10 Most Important and Useful websites everyone Must Bookmark

We live in a world where we are surrounded by the Internet. There are millions of websites and blogs available for everyone who is surfing the internet.
important and useful websites

Everyone has their own favourite websites. It is not an easy job to find all the important websites.

But sometimes we need some resources to solve our problem. So which are the perfect resources or websites? In this article we are going to show you 10 important and useful websites you must know and bookmark into your browser. 

These websites will be super useful for you in future. Let’s see those websites -

1 - Print Friendly

I know that the printing work has become less as compared to olden days. But sometimes we like something interesting on the internet and think about taking a hard copy of that content, picture, infographics or anything else. This website is very good for that purpose simply put the url of that website from where you want to get the print, and this website will make that page printer friendly. No advertisements and other stuff will get printed. 

This site was for those people who like to put a copy of some important web pages in a hard copy.

2 - Unplug the TV

Feeling like my brain is rotting? Instead of watching TV, this site will pull you up with an educational video so that you can share the pretty pictures while learning some cool things. Because the world is full of knowledge to know.

3 - A Soft Murmur

This website is basically developed for concentration purposes. We live in a world where trying to get work done is so hard, because of distractions and learnings are few clicks away. So keep this website on the deck for background noise.

4 - Tasting Table

This website is dangerous for food lovers. Aside from all the food, it has a large list of restaurants and recipes you need to try, now.

5 - Garhwali Traveller

If you are a traveller and nature lover. Go, get out for a trip now and use Garhwali Trave;;er to search the perfect hill stations, top destinations where you can go. 

6 - Wolfram

It is an educational resource website with all the knowledge including from math to music and history. The website not only tells the topics to you, but also teaches you how to solve the problems. 

7 - Comic Shuffle

For comic lovers this website can be very useful. Webcomics are the best things about living in the Internet era. With comic shuffle, you will be updated with all the latest comics. It delivers comics from 27 different websites. 

8 - Sporcle

This website is for those types of people who always like to play quizzes in their free time. Bookmark this site and you will never run out.

9 - Gnoosic

For music lovers this is the perfect one. Gnoosic will help you to discover the new music.


One of my favourite websites from the above list is Wolfram. It is not possible to list all the websites but readers if you have some of your favourite websites please suggest them in the comment section below so that we can add them as soon as possible.

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