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7 Best Night Vision Camera Apps for Android and iOS in 2020

Night vision sounds cool? The ability to see in the dark night. Most of the users are aware about the night vision cameras but not all. If you are one of them, here we will tell you the uses of night vision cameras. Even you can use night vision on your smartphone camera.

night vision camera apps

Here are some night vision camera apps which will help you to capture a clear photo, video at night. Simply install any of the below apps and capture selfies, photos and videos on your phone. 

There are a number of night vision apps for android and iOS available on google and app store. Most of them are not so useful and some don't support some devices. Keeping these things in mind we have selected 10 most popular and downloaded night vision camera apps for android and iOS. So lets see the list.

Most Downloaded Night Vision Camera Apps for Android and iOS

1 - Night Vision Light

Night vision is a night vision camera app developed for both android and iOS platform by Vixen company. When you open the application it will turn your smartphone screen into red to observation at night. This app helps you to get the best class view at night/dark without using any light source. 

The red light can be adjusted(brightness of the red light). You can set settings according to you and save it for next use. This application is free and easy to use. 

Available for - Android and iOS

2 - Night Vision Camera Joke

It is a fun night vision app which is developed for entertainment purposes. It is basically a night vision game application or simulator which can be used to see anything at night through the camera of the smartphone. 

You can easily make fun of your friends and others by using this prank application on the streets at night or anywhere in the dark.

Available for - Android and iOS

3 - illumes

It is also a night vision camera app for android which provides you the option for capturing high quality photos and recording videos in dark. Cartoon picture maker feature is also available in this app. 

4 color options are there to capture photos and record videos - red, green, blue and warn or you can take natural pictures and videos. This app doesn't use your smartphone flashlight.

4 - Night Eyes Light

Night eyes is one of the best night vision camera apps for iOS. This app helps you to take high quality pictures at night without using your flashlight in real time. You can use both the cameras of your phone(back and front). 

There are many color filter options available like - green, red, black and white, sepia, blue etc. You can take photos in portrait and landscape mode with the zoom option.

Available for - iOS

5 - Night Vision Thermal Camera

It is one of the most popular thermal night vision apps for android and iOS. Having features like night vision, thermal vision and UV vision. It doesn't use a torch and helps you to explore the night and dark. 

This app can be very helpful for finding items at night or dark which we can’t see with our naked eyes. It is a flashlight torch in, augmented reality app. You can also enable a chromatic filter for thermal vision.

Available for - Android and iOS

6 - Night Vision Flashlight

Night vision flashlight is another amazing and useful night vision camera application that actually works. It is available for both android and iOS. It allows you to change the brightness, color and adds extra effects to the photos you take. 

This app can be used as a simple flashlight app for basic usage like walking in streets or room at night. 

Available for - Android and iOS

7 - Night Vision

Best night vision app for Android and iOS is Night Vision. This application allows you to capture photos and videos in low light without using any external app. Different color options are available there like green, red, blue etc. 

The application comes with an inbuilt video and photo library for easy access. Zoom in and out option is also available there for better view.


These best night vision camera apps for Android and iOS can be used for low light photography. You will be able to capture amazing photos at night or dark. Download and use these apps and give feedback in the comment box.

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