15 Best Free Safe ROM Downloading Sites of 2021(100% Safe and Secure)

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When I was a kid I love to play 90s games like Mario, Duck hunter, Contra, etc. And I still miss those games a lot. Today we have modern and better-looking games in terms of graphics, performance, and features. But we can't forget those classic games. If you want to play those games then you will have to download their ROM files. In this article, we have listed some best sites to download ROM files safely. All the ROM files you will download from any of these reputed ROM downloading sites will be 100% safe and secure. So don't worry download your favorite game ROM file and enjoy the game.

Are you a gamer? If yes then most probably you would be looking for the best safe ROM downloading sites. I'm also a gamer and tech enthusiast and I understand very well that how difficult it becomes when your ROM or emulator doesn't respond properly and you can't enjoy your favorite games. IN the 90s and 80s days some PC games were very popular new generation can't imagine the excitement of those games if you are one of them who have seen the 90s era you would like to play those games again. That's why we have listed some best safe ROM sites in this article from where you can download ROM files safely and enjoy the games.

For a game to function properly on an emulator you will need to find a perfect ROM for it. There are many ROM sites but not all are safe to download ROM there may be malicious codes and viruses in the code of the ROM. But don't worry in this guide we will be talking about some safe ROM sites from where you can safely download ROMs but make sure that you have a high-performance motherboard for a smooth gaming experience.

The Definitive Guide to Downloading ROMs safely

We download plenty of content from the internet like music files, video files, documents, etc but it could be very risky because the files could have malicious codes and may infect our system and can steal our data. So always be cautious while downloading anything from the internet. Don't visit unsecured websites or untrusted websites. There are some common criteria by which you can analyze a trusted and reputed website. So consider the following points before downloading anything from the web.

1 - Never go with the website or blogs that promote software downloading content. Such type of software is infected with malicious codes and they can harm your system and steal your data remotely.

2 - Don't click on a downloadable link that shows the .exe file type that may contain malicious software.

3 - Mostly the ROM files which you will download will be in the .zip format.

So let's see some best safe ROM sites from where you can download ROM safely. Here are the best safe ROM sites.

List of Best Free Safe ROM Downloading Websites in 2021

1 - FreeRoms

free roms

Free Roms is one of the most popular and safe ROM downloading websites from where you can download ROM safely for different emulators. But this website provides ROMs only for limited consoles. You can download some emulators like PSP emulator for windows computers and JPCSP emulator for MAC. There are more than 3000 + ROM files you can download from freeroms.com website.

The website may contain some ads like popup ads which may spoil your user experience but it's ok. You will get quick access to the amazing collection of ROM files. You can also give ratings to the ROMs as per your experience with them that will help other users to choose the best safe ROM from the collection by seeing the rating.

Visit site: freeroms.com

2 - NicoBlog

If you want ROM sets for consoles like GBS, NES, Atari, Sega, and others then you must check out the NICOBLOG and you will get all the supported ROM files for your gaming console there. You will get direct download links of the ROM files from the reputed websites like Mediafire.com, Mega, etc.

This blog only offers the download links of the ROMs but doesn't host the content by itself. But overall experience with this ROM site is good it is the perfect ROM site for classic ROM lovers.

You can download full ROMs for console type in zip format and then you can extract it and use it. The website hosts ROMs for PS Vita, PS3, Wii, etc which are very rare consoles but you will get the ROM for these consoles very easily on NICOBLOG. You will also find tutorial articles on running the games on various systems very successfully.

Note: This site has been shut down

3 - Gamulator

Most probably you heard about this site it is the most popular ROM downloading site in the games. This website contains a huge list of ROMs with their updated versions. It has a huge list of games as well as Emulators. If you are a game lover then you will find some interesting games and emulators.

The website is safe and you will get ads free experience and access it with your PC or smartphone.

Visit site: gamulator.com

4 - ROM Hustler

ROM hustler is another best ROM site out there. The UI of this website is so simple and easy to use with minimal advertisements. The best feature of this portal is that it is able to bring any ROM, game, or console that you type. You will find all the games and their ROMs very easily simply by searching on the search bar of the website.

The ROMs are safe to download from this website but one problem is there: the website has not been updated for the last few years so no new ROM files are added to this website. This is the only drawback of this site that you will not get new ROMs.

Visit site: romhustler.org

5 - Dope Roms

If you are looking for ROMs and Emulators for your Android, iPhone, or tablet then you should visit this website. DopeRoms are dedicated to bringing you ROMs and Emulators for all Android, iPhone, and tablet devices and PC as well. Users will get ads free experience while visiting the website.

DopeRoms website has hundreds of ROM files and emulators collection which are available for free with direct download link no advertisements. You will find ROM files for NES, GBA, MAME, mame4all, mame4ios, Nintendo, Atari, etc. You will find ROMs and Emulators for over 420 different video games and computers.

Visit site: doperoms.eu

6 - CoolRom

If you are looking for a PC, Smartphone or tablet then no need to go anywhere coolroms is one of the best free ROM and emulator sites you will get all game-related materials on this website. Cool ROM brings you all the Emulators and ROM files that are available for free to download as well as are safe. The website is free from advertisements that enhance the user experience. If you have any problems then you can also chat in their community form.

You will find ROMs for NES, SNES, GBS, Sega, MAME, mame4all, mame4ios, atari, SNK, and other 400+ systems. The site also provides emulators needed to run the ROM files on MAC, Windows, iOS devices, and Android.

Visit site: coolrom.eu

7 - Mame4Droid

It is one of the best websites to download ROMs for Android and iOS. The site has a huge collection of MAME ROMs for android and iPhones with different versions you can check as per your device compatibility.

A huge collection of MAME emulators like MAME4Drpid and MAME4Droid Reloaded are available you can download other emulators from the portal. The clean ads-free user experience will really impress you. ROM files are available for NES, SNES, GBA, Sega, MAME, mame4all, mame4ios as well as Atari, SNK, Commodore, and other 400+ different systems. The website updates the ROMs and Emulators timely so that you will get the latest version all the time which is a good thing.

Visit site: mame4droid.com

8 - Emulator Zone

Emulator Zone is another best website to download emulators for your Android smartphone or tablet. This is a top-rated emulator downloading site and it has a huge collection of emulators with different versions which are compatible with your device. Download emulator for Windows, MAC, iPhones, and Android devices for free from emulator zone.

Emulators like Mame4droid and Mame4droid reloaded available there with other popular emulators - NES, SNES, Sega, etc, all are designed to work on Android devices, MAC, Windows, and iOS. The website is free from ads and you will get direct download links to ROMs and emulator files.

Visit site: emulator-zone.com

9 - PortalRoms

Finding the right ROM for your device could be a time-consuming process plus the concern of the safe ROM file. Don't worry PortalRoms is a safe and reputed website to download ROMs safely. The website hosts a very huge collection of ROM files over 10K which is a very big number. So you can imagine how popular this ROM site is. The website is available in 3 different languages.

The user interface is clean but you could see some kind of advertisements on the website which is not a big deal because the website owner should earn some money from their website. So it is common to see advertisements on a website or blog.

But you can download any ROM file from this website for free and safely.

Visit site: portalroms.cc

10 - Emulator.Games

It is another reputed best and safe site to download ROMs for your PC, Mobile, iOS, Android, and MAC devices for free. Download any emulator games and free ROMs fast and securely from emulator.games and enjoy the games. You can play games directly online on your web browser or download them.

It provides different video game ROMs and you can play on your devices as well as online. Start playing your favorite games on the consoles like Nintendo and Sony gaming consoles like - SNES, NES, GBC, N64, PSP, PS2, PSX, WLL, GBA, and Gameboy ROMs as well. You can also download ROMs for other game emulators such as SEGA, XBOX, ATARI, DREAMCAST, and MAME. Download your favorite one and enjoy.

Visit site: emulator.games

11 - Romsie

Romsie is another best portal ROM site from where you can download any gaming system ROM file. Romsie is the best alternative website of Portalroms.com and the website gets regular updates. On this ROM site, you will get all the types of Retro ROMs for a wide range of gaming consoles and systems like - Super Mario, Pokemon, Vegas stakes, Gamecube, and many other awesome games. You must visit this site once and download your favorite game.

Visit site: romsie.com

12 - Roms-Download

Roms-download is another best free and safe ROM downloading website from where you can download the top 100 most popular games ROMs and other games and emulators as well.

The user interface of the website is so clean and easy to navigate you will find the list of top 100 games on the home page of the website and popular consoles on the left-hand side of the website home page you can easily download any game or console for your device. If you are unable to find the specific one you wanna download then you can search for that particular in the search bar of the website in the header section of the website.

Visit site: roms-download.com

13 - Romsdownload.net

Searching for the ROM file of your favorite game then your searches end here. You will find all your favorite game ROMs for Android, MAC and Windows very easily simply search for the ROM name in the search bar of the website and you will get that file within seconds. You will get all the emulators related to different consoles here. All the console ROM files are listed on the home page of the website you can simply download them by clicking on them. So what are you waiting for download your favorite games and console ROMs now?

Visit site: romsdownload.net

14 - Old Computer Roms

old computer roms website

This is another best safe ROM site of 2021 as the name of the website says all the things that this ROM site provides all the old computer game ROM files. This site has a huge database of ROMs you can download any old computer ROMs from this website. You can search for the ROM files by typing the name of the specific ROM in the search bar of the website.

Visit site: theoldcomputer.com

15 - Custom Roms

custom roms

Custom-roms.com is a popular ROM downloading site you can download any ROM file and games from this website for free. Play ROM video games on your PC, MAC, Android and iOS devices. You will find all the popular games on the home page of the website like Pokemon fire red, Pokemon emerald version, Super Mario World, Mario kart, etc. You will find blog articles related to gaming. You will find all the emulators and ROM files. Download ROM files and emulators for free.

Visit site: custom-roms.com

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