Top 8 Best Android TV apps you must Download

best android tv apps

Did you buy a new Android TV?
Congrats but you will need some essential apps for your android TV. When you purchase a new Android TV some apps are preinstalled like - google play music, Youtube etc. But you will need some other android TV apps, so here in this article we are going to show you some best android tv apps you must install on your Android TV.

Look at the Android TV apps list below and enjoy their cool features on your smart TV:

Best Android TV Apps List of 2020

1 - Sideload Launcher
2 - MX Player
3 - Kodi
4 - Netflix
5 - Google Drive
6 - Plex
7 - Wake on LAN
8 - Spotify

1 - Sideload Launcher

As we get google play store on our Android TV but we get a slimmer or lower version. Due to this some apps are not compatible with the TV. Using sideloading apps on android tv is a very popular activity.

Download - Sideload Launcher

2 - Netflix

I don't think that anybody will be here who doesn't like watching web series and movies on Netflix. In some android TV’s netflix comes pre installed but in some cases we don’t get it. 

So you must download Netflix on your android tv to watch thousands of web series and movies. 

Download - Netflix

3 - Plex

Plex is a screencasting application for android TV. If you have your personal collection of movies and web series or tv serials, plex can be the best app for android tv for casting them to all the screens and on any device.

If you don’t want to watch your content remotely plex is free to use.

Download - Plex

4 - MX Player

MX player is one of the best and most downloaded video players all around the world. It also translates the languages.

This app also supports different subtitles. Its UI is so easy to use and attractive. 

Download - MX Player

5 - Google Drive

Google drive a cloud service by google used very widely by the individuals and by the companies also. Unfortunately google drive is not available on android tv google play store. 

If you want to use google drive app on android tv you will have to install sideload the app. You also can use google drive website using browser on android tv. 

Download - Google Drive

6 - Kodi

Kodi is as similar to Plex but if you don't have your own digital content(movies, web series etc) then Kodi can be the better option for you.

This application has an endless number of addons which provides you the access of videos, live tv shows, movies, sports, weather updates, news etc. You must download this app for your android TV.

Download - Kodi

7 - Wake on LAN

If you want to wake your PC remotely then this is the only app with which you can do that. If you do a lot of streaming using Kodi or Plex android TV apps it is a vital feature. 

If the computer goes into sleep mode on which you are using a Plex or Kodi application, the Wake on LAN app can force the PC to wake up so that you can start streaming again.

Download - Wake on LAN

8 - Spotify

Spotify a music streaming service provider application available for both android and iOS devices. Cable TV channels also provide music channels but with lots of annoying advertisements. Youtube is also there but for better music experience you have to purchase Youtube Premium membership. 

The final solution is Spotify. Enjoy music on your android TV.

Download - Spotify


So these were some best android TV apps you must install on your android tv. We will add more android tv apps to this existing list if we find some other useful apps. If you have any suggestion related to android tv apps comment down we will add them as soon as possible.

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