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10 Free Unlimited Prank Calling Websites of 2021

Make Unlimited Free Prank calls with your Friends, Family and Enemies

Prank call? A prank call is a fake call generated by a caller as a practical joke played on the person answering.

prank call websites

Everyone's life is full of tension and stress and we always find ways by which we can reduce our tension and mental stress. Nowadays mental stress should be reduced to live a healthy life.

Making prank calls online with friends can be an option to make some fun and reduce our tensions. There are many free prank call websites available on the internet. These sites work like Skype app do. 

These sites are made for fun but sometimes there are many disadvantages of these and many people use prank calls sites for teasing someone. That’s not a good thing. So please don’t do that. 

When you are doing prank calls online to anyone, be in your limit. Misusing these types of websites is considered illegal and might cause you in trouble. 

Below we have shortlisted some popular prank websites on the basis of their popularity and features. We recommend to try all these one by one and which satisfies you the most bookmark that and use that specific one. 

1 - Prank Dial

Prank dial, one of the best and popular prank call websites with a wide range of pranks. Anyone can make a prank call to their friends and family members to do some fun. All the pranks in this website are absolutely free of cost and you don't have to pay a single penny. 

All you have to do is add your friends phone number and alias number with a country code. One has to record a call for sending any prank call.

Search from a large variety of prank databases and send it to your friends. Laugh at them and react! More premium features are also there like video calling, prank call history and ads free calling.

2 - Comedy calls

Comedy calls also offer you a wide range of funny prank calls that can be sent to anyone. The purpose of this website is to create humor and avoid annoying calls that might disturb you. The working process of this site is so simple. 

free prank calls

Only you have to choose a humorous call from the database of the website and enter the receiver’s(your friend or family member) phone number to make a free comedy call. The additional features of this site are spoof your caller ID, schedule your call for later and access an ads free environment.

3 - Foxy Call

This prank site allows you to make a prank call, send texts and hide your caller ID and text ID. Some other useful features are like record calls, change your voice and prank text. 

4 - KDK Prank Calls

It is not only a prank website but one of the largest internet radio shows, featuring live comedy and prank calls. Having a large database of prank calls which can be used for free and can be downloaded as an mp3 file for other uses. I personally like this website, it is the perfect one for making original prank calls online and that sounds real to the receiver.

5 - MyPhone Robot

My Phone Robot is another best free prank call website, but remember this website is only for the US and Canada users. Some key features of this website are fake text, call spoofing, prank call history and you can send a pre-recorded prank call to your enemies.

6 - Prank Call Nation

This website is one of the largest prank call stations which is designed for US and Canada citizens. It offers a huge database of prank calls and clipings to its users. This website details every prank call before sending it to your friend, so that you can sort out which call you want to make to what kind of person.

7 - Easy Prank

You can do easy prank calls with this website. Easyprank offers a decent range of funny calls you can use to troll your enemies, friends or family members. But this website doesn’t offer to hide your caller ID. You can use an alias number for making a fake call. 

8 - PrankDial

This is my other favourite prank website. It is very simple to use. There is a large variety of pranks like happy, annoying, angry etc whatever you can think of. Hide your caller ID and text ID. 

9 - PrankOwl

Prankowl another fun website to send prank calls for free. It works like prankdial but some of the unique features of this website are like - hide caller ID, send pre recorded voices etc. To unlock more premium features you have to buy tokens.

10 - Phone Losers

Phone loser is an American based prank call website with a large database of funny, humorous and scary prank calls. This website is different from other ones, as the site owner calls your friend to make a prank of her/him.

Note: All the information provided above is for entertainment and fun purposes; don’t misuse these websites.


There are other free and paid both types of prank call websites. But it is not possible to list all them and they are not so good as these above are. These are tested and verified prank sites. Try these one by one and which suits you perfectly.

There are 2 websites from the above list which are my favourite - KDK prank calls and Prank Dial. I frequently use these two.

You can make free unlimited prank calls online with these prank calling websites. But don't use these websites with a bad intention.

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