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8 PPC Tips To Improve eCommerce Campaign Performance In AdWords

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ppc tips to improve your ad campaign

Some small but important changes can make a significant difference in your PPC campaign and the result. Google Adwords is one of the most effective and widely used ad platforms by advertisers to put their products and services in front of their potential customers through ad targeting. It is very easy to get started with Google AdWords because google AdWord provides you a dedicated ad campaign setup team that helps you to create your ad campaign for free. Only you have to tell your requirements to the staff and they will help you to set up your campaign or you can give access to them remotely so that in case you are not able to do the things they will do it for you.

Setting google ads is very easy nowadays, but creating an effective and lead generation ad campaign with Google AdWords is a challenging task.

Below in this article, we have discussed some 8 PPC tips to improve your eCommerce campaign performance in Google AdWords. These PPC tips will help you to generate quality leads and will also save your budget which you maybe waste in the wrong ad targeting. There are many other things you need to know about PPC marketing that will help you to understand PPC marketing properly.

PPC Tips to Improve Your eCommerce Campaign Performance in AdWords

Wanna improve your eCommerce ad campaign then you must consider some PPC tips which are given below in this article to improve your eCommerce campaign and increase leads for you or your clients.

Essential PPC Tips to Boost your e-commerce Website and its Revenue

1 - Always Test a New Ad Copy - AB Split Testing

A/B split testing is a controlled experiment to test your ads. You can create 2 or more ad copies and see which one is performing better and use that ad copy for your final campaign. Create your ads with different meta descriptions i.e. one ad copy can have text describing the unique features and abilities of your product - like its unique selling features, special deals, etc. In your campaign settings make sure that your ads are running with the "rotate indefinitely" option is selected. It is also very important to give the ads some time to run and then you can see the performance of the ads. More the time you will give to your ads to run them better and deep data you at a result you will create a successful PPC campaign. At least you should give 20 days to 1 month to your ads experiment. If the ads are getting low CTR you can pause them. You never only had one ad unit running in an ad group set up multiple ads in an ad group. Marketing is all about testing, experimenting collecting the data, and implementing that data for successful marketing campaigns.

2 - Use effective device targeting

The world is moving in the direction of movement. Ads must be displayed accordingly for each selected device. A few years ago, Google introduced advanced campaigning capabilities and enabled businesses to target consumers to specific devices. The following auction strategy and campaign structure must be changed.

There are many strategies that you should keep in mind when locating your device.

Creating cell phone ads: Ads on different screens may look different. AdWords can prioritize certain ads as mobile ads by choosing your device settings. This is a great way to customize your content and CTAs.

Calls Only - Users will only be shown to make calls instead of being redirected to the login page.

Cell Phone Text: This option provides simple text-only ads for cell phone screens. These are similar to text ads that appear on your desktop but can reduce the number of ads per page on mobile devices.

One of the most important things to remember is that if you are directing a user to a landing page, it has to be mobile. According to a recent study, 42% of users never convert from a poorly designed website. If your phone side isn't looking great, then you're good to go.

3 - Use the AdWords Editor

adwords editor

AdWords Editor is a simple easy to use and ree downloadable application provided by Google to make changes to your ads offline. The major advantage of using the AdWords editor is that this tool allows you to make more changes easier and faster. You can edit in bulk by selecting the "making multiple changes" option, add different keywords and ad groups which you directly can import from excel, add negative keywords list, undo and redo options are also there, geo and location targeting, create ad copy and many more. There are lots of useful features in the AdWords editor that will make your work easy and fast to set up your ad campaign on Google AdWords. You can transfer your work from the AdWords editor to your Google AdWords account.

4 - Apply the app change

This concept is pretty easy to understand. You can use the bid settings to change the number of times your ad appears; B. where, when, and how users browse the website. If you know the market, you can change the bid percentage.

For example, if most of your customers search by mobile phone, you can improve your offering for consumers who search by mobile phone.

While this task is simple, it is very important to tailor your market mix well. Read the report carefully to make an effective decision. The main goal is to find the places with the highest conversion rates. Then adjust the movements accordingly. You can optimize your PPC costs over time.

5 - Optimize your bids and get the best ad placement

Always make sure to optimize your bids and targeted ads during your PPC campaigns. This success can take time and careful attention. Paying attention to your performance analysis becomes a daily business trying to find the best way to advance every dollar.

Make sure you stick to the main goals of your previous campaign. Remember, this is not a strategy for a successful auction for everyone.

After you've chosen the best ad targeting model, there are two ways you can optimize your bids.

Manual - The easiest way to manage your auctions. Here you can add or remove an offer based on an "if" or "then" logic (Boolean) to achieve a specific conversion goal or click on a redirect. Using more keywords can make this strategy more difficult.

Algorithm - Combines more sophisticated control and automation elements. Given the current market situation, this is the first option. You need to include all of the basics you use in manual optimization and certain business elements like budget requirements, constraints, long-term/short-term goals, and the like.

This course is an endless part of your PPC work.

6 - Use a single keyword ad group

As expected, a single keyword ad group is a single keyword ad group. Maybe you already have good keywords in your group. Google recommends using 10-20. The difficulty with this is to make a good ad that relates to everyone. If you struggle it can affect your quality.

One word can generate an ad for a keyword ad group. You don't have to go to great lengths to create dark ads that need to be applied to a lot of such keywords.

7 - Use DKI to increase your click-through rate

Dynamic keyword input (DKI) is a great way to increase your click-through rate (CTR).

For a better understanding, DKI reports that the advertising team has many keywords: leather jackets, winter clothing, black jackets, wool jackets, and the like. Ad text, the DKI code is: Buy> {keyword: bed}. When a user searches for "black wool coat", the word is replaced, and "buy wool coat" appears in the display. Because of this, ads are more likely to relate to search terms.

This is a great strategy to increase results and help people find what they need. Make sure you don't skip a lot of keywords without entering them.

8 - Follow and Analyze the Structure of Your Client's Website

This is the best strategy to keep your AdWords account organized and easy to follow for you and your client also. Your campaign should be created similarly to how you navigate through your client product or service page from the home page of the website.

i.e. eCommerce websites often have tabs that lead to different pages on the website which has the list of the products which are being sold by your client on their website. In the same way, campaigns should be organized in a systematic way as you go from campaigns to ad groups and ultimately to the targeted keywords.f

9 - Show with options on the screen

The main function of on-screen advertising options is to provide consumers with detailed information about their business so that they can make informed decisions. This can usually increase the click rate. The extension includes a phone number, address, and a link to the landing page.

This extension enhances your ads and ensures better visibility in the SERPs. This setting is usually a manual process. However, AdWords may automatically display options for ads if it automatically determines that it is working properly.

10 - Make a list of negative keywords

Negative keywords tell search engines not to show ads for certain terms. That way, you can decide what type of search ad you want to trigger. So make sure to target the right keywords and give enough time for your keyword research.

For example: if you suddenly sell high-quality wooden furniture, a lot of research could produce unwanted results. Old, vacant, renovated, etc. for commercial purposes often have no meaning. For this reason, we recommend adding it to your negative keywords list.

There are many advantages to this strategy. On the one hand, the customers who interest you most can help point you in the right direction. Second, you can eliminate disjointed traffic and save money and money in the long run. Third, if you are doing multiple PPC activities at the same time, using negative keywords will prevent you from offering cross-advertising.

11 - Keep experimenting

Big data is fast becoming one of the most valuable resources in the world. This enables companies to make more specific and informed decisions. With so much information available, the trick is to find the right metrics and gather information to improve performance in the future.

When you look at all forms of digital marketing you need to look at it as a strategically evolving entity. New trends and consumer preferences emerge and die every hour. The best way to move around in an ever-changing environment is to move and live life. When it comes to PPC, don't be afraid to take risks. creative thinking. Of course, some of your attempts will fail. But you also learn who works and who works. We use our previous experience and results as a basis for our next plan of attack. You won't find anything completely revolutionary!

12 - SetUp Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is the best way to generate leads. Remarketing allows you to target your part buyers or visitors to your website with ads. For eCommerce websites, it is a very good idea to create a display ad campaign using an image ad to show up on Google AdSense partner sites and blogs to target the previous buyers or converters on your website. Remarketing will help you to increase the frequency of recurring sales.

About the Author: Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping clients with international recruiting, staffing, HR services, and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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