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Get Edu Email for Free in 2020(100% working process)

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get edu email for free

Create a free Educational email address and avail many student benefits

Education domain extensions are restricted only for government or educational institutions. Most of the .edu domains are registered by government institutions.

Some students from big institutions and staff get their own personal .edu email addresses. But most of the students don’t have edu email addresses especially those students who are out of the US. 

In this article we are going to show you methods on how to get a free .edu email address. So let's get started. 

What are the benefits of having an educational email

During many festivals or occasions companies and educational material providers launch many offers for students but to avail the offers students need to have a .edu mail address to get the offers.

So to get these types of memberships or offers, educational email addresses are necessary. Some of the offers and membership examples are

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

1 year amazon prime membership

Microsoft 50% discount offers

Dropbox offers etc. 

Websites from where students can avail the offers

Websites Offers
Adobe Creative Cloud
50% flat discount
Last Pass Premium
FREE for 6 months
Most of the softwares are free with edu mails
Amazon AWS
$15 coupon
Amazon prime membership
FREE for 6 months
Free access to Github student pack. Know more
1 year domain registration for .me($18.99) and SSL certificate of $10 free
Last Pass
6 months premium access for any user having a .edu email address
Save upto $200 when you purchase apple products
Offers 3 business plans for 1 year that approximately costs $49 you can avail this with a .edu mail address

There were some websites that offered benefits to the .edu email address holders. Avail these benefits now.

Steps how to get a free Edu email address

In this article we have described a free and legit method of getting free edu mail. These are the tested and trusted ways. 

Latest method for getting free .edu email in 2020

Follow the steps below:
2 - Choose “Canada college” from the list from Select a community college.
3 - Apply for the admission using the form.
4 - Use any California address and school details while applying. Or you can generate any US address online.
5 - You will receive your free .edu email address after the successful submission of the application. 

Note: It may take upto 2 days to receive your details.


This method of getting a free educational email address. It can take upto 2 days to receive the mail address. This is a trusted and tested way and it still works. Comment down below if you successfully got your email address.

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