15 Realistic Best Male to Female Voice Changer Apps of 2021

Wanna sound like a girl? If yes then you must check out some male to female voice changers. What will happen if your voice sounds like a female? It sounds funny and good. So why not try this male to female voice changer apps. These girl voice changer apps will help you to change your voice from male to female. Changing our voice will be interesting and funny so let's use some male-to-female voice changer apps to change our voice and have some fun. You can use these apps for your female dubbing projects or video content creation where you need the voice of a female character.

Hello, guys sometimes we want to prank on our friends or someone else but do not want to reveal our voice. So why don’t you talk like a girl? So here in this article, we are going to discuss all the best realistic voice changing apps for both android and iPhone.

By using these apps you will be able to change your male voice into the female during calls. These girl voice changer apps work very smartly and fine. The paid versions of the applications will provide you more features and customization options with your voice.

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Male to Female Voice Changer Apps for Android and iOS

Male to female voice changer apps are those that let you change your voice into a girl or female. You can make a prank with your girlfriend by sending her a girl's voice. Sound like a girl with the best girl voice changer apps. These apps will change your sound to a girl/ female. What is the best male to female voice changer apps here they are:

1 - Lingo Jam

Lingo Jam is one of the popular Male to Female Voice Changer, that will help you to modify your voice. You can change your voice into a female. Simply visit the website and you will see 2 buttons on the home page of the Lingo Jam website - record a clip and upload a clip from your local storage. Choose any of the options and this voice changer website will change your voice automatically into a female.

Visit Website - lingojam.com/MaletoFemaleVoiceChanger

2 - Voice Changer Plus By Arf Software Inc.

voice changer plus application preview

We all know that male and female voices have different characteristics like tone and height and pitch. This voice changer plus application has different effects among which you can even find other background sounds. The funniest and horrible thing at the same time is the sound of a mosquito. With the mosquito sound, a piercing and annoying sound will be applied to your whole recording. There are hundreds of different effects you will need to record your voice. To record your voice simply press the record button and start singing.

This is one of the best males to female voice changer app you can use to change your voice to a female. For those people who are looking for more sound effects options, the Voice Changer Plus app offers a channel conversion. You can control your sound fully like pitch, tone, height, etc. Control the sounds at different levels and crop them if necessary. Voice Changer Plus is available in both the versions paid and free. The paid version offers you photo choosing for sharing and an ad-free experience.

Some features of this application are:

  • Change your voice with 55+ voice effects and background sounds
  • Free to save and share your recordings!
  • Open saved recordings to layer on more effects
  • Trim control
  • Full VoiceOver support

Available for - iOS

3 - Call Voice Changer - Voice Changer for Phone Call

Call voice changer is a voice changing app - experience amazing voice quality you have never heard before. Change your voice in real-time and make fun of your friends. It is one of the most popular voice changer apps during calls that you can use to make funny calls. One of our team members uses this voice changer app to make fun with us sometimes so we have an idea how perfectly this application works.

Key features of Call Voice Changer

  • Real-time voice changing during the call with different voice options( female voice changer, kids voice changer, cartoon voice changer, etc.)
  • Earn credit when you register for the first time
  • Test voice before the call.
  • A cheap and easy way of making a funny call with your friends and family
  • Play sounds like a kiss, smooching, clap, emotions, and many more like a girl.
  • Change your voice during the call(male-female, kid-male, female -kid).

Voice changing options

  • Female voice to male
  • Cartoon voice
  • Normal voice option
  • Change male voice to female with the app

Available for - Android

4- Voice changer

Voice Changer is a voice changer app developed by AndroidRock a superior app development company. Voice changer by AndroidRock is one of the best voice changer apps having downloads of more than 50+ million on the google play store. Change your voice and listen to your modified voice and have fun with your friends. You can add different sound effects to your voice to make it interesting and funnier. The sound effects are old man, child, bee, robot, etc, you can try according to your mood and need.

Key features

  • More than 50 voice effects(Robot, backward, zombie, alien, traffic, etc.)
  • Change voice in real-time

Available for - Android

5 - Voice changer and Sound Recorder

A fabulous voice changer app is coming to you. It is a live call voice changer app for the iPhone.  Remove your traditional boring recorder. It’s time to change your voice with the superior voice changer and sound recorder app. Record your voice and apply special effects to your recorded voice.

Apply sound effects like a girl, man, woman, turtle, rabbit, etc.

You can also add background sounds like fan, echo, traffic, wind, monstrous, haunting, etc.

Key features

  • Real-Time voice recording
  • A large variety of sound effects
  • Easy to edit your recorded voice
  • Share instantly with your friends
  • Inbuilt fabulous effects that allow you to change voice directly

Available for - iOS

6 - Voice Changer - Music Recorder with Effects

Want to have a smooth, sweet, and appealing voice to sing your favorite songs and record them. If yes then you must try this Voice changer and music recorder app with effects once. You will definitely love this and its amazing features.

This is one of the best music recorder apps to change your voice with more than 25 audio effects. The application is convenient, fast, and easy to use, and can generate funny and fantastic sound effects.

You can record your voice at high-quality sound(HD) and share it with your friends, family, and on social media as well. Social media platforms are trending nowadays and people are showcasing their talents through social media platforms. If you have singing talent then you can use audio effects from this app and upload it to Facebook, Instagram reels, or youtube.

Some amazing features of this app are:

  • Edit vocals after recording
  • Best voice effects for singing
  • Funny voice effects and make fun with your friends and family
  • Listen to your recorded music with amazing sound effects
  • Record your voice in HD quality

...and many more.

Available for - Android

7 - Voice changer Sound effects

Another best voice changer app. It is fast, easy to use and a convenient application for changing voice. Record your voice now and listen to it, have some fun! Record voice and apply cool effects and share it with your friends.

voice changer with sound effects

Key features

  • Cool voice effects - helium, hexafluoride, fast, slow, cave, echo, alien, big sound, etc.
  • Record and change any voice directly
  • Import song, sound, or any other audio file and add effects and change them
  • Save, share and set as your ringtone
  • Good voice quality(lossless)
  • Use custom sound effects

Available for - Android

8 - VoiceFX - Voice Changer with Voice Effects

VoiceFX is a powerful voice recording and voice changing tool that will help you to transform your voice into kinds of music with audio effects. There are different types of audio effects in the app library you can use according to your need. You can also live-stream your voices to your web browser or media player.

voice fx voice changer with effects

Playback your voice with voice effects and share it with your group.

Key features

  • Record voice and change voice by applying audio effects
  • Save and share as MP3, set your changed voice as phone ringtone or notification ringtone
  • Load kind of kinds of music or other audio files to apply voice changer effects to it
  • Live playback your microphone and change voice live
  • Live stream your microphone and change voice live to media players or web browsers
Available for - Android

9 - Voice changer Studio App

You can change your voice whatever you want with the brand new voice changer studio app within a couple of seconds. Simply record your voice and can edit it with this innovative vocal processor and sound effects.

voice changer studio app

Key features

  • Record and edit your voice within seconds.
  • Amazing fun sound recorder with ringtone editor.
  • Audio recorder with various new sound effects.
  • Record voice and make custom ringtone for cell phones.
  • New audio editor with a sound library.

Available for - Android

10 - Voice Changer - Audio Effects

This is another voice changer app through which you can change your voice and sound like a girl or female. There are lots of features in this app for changing your voice. The UI of the application is easy to use and looks very beautiful. The application supports a variety of effects and you can customize custom parameters to get the best sound effect for you.

voice changer with audio effects

Key features

  • The Voice changer app supports many effects.
  • Voice recording or built-in special effects let you change sound effects instantly.
  • Customizable sound with effects: echo, reverb, pitch, tempo, volume, bass, mid, treble.
  • Listen to the best music with the bass booster.
  • Have fun with speed changer (custom effects with Tempo and pitch).
  • Share audio files with your friends via social networks.
  • Record and change your voice directly. Save the recording file with high-quality sound.
  • Set as ringtone, alarm, notification
  • You can sound like a Robot.
  • Turning your voice into a girls voice with feminine level(simple mode) and girly, soft voice, voice tone (advance mode)
  • Turn your voice into a boys voice with masculine level(simple mode) and manly, pitch loud, voice tone (advance mode)
  • Very funny sound effects like Helium, Chipmunk, and Hexafluoride.
  • Troll your friends with Alien, Giant, and Kid sound effects.
  • Like talking on the phone with phone sound effects.

Available for - Android

11 - Girl Voice Changer - Edit Pitch and Sounds

girl voice changer and editor

Girls' voice changer app lets you hear your voice in various girl's tones. If you want to hear your voice like a girl then this app can be very interesting for you. You can easily edit your voice into different girl voices and play it, record it, and do pranks with your friends with girl's voices.

Use this app for fun and entertainment. Consider you are at a party with your friend's group, you can be the attention of all with this app when you will entertain them with different girl voices. You must try this app once.

Available for - Android

12 - Girls Voice Changer - Boy to Girls Voice Changer

This girl's voice changer app lets you hear your voice in different girls' voices and tones. You can record your voice by using the Girls voice changer app and can listen to your sound in a girl's voice. The user interface of this application is simple and easy to use.

girls voice changer

Voice types in the application library are:

  • Young Lady
  • Small Baby
  • 3 years Baby
  • 10 Years girl
  • 16 Years girl
  • 21 Years girl
  • 35 Years Lady
  • Old Women voice
  • High Pitch Toned girl
  • Low Pitch Toned Girl

Generate a variety of girls' voices with funny effects.

Available for - Android

13 - Magic Call - Voice Changer App

This voice changer app changes your voice in real-time and you can have some fun with your friends. The magic call is a real-time voice changer app male to female that you can use to change your voice during a call which is a good thing. It is really a funny app that you can use with your friends to make a prank call. If you are looking for a real-time girl voice changer app then this application could be a great choice for you.

magic call real time voice changer app

Magic Call is specially developed to make modify a male voice into a female voice. The main use of this application is during a call to change the voice. Using this application is easy for a newbie person can operate. To use this app simply launch the app and call anyone. You can also convert your voice into an animal voice or cartoon voice. Which is interesting. This app is available for both the platforms Android and iOS.

Available for - Android and iOS

14 - Super-Voice Editor

If you are searching for a funny application that can change a male voice into a female. Then Super voice editor could be the right choice for you as a voice changer app male to female. As the name suggests, it is a very powerful voice changer app that provides you with some unique and excellent sound effects. You can record your voice and edit it and use it in real-time. Isn't it a good feature to use the changed voice in real-time? These unique sound effects of the application allow you to change your voice from male to female, old man, child, some kind of animal, etc. You can also modify your audio files with this application.

super voice editor

This voice changer app is perfect for making all kinds of voice effects for any reason.

Available for - Android

15 - Call Voice Changer Male to Female

call voice changer male to female

It is a male to female voice changer that helps users to change their voice during calls. This voice changer app is perfect for those people who want to change their voice during calls whether you can calling to your friends and others. Like if you want to do a prank call with your friends and others then you must try this call voice changer app once. It is available for free on the google play store with a rating of 3.4 which is a good rating for an application.

Available for - Android

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Note: Some of the voice-changing apps will work fine but some of them don't. After recording your voice the output from some male to female voice changing apps may sound like robotic voice but some of the apps work very fine. So download the voice-changing apps after seeing the rating on the google play store and app store as well as also read the reviews given by the other users.


So these were some best male-to-female voice changer apps for android and iOS you can use to change your voice with a female, girl, woman, male, kid, etc. I can’t say about one specific app that is best because all have their pros and cons. But almost all the applications work fine. You must download these and try. For more useful articles stay tuned with Trend Rays technology blog.


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