12 Best Night Vision Camera Apps for Android and iOS (2021 List)

Today's modern smartphones cameras are enough smart and better to capture photos in the night and dark very perfectly but for those people who don't have such a good smartphone but also wanna capture good photos at night then they can try some night vision camera apps. These night vision camera apps will help them to take clear photos at night.

What will happen if you will be able to see in the dark? Isn't it cool that having a special ability to see in the dark? But unfortunately, it is not possible for human beings. But we human beings have developed enough technology so that we can see in the dark also by using some special glasses. In this article, we will be talking about some best night vision camera apps you can use on your Android or iOS device.

These king of night vision goggles are used by military personals to operate the night missions. Also, we have developed drones that can see at night, basically, night vision cameras are mounted on those and also on the night vision goggles.

Let's put these things aside and talks about the night vision camera apps. There are many night vision camera apps for Android and iPhones available on the google play store and app store by which we can take good photos at night or dark.

We know that today's smartphone cameras are enough advanced and powerful that they don't need any kind of night vision camera application, but for some budget phones, these applications could be a good choice. I'm sure that most of you readers know about these type of camera applications which helps us to take photos in dark.

In this article, we have listed some best night vision camera applications for your android device and iPhone as well. These apps are tried and tested so we have a good experience with these. If you want to take photos at night then you must try these camera apps that work at the night for sure. So let's see the list

Most Downloaded Best Night Vision Camera Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

1 - Color Night Vision Camera Simulator and VR

This night vision camera app takes real pictures and shoots videos at low light intensity without any additional application to be installed on your phone.

This app digitally amplifies the slightest light beam reaching to the camera sensor of your smartphone to try to simulate the real night vision goggles functionality.

For better results, the application will need a little amount of light.

The main features of this application are

- Virtual reality (VR) mode
- Optimizes camera for low light conditions.
- Gain slider to control the digital amplification.
- Exposure compensation slider to manually adjust the brightness of the camera preview.
- Pitch level - shows the horizontal pitch level of the device.
- Angle cross-hair - show the angle of the device.
- Vertical compass - shows the geographic direction of the device when holding vertically.
- Horizontal compass - shows the geographic direction of the device when holding horizontally.
- Touch to focus at the desired location.
- Customized effect improves the color of the image.
- Color, green, red, and black&white filters.
- Silent mode - shutter on/off.
- Zoom control
- Flash options depending on your device (On, off, auto, red-eye, torch)
- Automatic brightness adjustment, works on normal light as well.
- Front, rear camera
- The last image captured display - click to open gallery

Available for - Android

2 - NightCap Camera

This is another best mobile night vision camera application that can take photos with long exposure in very low light. You can take photos at night very easily and clearly. A night vision camera app can't improve the quality too much because it depends on the camera sensor of your phone also. The better the sensor of your phone the perfect and clearer picture it can take.

The main highlight and feature of this application are that you can combine the slow-motion shutter speed with the slow-motion shooting of the videos.

The nightcap camera app also comes with astrophotography mode by using this mode you can take some awesome shots in the sky at night. I personally have used this application and the performance was impressive.

Available for - iOS

3 - Night Vision Light

Night vision is a night vision camera app developed for both android and iOS platforms by the Vixen company. When you open the application it will turn your smartphone screen into red to observation at night. This app helps you to get the best class view at night/dark without using any light source.

The red light can be adjusted(brightness of the red light). You can set settings according to you and save them for your next use. This application is free and easy to use. 

Available for - Android and iOS

4 - Night Camera Photo and Video

This application takes real videos and photos in very low light without any additional plugin or application. The application utilizes all your hardware and camera software to produce the best possible picture clicked at the night.

The app works smoothly without any lag or delay in capturing the shots. You can also change the sensitivity of the camera to achieve the best possible results for your photos and videos.

The application supports 8x zoom but we recommend taking shots closely without zooming in to prevent photos and videos from becoming noisy.

The main features of this application are

* Auto timer selection
* Amplifier picker
* Thermal effect
* Green amplification mode
* HD video recording and playback
* Front and the rear camera toggle
* Led light
* Photo video mode
* 8x digital zoom
* Built-In library
* Photo video slider
* Photo and video sharing

Available for - Android

5 - Night Vision Camera Joke

night vision camera joke phone app

It is a fun night vision app that is developed for entertainment purposes only. It is basically a night vision game application or simulator which can be used to see anything at night through the camera of the smartphone.

You can easily make fun of your friends and others by using this prank application on the streets at night or anywhere in the dark.

Available for - Android and iOS

6 - illumes

It is also a night vision camera app for android which provides you the option for capturing high-quality photos and recording videos in dark. The cartoon picture maker feature is also available in this app.

4 color options are there to capture photos and record videos - red, green, blue and warn or you can take natural pictures and videos. This app doesn't use your smartphone flashlight.

7 - Night Eyes Light

Night eyes are one of the best night vision camera apps for iOS. This app helps you to take high-quality pictures at night without using your flashlight in real-time. You can use both the cameras of your phone(back and front).

There are many color filter options available like - green, red, black and white, sepia, blue, etc. You can take photos in portrait and landscape mode with the zoom option.

Available for - iOS

8 - Night Vision Thermal Camera

It is one of the most popular thermal night vision apps for android and iOS. The app offers some features like night vision, thermal vision, and UV vision. It is not like a simple torch app that will use your flashlight and help you take photos at night, it is different from that.

This app can be very helpful for finding items at night or dark which we can’t see with our naked eyes. It is a flashlight torch in, augmented reality app. You can also enable a chromatic filter for thermal vision.

Available for - Android and iOS

9 - Night Vision Flashlight Thermo

night vision flashlight thermo app

Night vision flashlight is another amazing and useful night vision camera application that actually works. It is available for both Android and iOS. It allows you to change the brightness, color and adds extra effects to the photos you take. For better image capture the application uses the heat of the living things and tries to capture the best photo.

This app can be used as a simple flashlight app for basic usage like walking in streets or room at night.

Available for - iOS

10 - Night Vision

The best night vision app for Android and iOS is Night Vision. This application allows you to capture photos and videos in low light without using any external app. Different color options are available there like green, red, blue, etc.

The application comes with an inbuilt video and photo library for easy access. Zoom in and out option is also available there for better view.

11 - Night Mode Camera

It is a fast and simple night vision camera application to take bright photos and videos. Whether your phone's flesh is unable to capture the real beauty of the moon, the beauty of nature at the night, beautiful sea waves, etc then the Night mode camera app is ready to help you and capture the perfect photos and videos at night. The app supports low light photo/video recording you can also change the camera sensitivity to take the best possible shots. The app also supports 8x zoom for macro shots.

Available for - Android

12 - Night Visions Simulator

Night vision simulator is one of the best night vision camera apps for iOS that lets you take the best possible clear shots in the dark or not. The application comes with both free and paid versions. The paid version of the application comes with some extra features than the regular free version.

Available for - iOS


These best night vision camera apps for Android and iOS can be used for low-light photography. You will be able to capture amazing photos at night or dark. Download and use these apps and give feedback in the comment box.

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