15 Best Free Funny Face Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

Best Apps to Make Funny Faces - Funny Face Apps

Are you looking for apps to male funny faces then you have landed on the right page with the updated list of funny face apps for android and iOS? If you are the type of person who loves to try new face filters and upload them on your social platforms then most probably you will be using funny face apps. There are plenty of applications out there that will help you to create silly faces. We will be discussing on best funny face apps in this article. The trend of looking funny on social media is on top nowadays because of Snapchat filters. Snapchat introduced the trend of making funny faces through filters which were introduced by them in their application.

a cute girl making her face funny by putting eggs on here eyes

After seeing the popularity and demand of those types of features many developers jump into the race and developed their funny face applications for android and iOS platforms. You can also use these silly and funny filter applications and have some entertainment and fun on social media.

Wanna laugh at yourself? If yes then you must try some funny face apps. There are lots of silly face apps available for android and iOS by using them you can make your face funny. Snapchat is the biggest example of the funny face trend it shows that how popular this trend is among the peoples. People are creating funny face videos and sharing them on Instagram as reels and on Facebook as well.

Deform your faces with these apps and laugh and have some fun and entertainment. In the following list, we have listed some funny face apps you can install for free from the google play store and app store and use them. So let's have a look at the apps to make funny faces.

So what are those funny face apps let's have a look:

Top 19 Best Silly Face Apps for Android and iOS

Sweet Snap - Funny Face App for Snapchat

Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor

YouCam Fun


Face Changer 2

Face Camera - Photo Filters, Emojis, Live Stickers

Face Changer Camera

Funny Face Effects

iFunFace - Create Funny Videos

Faces - Funny Face Changer - GIF Video Photo Frames

Face Warp - Face Changer Camera and Editor

YouCam - Fun - Snap Live Selfies and Share Pictures

LOL Booth

Snap Face Photo Editor Animals

Banuba - Funny Face Filter and Effects

Face Live Camera

Funny Face Apps 

Face Swap

FaceArt Selfie Camera

1 - Sweet Snap - Beauty Selfie Plus Camera and Face Filter App

sweet snap funny face and filter app

Sweet Snap is a funny face app for Snapchat that comes with hundreds of funny face filters and effects to create funny faces. Simply take your selfie or upload your existing photo and add effects to it to look it funny. It is one of the best free photo editors and beauty camera app for Android. You can take your selfie and video with its unique photo filters, pretty makeup effects, cute stickers, and beauty effects to make your selfies and videos more appealing. You can also create your own GIF emojis easily and take fun boomerang videos that play on a loop with the Sweet snap camera app. You can also add music to your videos and create high-quality music videos.

Available for - Android

2 - Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor

crazy helium funny face app

The app comes with lots of instruments that can change your face into a very funny face. You can take pictures with this app and record your funny short videos and upload them to Instagram as reels. There is a variety of face masks inside the app library you can use like cute masks, scary, funny, etc.

Some of the face masks will change your face completely. As the name of the application is Helium funny face editor then you also get the inhaled helium face in the face mask library. Other types of masks are there as the voice of Pennywise and of other famous characters. You can use some masks that work on one or two faces so you can make more fun with your friends.

The Lip- sync feature of the app is also interesting you can pick any song and make videos with song clips. After recording the video you can speed up and slow the speed of the recorded voice. Mix the masks and create some outstanding face effects.

Some features of this app are

Tons of Live Face Filters

30+ Voice / Sound Effects

Pick Song from Your iTunes Music Library to Lip Sync or Sing-Along

Add / Mix Multiple Filters

Take Selfie / Photo or Record Video

Apply Visual and Audio Effects to Existing Videos / Photos

Change effect's intensity during recording

Add different voice effects like Robot, Chipmunk ( Helium ), Bear, Violin or mouse

Speed up or Slow Down Voice and Video

Front and Back Camera Support

Flash to record video in dark (if the device supports it)

Share recorded video with others using your favorite sharing method -Twitter, Facebook, Text, Mail, etc.

Save video to camera roll

Available for - iOS

3 - YouCam Fun

YouCam fun funny face apps

YouCam Fun is another best and popular funny face apps for iPhone and Android. The YouCam app gives you a lot of fun by giving you features to play with your faces and look them more funny. The size of the application is 109MB for iOS(may vary with the recent updates) and 66MB for Android. Some cool features of this application are:

  • Turn a normal face into a funny and goofy looking
  • You can add different filters to any of your photos saved in your gallery with a single click
  • When you launch the app it will detect your face and start applying filters to it.
  • The app is easy to use with the best user interface

Available for - Android and iOS

4 - FaceApp

This is one of the most popular funny face apps all over the world which became so popular in the year 2017 on Facebook. At that time people were using this app to see their future faces and sharing their photos on Facebook frequently. People were enjoying the application so much that's why the app became so popular and still, it is popular in 2021 as a funny face app.

You can upload your existing photos from your gallery and this application will use artificial intelligence to create a future-looking face of yours. 

Personally, we have enjoyed this app a lot and the app works so perfectly. You must download and use this app to make funny faces.

The application comes with some amazing features like:

Photo Editor

Perfect your selfies with Impression filters

Add a beard or mustache

Change your hair color and hairstyle

Add volume to your hair

Try trendy full makeup filters

Creative light effects

Remove acne and blemishes

Smooth wrinkles

Easily enlarge or minimize facial features

Try out the color lens

Easy Compare tool at every step to compare before & after

Total control of temperature, saturation, and more

Video Editor

Your favorite filters, now in live mode!

Edit videos or record them from scratch using an outstanding video maker

Shoot Boomerangs and Stories

Use color correction

Trim, crop, and edit existing videos

Use multiple filters for more exciting results

Have Fun

See what you'd look like as a different gender

Let AI find your best hairstyle and color

Aging: try our popular Old & Young filters

Morph your photo with your favorite celebrity

Swap faces with friends

See what your future kids would look like

Borrow your favorite style from different photos

Put your face in a popular movie scene

Try weight filters: get bigger or smaller

And many more fun filters!

Available for - Android and iOS

5 - Face Changer 2

Face Changer as the name suggests that it changes your face into a funny and unique-looking face. It is one of the most popular apps to create funny faces for android and iOS.

You can convert any of your photos into funny faces. The application has more than 50+ million downloads on the Google play store so you can imagine how popular this funny face creator app is.

You can change your eyes, ears, nose, and other things to customize your face and make it more fun-looking. If you want to write something on the image then you can also do that very easily. You must download this funny face app and try it with your photos.

Available for - Android

6 - Face Camera - Photo filters, Emojis, and Live Stickers

It is one of the best photo filter apps for photos with some funny camera filters. You can apply different types of funny face filters to your photos in real-time. You can also take photos and videos(selfies also) with its funny filters, cute filers, stickers, emojis, and some other unique camera filters.

There are many live camera filters in this app. Simply click a selfie with cute and funny filters like Snapchat - dog filter, panda filters, etc.

Available for - Android

7 - Face Changer Camera

face changer camera app

Another best face changer app for android by using the application you can apply funny face warp effects on your videos. Make your face ugly, cute, and something funny-looking. You can also swap the faces between two people.

There are different types of face masks available like animal face masks, skeleton video face filters, and many more in the collection.

There are some unique features of this face changer camera application like:

Face Warp camera

Chin's face

Apply face stickers

Face blend

Use different face masks

Face puppet

Funny face changer camera - change your face and record videos

Record videos and capture photos

The best free selfie camera app with funny face effects and live face filters

and many more features are under development they will be available soon.

Available for - Android

8 - Funny Face Effects

funny face effects app

Create funny faces using the funny face effects with this application. Turn your face into baid, fat looking, ugly, and many more. The funny face effects app comes with many options for making the face fun looking like a fat, bold, huge smile, and many other face effects.

Some of the features of this application are:

Use funny face effects such as huge smile, ugly, bold and more

Easy changer to warp, stretch, move and distort any photo with your fingers to create your own custom warped face

Import photos from your gallery, camera as well as from Facebook

Social sharing available

Available for - Android

9 - iFunFace - Create Funny Videos

ifunface app

Wanna create stunning and hilarious animations with your face then this app is perfect for you. iFunface application allows you to create amusing videos of yourself and others(maybe your friends etc) by using a photo and creating an audio recording. The unique speech analysis tool of iFunFace automatically creates the animation for you, you don't need to be skilled for doing that.

You can upload your animation videos to your social media handles and go viral.

How the application works:

Take any photo from your gallery

Identify the mouth and face of one or multiple characters

Then record your video and select a voice filter

Share your creation

Available for - Android

10 - Faces - Funny Face Changer - GIF Video Photo Frames

Faces - Funny Face Changer - GIF Video Photo Frames

Faces another funny face changer - turn your face into funny videos, GIFs and share with your friends and on social media as well. If you want to have some fun on some occasions like on birthday, Christmas, new year, etc. Simply turn your selfie camera and take a photo and add it to the Faces app and create funny GIF videos, dance videos and mix music with it and share with others.

Features of Faces app are:

Easy GID and Videomaker app


How to use the Faces Application

Firstly turn on the face camera and take a selfie

Check for the video clips and gifs

Choose the one which you like and want to use

Do face swap live with your friends, 

Available for - Android

11 - Face Warp - Face Changer Camera and Editor

Face Warp - Face Changer Camera and Editor

Turn your selfie or portrait photos into a very funny-looking individual. Some faces will look ugly, some look like aliens some will very cute as a baby. You will enjoy this app try different face masks and customizations to look your face funniest. Share your short funny face videos with your friends and on social media

The face warp app offers you the features like a live camera, edit photos, and videos.

Features offered by Face Warp:

Photo editor - Apply any face changer filter to a selfie uploaded from your gallery

Video editor - Upload any video from your gallery and edit the clips with a face warp filter

Live camera - Use funny face filter effects live on camera, record videos, and capture photos

Available for - Android

12 - YouCam Fun - Snap Live Selfie Filters and Share Pictures

YouCam Fun - Snap Live Selfie Filters and Share Pictures

Discover the awesome animated stickers maybe you have never seen before. Create funny selfie videos and take photos to make them funny with the funny face filters and stickers in the app library.

The app also provides you the motion stickers which look awesome and more realistic. You must try this app once, it is one of my favorite funny face apps. You also get lots of Augmented reality(AR) filters in the application.

Features offered by the application are:

Live stickers and effects

Stickers on videos

Selfie effects for your camera roll

Funny picture effects, frames, and more

Real-time filter effects

Video recording feature also available

Available for - Android

13 - LOL Booth

LOL booth is a funny face application developed by Electric French Fries company for iPhones and other iOS devices. You can transform your face into a hilarious work of art instantly with the prebuild funny face filters in the app library. You can also take funny pictures of yourself and your friends and add amazing facial effects to the photos. Lol booth app included hundreds of unique face mutations and special effect filters to make your faces funny. We assure you that your friends will laugh at you after seeing your photos - enjoy.

Available for - iOS

14 - Snap Face Photo Editor

Wanna turn your face onto a stunning animal face then Snap Face photo editor animals is the best app to do that. Turn your face into an animal funny face with this app. It is a popular funny faces app and comes with an easy-to-use interface and some other features. If you are looking for an animal funny face app then you must give it a try to the Snap face photo editor app. Some features of this app are:

  • Click a photo and leave the rest of the work for the Snap face app
  • Use more than 100+ funny animal face app effects
  • Apply different animal face filters to your photos to make them funny

Available for - Android

15 - Banuba - Funny Face Filter and Effects App

Banuba app provides AR effects for different audiences - girls, boys, kids, and elders. There are many funny filters available like Halloween, Christmas, Love, Funny, etc. One of our team members loves this funny face app because of its awesome and cool-looking funny face filters which as based on augmented reality that fits into your face perfectly.

Available for - Android and iOS

16 - Face Live Camera

Face live camera is another best funny face app for iOS devices you can try. This app provides you amazing funny face filters you can use on your selfie to make them funny. The filter works like a Snapchat application where you click selfies with a dog, cat, and other filters. Beauty filters are also there to make your photos more attractive. You can also record your videos using funny filters.

Available for - iOS

17 - Funny Face App

Funny face app is a very easy-to-use and very interesting funny face-making application that lets you create funny face videos and capture funny face selfies as well. The app contains a very big library of prebuild funny video collections you can use for your funny projects. Only you have to put your face in place of those dummy funny faces in the videos. You can also create different types of videos like love, Christmas, dance, etc, and surprise your friends and family with your videos. You can also upload your videos to Instagram reels, youtube shots, Facebook videos, and on other video platforms and become famous among the people as a video creator. Later you can monetize your channels and easy money online.

Available for - iOS

18 - Face Swap

face swap an app to create funny faces

It is an impressive app to create funny faces. You can edit your facial expressions to look your face funny. The app provides you different filters you can use on your photos without any hiccups. The app offers different facial effects like an animal, weird looks, Halloween, and celebrity. Some usp of this app are:

  • Different facial effects - weird looks, animals look, Halloween and celebrity
  • Photo swap, theme photo, motion swap, live stickers, and many other options are the to apply to the photos

Available for - Android

19 - FaceArt Selfie Camera - Photo Filters and Effects

faceart selfie camera

It is the best live face cam with effects and filters for your selfies. The app offers you plenty of face filters you can use for your selfies. Capture your selfie with the face cam using the cute animal effect such as dog, kitten, rabbit, etc. It is one of the best camera editors that also includes a photo editor and pic, collage maker. You can add different images to make a collage of them. Edit and give a retouch to your sweet selfies by applying natural makeup touches and effects and explore brilliant photo filters. Give a try to this amazing funny face app.

Available for - Android


So these were some best funny face apps for Android and iPhones you can download from the Google play store and App store. You can download any funny faces app and make your faces silly. If you want to add any other apps to the list then comment down the application we will add it to the above list. The list has been updated with the latest apps you will not find anywhere.


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