6 Transforming Best Bodybuilding Apps for Android and iOS in 2020

Having a tough and muscular body isn’t easy. You have to workout to gain a muscular body. Most of the boys want to have a good physical/body but some of them can’t afford expensive gyms and nutritions.

body building apps

So in the article we are going to suggest some best bodybuilding apps from where you can do workout at your home and can make a rough and tough body. It is not necessary to go to the gym. We have seen many people, even some of my friends who have a muscular physique. They don’t go to the gym ever. 

They do exercise at their home, like workout with bricks, pushups, pullups, lift water filled buckets for biceps etc. 

Everyone can make their body muscular. Only you have to workout daily and have patience because you will not see changes in a few days.

So lets see those bodybuilding apps you can download and start your bodybuilding journey from today.

6 Best BodyBuilding Apps for Android and iOS

1 - Fitnotes

2 - iGym

3 - Fitness and Body Building

4 - Gym Machine

5 - Navy Seal Fitness

6 - Google Fit

1 - FitNotes

It is a basic and informative gym app. This application gives you the stats of your workout by tracking it. The UI of the app is attractive and easy to use. Exercises are measured in cardio or in either resistance, you can also customize it. Basically it is a workout tracker app which will help you to measure and track your workout activities. This app is free but you can also buy the premium version for $4.99. But I will suggest to use the free version.

body building apps

2 - iGym

iGym is one of the most popular bodybuilding apps for android and iOS. There are both free and paid versions of this app available on google play store and app store. 

body building apps for ios

There is almost everything you can imagine - base of every exercise, program creation, 2 pre installed standard programs, training with a built in reat timer, training log and progress chart. 

In the pro version of this app you can create supersets of exercises. This app is perfect for those people who have been doing workout for a long time and knows almost about every exercise.

3 - Fitness and BodyBuilding

Fitness and bodybuilding is another application for android which will help you to build your dream body at home. This is the best workout app bodybuilding at home, you don't need to go to the gym.

Train your body at home to the limits, which you want. This application includes many features that will help you to grow your body. You have a huge database of exercises with detailed descriptions of each movement, video, tips and instructions to do exercises properly.

The 3 main important functions of the app are - exercises contain complex exercises for each group of muscles of your body. There are exercises by category with step by step guide and instructions and pictures showing the involved muscle groups.

4 - Gym Machine

This app is an initial training log, which allows you to progress efficiently. This app doesn’t offer many functions because it is built for beginners. 

You can customize your own training process - set height, weight and measurements of all parts of the body. Update your data daily the app will record your achievements and results.

5 - Navy Seal Fitness

Navy seal fitness is an advanced level fitness and bodybuilding app for those people who want to take their bodybuilding to the next level with a large variety of exercises.

body building apps for ios

This application provides all the information about diet and workout. This is one of the best bodybuilding diet app. This app isn’t for the beginner level people, it is perfect for those who may hit a weight loss plateau or are very serious with their health and fitness level.

6 - Google Fit

Google Fit is a health-tracking platform developed by Google for the Android operating system, Wear OS and Apple Inc.'s IOS. It is a single set of APIs that blends data from multiple apps and devices.


Building a perfect body also depends upon how much workout you do and properly with a good diet. So these were some best bodybuilding apps for android and iOS you can download and start your journey from today. Within a few months you will see a drastic change in your physique.

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