stylish fonts you can use on your iphone. It is a free app and easy to use with a customized keyboard option so that you can easily change fonts. This app also comes with emojis, emoticons you can send. 

Available for - iOS

3 - Any Font

Anyfont a paid app which has a large collection of unique font styles you can use on your iOS. You can easily install any font on your phone by ttc, otf, ttf etc file. Download any of the file formats from the internet and use this app. 

Available for - iOS

4 - Fonteer

It is another most popular free font changer app for iOS, you can change fonts easily. Most of the messaging apps can be used like messenger and default messaging app to send messages in stylish fonts. You can use custom fonts by using ttc, otf and ttf files. You can also edit documents on your smartphone and share them with friends and family. 

Available for - iOS

5 - WhatTheFont

Whatthefont another most popular and downloaded font app which allows you to easily download and use stylish fonts on your iOS. The unique feature of this app is you can know about the fonts of a poster, image of one other. You also can snap a photo from your camera and easily know about the text font.

Available for - iOS


So these were the font styling apps for android and iOS you can download and use for free. Change the look of your smartphone and change the way of sending messages to your loved ones in a stylish form. Download and try these apps today. 

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