7 Best Free Classified Apps for Android and iOS

Everyone loves shopping but sometimes it becomes expensive for most of the people like students, housewives etc. Saving money is not an easy task for everyone but is necessary for the better future.

After this pandamic it became more hard to earn and save money as well. Due to this the secondhand marketplace can be the best choice for those peoples who can't afford or lost their jobs and their income has been reduced.

Classified apps for android and ios

As we all know that living costs are increasing day by day every year so to defend the tough time in the future we should prepare for that by saving a little little amount of money. Quicker and Olx are one of the largest secondhand market place from where you can buy used goods in good condition at affordable price and can save a lot of money.

Stretch your dollars and save a buck, buy some used products from classified applications or websites and save a lot of money. Here in this article we are going to show you the 7 best classified apps from where you can buy or sell your old goods and save and earn money from your goods.

Below we have listed some classified apps available for both android and iphone from where you can buy used goods locally and internationally.

Best Classified Apps for Android and iOS of 2020

1 - Quickr

Quickr a brand name in the classified industry from where you can buy second hand goods and products at a very reasonable price and can save a lot of money. Quickr offers best quality used items that are as good as new. 

There are thousands of buyers and customers connected through quickr classified apps and websites with each other and helping both the parties. You can buy any kind of item from Quickr at a very effective cost. 

Simply search for the items you need and you will find a lot of sellers who are ready to sell their items. Chat or call the buyers and negotiate for the price and fix your deal.

Available for - Android and iOS

2 - Hot Sale

The other big name in the second hand market is Hotsale. Here you can sell your items also as you do in quikr. Just click the pictures of the items you want to sell and upload on the Hotsale classified app after that you will get responses from the relevant customers who are looking for the items.

You can get a little bit more money for your products; it totally depends how you deal with the buyers and negotiate for the price.

Available for - Android and iOS

3 - 5 Miles

It is a must downloaded local classified app for buying and selling. By using this app you can also save a ton of money and utilize that money for other purposes. It is a location classified app which finds amazing deals within 5 miles from your current location. 

The most amazing and useful feature of this app is that sellers can move their item listings to the top of the page so that more and more customers can see the products and the items get sold as soon as possible. 

This classified app is available for both the android and iOS platforms and you can install it for free.

Available for - Android and iOS

4 - Ebay

Ebay is an e-commerce marketplace and classified app as well as website. Ebay is a very big name in the second hand marketplace. You can get best deals for many household and other items. 

This app allows you to search for the used(second hand) items in every category. The best feature of this app is that you can select or find the items by free shipping. You can make payment by paypal etc. 

Available for - Android and iOS

5 - Cashify

If you are looking for buyers to sell your garage items then this app is perfect for you. This classified application has some convenient features for sellers. One of the best features of the app for the sellers is the pickup option which means that the sellers can make money without leaving the items to the buyers home or workplace.

Another feature is that if you are not sure about buying an item then you can also take it on rent. 

Available for - Android and iOS

6 - World Classifieds

World classified is another free app which is available for both android and iOS. This app allows you to see the international advertisements or ads closer to your home. If you have decided to list items for sale then with a world classified app the process can be easy and speedy. 

This application has features which prevents the duplication of the ads and lets you decide how many ads you want to view on the homepage of the application. The application saves all your details so that you don't need to reenter the information again and again while selling the items.

Available for - Android and iOS

7 - Shpock

This classified app is perfect for buying and selling the items online. This app is alternative to the traditional yard sale. 

This free classified app is simple to use and you will find items by category. The categories you will find on Shpock include smartphones, electronic items, computers, accessories, jewellery, bikes, vehicles and many more. 

You can post ads on Shpock free for charge.

Available for - Andoird and iOS


So these were some best local and international classified apps for android and iOS. You can buy and sell your old goods and items on these free classified apps. Install today and save some money as well as help others to save their money by selling your second hand items to them.

According to me, the best classified apps are Quickr and Ebay.

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