8 Best Food Delivery Apps that Accecpt Cash in USA(2021 List)

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During these pandemic days, we all are advised to stay at home. Online food delivery apps are playing a very important role these days because people are not going outside and all the restaurants are closed due to Covid. But if you don't want to order food online then why not try to make recipes at your home? But don't know how to cook delicious food then there are plenty of cooking apps out there you can learn from. In this article, we listed the best food delivery apps that accept cash in the USA.

Most of the food delivery apps don't accept cash they take regular online payments but in this article, we have listed the food delivery apps that take cash in the United States. These food delivery platforms will take your order and you will have to make the payment in cash form.

We live in a digital world where we can order anything online and get it delivered to our doorstep. Food items are one of the items which we order online and get delivered within a couple of minutes. We ordered some items from cash on delivery food apps which are listed below and they are cheap food delivery apps. But not the quality of the food delivered by these apps is cheap you will get fresh food items all the time.

There are many online food order apps out there from where we can order food online. Ordering food online is very easy and convenient through the apps. Some apps allow you to do payments at the time of delivery in the form of cash. There are many apps that take cash in the USA which is a very convenient facility for the customers.

In this article, we will have look at some of the delivery apps that take cash in the United States. So let's see them and order something delicious :)

8 Best Food Delivery Apps that accept cash in the USA

1 - Grubhub
2 -
3 - Deliveroo
4 - Railrestro
5 - Seamless
6 - Swiggy
7 - Food Panda
8 - Uber Eats

1 - Grubhub

Grubhub a food delivery app that accecpt cash in USA is popular in the country but not much in other like India etc. In India Zomato and Swiggy are the  big food delivery brands people trust the most. If you are looking to order fast food items or other food items from the restaurants near you then the Grubhub app is perfect for that. This app allows you to pay at the time of delivery in the form of cash payment. There is a wide variety of restaurants from where you can order your food. Grubhub offers the best discount offers for the customers.

grubb online food delivery app

The app accepts both the payment methods online and cash also. The whole world is suffering from the pandemic and to follow the social distancing Grubhub offers a contactless delivery service which is quite impressive. Contactless delivery means the courier boy will leave the package at your door and then you can take that later.

You will get discount offers and coupons for the best food deals but you can also buy their subscription plan for more exciting offers and deals exclusively.

Available for - Android and iOS

2 -

It is another popular cash on delivery food app in the United States you can order delicious food items at your doorstep. Simply search for your favorite food items in the application and order them online and pay in cash. Quick order and fast delivery are important, especially for food items because the taste and texture of food become dim if they are delivered late. For speedy food delivery, this app could be the best for you. 

They are partnered with many cafes and local stores in the United States due to that they able to deliver the items so fast and quickly. With this app, you can order food, beer or unusual drinks, etc. This app also allows you to create your future orders.

You can schedule your orders and will deliver the items at a convenient time for you.

Available for - Android and iOS

3 - Deliveroo

Online food delivery is very easy with Deliveroo food service. This is one of the meal delivery apps in the United States that accepts cash. This app picks the food items from the best restaurants.

deliveroo food delivery app

You can also find KFC and Pizza hut options in the app to order foods. Payment in cash at Deliveroo is made when you transfer the order by courier. This app also allows you to take away the facility, which means you come to the restaurant and pick up your own ordered food.

Advance orders(selected items) can be made also at a certain time courier boy will deliver them to your doorstep. Don't forget to check the offers section for the best deals.

Available for - Android and iOS

4 - Railrestro

This app allows you to order food on your train journey. If you forgot your meals for your journey don't worry Railrestro food app will provide you delicious food on your train journey.

railrestro order food online in train

Generally, the food which we get in train restaurants not so tasty. But Railrestro service was developed to provide the best and tasty food on the train.

If you want to eat delicious food items on your train journey then you must install this app.

The application asks you to enter your PNR number and then you get the menu and available restaurants list. Once you choose your order then you can select the payment option.

The app allows you cash on delivery(in cash or by card) as well as you can pay through PayPal or any other online payment. You can track the route of your train and its current location and much more.

I personally love this application and ordered food many times during my train journey.

Available for - Android and iOS

5 - Seamless

Seamless a popular food delivery app in the Newyork city of the United states. There are a lot of food and drinks restaurants in the Newyork city. Newyork is a high-class and expensive city in the united states. Seamless puts the best restaurants from the Newyork on their platform and serves users top-notch food items and drinks. It could be expensive food delivery app for some peoples but some cheap food items you can order from here also and pay in cash.

If you are the kind of person who doesn't want to visit the restaurants physically but wants to enjoy the foods from them then you must install this app. The food will be delivered via courier to your doorstep within a couple of minutes.

You get points on each order and you can use it to avail discounts on your future orders. Once you reach up to a certain number of points you will get a 100$ discount. To find your favorite food items at Seamless just type "sushi", "pasta" or any "Mexican food" in the search bar of the application the service will automatically select the right restaurants near you.

Available for - Android and iOS

6 - Swiggy

Swiggy is one of the most popular online food order and delivery app all over the world. The app is also very popular in India. This app connects a very large chain of restaurants all over the cities and counties from where you can order any food items you want to eat.

The delivery of the app is fast and the quality of the food items you get is the best because the company has a good reputation all over the world. So you don't need to worry about the quality of the food.

The Swiggy food order is open 24*7 and we can order foods anytime. But the delivery depends upon the locations also if you live in a very remote area then you will have some limitations.

But Swiggy is the most popular online food delivery app and I have a good experience with it.

Available for - Android and iOS

7 - Food Panda

Order something delicious from the restaurants near you. Food panda is another largest online food delivery app and chain of thousands of restaurants all over the world and they operate in different countries. The headquarters of Foodpanda is located in Germany and they operated in 40+ countries currently in 2021. They have dedicated websites for different countries they are operating in currently.

Due to the pandemic like other businesses and food delivery companies but we hope all the things will get normalize soon.

You can order any type of veg and non-veg food items from Food Panda. Eat something healthy and delicious at your doorstep. Order any food and pay cash for it.

Available for - Android and iOS

8 - Uber Eats

Uber eats now allowing their customers to pay for their orders in cash on delivery. This means you can order any of your favorite food items and you can pay for it in the form of cash to the food delivery boy. Uber eats is a popular food delivery app that accepts cash in the United States as well in the other countries of the world where they are operating.

uber eats order tasty food online and pay in cash

Cash on delivery option is the traditional method of payment that we humans are using for centuries because it's a psychological thing that we feel more safe and comfortable paying in the form of COD.

Available for - Android and iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Why you should consider food delivery apps that accept cash?

  • Online payment options can be not trustworthy for all the customers. Personally, I prefer to COD option for all online shopping platforms.
  • There are some reasons why cash on delivery is a good option.
  • Internet connection failure during payment
  • Bank server problems while making online payment
  • COD is always the most trustworthy option

2 - What delivery apps take cash in the USA?

Food Panda, Grubb, Swiggy, Seamless, Railrestro, etc apps that accept cash payment. If you are worried about online scams with card payments or other forms of payments then these cash-on-delivery food apps are just for you. Download any of the food delivery applications and order your favorite food.


So these were some delivery apps that accept cash in the united states from where you can order delicious food items at your doorstep. From the above list, 2 delivery apps are my favorite Swiggy and Railrestro. Other apps are also good but these two I use most frequently.

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