9 Private Instagram Viewer Apps of 2022

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Trying to view private Instagram accounts but unable to see them? Not, it's so easy to view private Instagram accounts without request.

You need some private Instagram viewer apps to do that. We will let you know below how to do that and what are the best private Instagram viewers that actually work.

Instagram is one of the most used social media applications worldwide. Instagram has changed the way of social media not only individuals but celebrities are also on Instagram platform brands most brands have been shifted towards Instagram because of the high engagement of people there.

But sometimes we want to see the Instagram profiles but can’t see because the owners have restricted their Instagram profiles to private. So to see the activities on the private accounts we always need to follow them first, and then we can see their photos, videos, IGTV, and reels as well.

But what will you do if you don’t want to follow them just to see their photos or videos? It becomes annoying to follow every private Instagram account. Which also imbalances our followers vs the following ratio.

It's good to keep Instagram accounts private for those people who don't want to share their photos and activities with all the people, sometimes they get misused by others. We can say it's a privacy feature of Instagram.

But there are lots of apps by which you can see the activities of any private account on Instagram.

So here we have some best private Instagram viewer apps which don't need any human verification to use. So you can see the activities on any private Instagram account by using these private Instagram viewer apps which are available for both android and iOS.

9 Best Private Instagram Profile Viewer Apps for Android and iOS

Here are the best private Instagram viewer you can use to see private Instagram profiles.

1 - mSpy

mspy private monitoring

Basically, it is an Instagram tracker for parents to track the activities of their children on their Instagram account. Modern children spend a lot of time on Instagram because of its popularity because of reels and user base. Monitor direct messages send via any Instagram account with mSpy but make sure that your child doesn't fall victim to online predators. It is a very good app for child safety online. mSpy is an amazing spying app when we talk about hacking. The application is available for Android and iOS platforms.

With the help of the mSpy app, you can see everything that happens on somebody's smartphone. Simply install the mSpy app on the target device, and you can keep your eye on their activities. The cool thing about this Private Instagram Viewer is that the target user will never know about such an app installed on his or her device. You can view their private Instagram account activities like their IG stories chat and other things. Not only Instagram, you can see their other social media accounts activities. What they are posting etc.

Download mSpy - mSpy.com

2 - Private Profile View for IG

Another new private profile viewer for Instagram. You can view the private accounts on Instagram, view whom they follow, people who follow them, and many more at your fingertips.

private instagram viewer app

Available for - Android

3 - Private Insta

This is one of the best private Instagram viewer apps which I have personally used many times. It is a very helpful tool for searching private Instagram accounts to see their activities. All you need to do is download the Private Insta application on your phone. 

Simply search for the Instagram username on this app and you will be able to see their photos, videos, reels, and all the activities directly.

4 - Insta Looker

It is another online private Instagram viewer application that is used very widely. Users only need the username of the Instagram account in which they want to see the activities. After completing the simple survey(questions) you can see the photos, videos, and other activities of that particular Instagram account.

The UI of this app is really cool and easy to use, and this Instagram private account viewer app works without any human verification process. Simply answer some questions and see the account activity easily.

5 - Instagram++ - View Private Account without Following

It is a newly launched private Instagram profile view app. With this app, you can see any private Instagram profile very easily without following them. This Instagram profile viewer app is free to use, and it is totally safe, you don’t have to worry about getting banned by Instagram.

6 - Feedsta - Instagram Viewer to Private Instagram Accounts

It is one of the most popular Instagram profile viewer apps since it was launched a few years ago. It is one of the best private Instagram viewer apps for Android which helps to see the activities on private accounts.

feedinsta private instagram viewer application

This app allows you to view Instagram profiles without following them. It is a totally safe, secure, and free Instagram viewer app.

This app has other features like you can also download private Instagram videos with this app, choose your favorite posts, reels, videos and save them in your collection.

Available for - Android

7 - Like Creeper - View Private Instagram App

Like Creeper, another best Instagram private account viewer app with a simple and clean UI. Only you need to enter the username of the Instagram account that you want to see and click on view profile.

The targeted profile will be visible on your smartphone screen immediately without much effort. You can also download Instagram photos, videos, or reels of whatever you liked from that particular Instagram profile directly to your phone.

LikeCreeper will give you some amazing and creative post ideas and will help you to grow your Instagram account by increasing your followers.

Visite the private Instagram viewer website - likecreeper.com

8 - Instagram ReVAMPED - Best Instagram Profile Viewer

ReVAMPED is another free private Instagram viewer app that you can also use to see private Instagram profiles.

Our team has tested and used this tool to view private Instagram accounts. This tool works perfectly.

9 - Ghostegro - View Private Instagram Accounts

View all Instagram accounts with Ghostegro app. You can hide your profile for others and also see who viewed your Instagram profile. You can also see and save Instagram stories of any profile anonymously. This app also allows you to download the photos and videos to your phone gallery directly and can repost them on your Instagram account. By logging in with your Instagram account, you can access to the other features of the Ghostegro app. Below are the features of this application.

Available for - Android


So these were some Instagram private viewer apps that you can download and see any private profiles on Instagram. With the help of these private Instagram viewer apps you can see any private Instagram account stories, reels and other content without sending him or her a follow request.

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