8 Best Business Scholarships in the US(2021 List)

business scholarships in usa

Business Scholarships in the United States

Earning a business degree is a milestone for many students. Business majors are very popular around the world. The demand is so high the auditoriums are always overcrowded. Students seek knowledge and experience to work in the most prominent corporations or to run their own businesses.

        However, it is often hard to enroll in business courses. Because of high tuition fees, many students have to give up on their intentions to become first-class entrepreneurs. If you are among such students, pull yourself together! We have created a list of the best business scholarships for students in the United States to help you achieve your goals.

Who Can Qualify For Business Scholarships

Since numerous business scholarships exist these days, it is impossible to say whether you are eligible. Every program sponsored by a public institution or a private investor has its unique requirements. For example, while one program might require including a FAFSA report, the other can ask to complete mock coursework to evaluate the applicant's skills.

For that reason, check every scholarship individually and analyze whether it accepts candidates from your region. Also, make sure to check the documents the program requires submitting. Apart from an application form, the committee may well require you to attach:

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Official transcript of records

  • Essay on the given topic

Writing assignments tend to play a critical role in the candidate's evaluation process. Essays help the committee assess your knowledge of theory, analytical, and decision-making skills. Therefore, it's vital to know what an essay must look like. By writing “do my assignment for me,” you will get an exemplary paper that'll help you write a faultless entrance essay quickly and hassle-free.

1 - Northwest Missouri State University

The main mission of the Northwest Missouri state university is to focus on the individual success of every student by supporting them financially and providing the best education. Whether you are an online or campus student they provide one on one engaged attention to all the students and their studies. They tried to keep education affordable and accessible, delivering excellence through high expectations and servant leadership. If you are looking for an MBA scholarship from the best business scholarships in the United States. Then you must apply for the scholarship today but before that read the proper guidelines before applying with the proper documents.

2 - MBA Changemakers Scholarship

MBA Changemakers begins the list of top business scholarships because it offers many opportunities for those who are always up for a challenge. Suppose you are among such people who care about the environment and have splendid business ideas on making our world a better place. In that case, the MBA Changemakers Scholarship is for you! 

The main requirements are:

  • Application Form

  • Online Registration

  • Essay

Besides, the committee will carry out an online meeting to hear from the applicant and evaluate their competence and desire to change the world. The preliminary questions are: 

  • Why should the organization consider you as the best candidate?

  • What ways will you/your business use that will take humans into a sustainable future?

  • How will you incorporate wellness and sustainability into a business?

  • What are your focal goals?

The award amount is $10,000. The application deadline is set for June 18, 2021.

3 - Mid-Atlantic STA Foundation Scholarship

The Foundation has long been working with students, providing financial support and allowing students to learn and advance their skills. Every year, the Foundation organizes various events to engage students and reveal their potential. As to the scholarship, the Foundation offers scholarships worth $14,000. This year, the Mid-Atlantic STA Foundation plans to award two $2,000 scholarships for high school seniors and two $5,000 for college/university students. 

Apart from an application form, applicants should include an official transcript along with an essay on the given topic. The Foundation only considers candidates who reside in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland. The application deadline is June 15, 2021. Recipients will be announced in August.

4 - Santa Fe College Davis, Monk and Company Leo T. Hury Business Scholarship

Do you reside in Florida, study in Alachua or Bradford counties, and plan to enroll in Santa Fe College? You have an excellent opportunity to get a scholarship! Santa Fe College Davis, Monk, and Company Leo T. Hury Business Scholarship were established 37 years ago to honor Leo T. Hury, an extraordinary and talented entrepreneur. To be fully eligible, students must study business and maintain an average of 3.0 or higher.

Besides, the committee requires attaching:

  • Application Form

  • Transcript of Records

  • Essay

The award amount is $1,600. The scholarship is renewable for one following year if a student has a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The application deadline is June 15, 2021.

5 - Innovation in Cannabis Scholarship

Are you interested in cannabis and its benefits? Do you want to launch your business related to cannabis? If yes, you just can't miss this scholarship! Veriheal, Inc. provides twenty scholarships to ambitious students who study business and aim to improve the cannabis field. 

Since the demand is impressively high, the committee requires completing several main steps: 

  1. Write a 1000-word essay explaining how to advance the cannabis industry. Provide valid reasons and ways to achieve the goals.

  2. Attach an official transcript of records for the previous academic year.

  3. If you have graduated from school and plan to enter college, submit your letter of intent to the college.

Applicants must be U.S. residents and submit all the stated documents by July 30, 2021. The award amount is $1,000.

6 - RV Learning Center Scholarship

The program is designed for college students of any academic year. Applicants must major in business, accounting, finance, or economics and maintain a GPA of no lower than 2.8. Also, the committee requires submitting an SAT/ACT score of 1050/22 points. Those interested in the scholarship should also add:

  • FAFSA report

  • Essay

  • Application form

  • Official transcript

  • Two photos

  • Activities list

The award amount is $2,500, and the scholarship is non-renewable. Candidates must submit their applications by July 5, 2021.

7 - Stephen W. Cavanaugh Scholarship Fund

Established in 2007, the Fund has already supported thousands of students. Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation considers applicants who want to run a business in the insurance industry. The Fund awards eight candidates $1,000 per semester for eight consecutive semesters. 

Every student interested in the scholarship should attach the following documents:

  • Application form

  • Official transcript of records

  • SAT/ACT score

  • Academic resume

  • Recommendation letter

  • Essay on why the candidate wants to enter the insurance field

The application deadline is July 21, 2021.

8 - Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship

The organization offers one scholarship for a student who studies in an accredited educational institution during the spring, summer, or fall semester of 2021. Applicants must submit the following two documents:

  • Application form

  • Essay on a topic related to entrepreneurship

The award amount is $5,000. The application deadline is August 2021.


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