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12 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons for Free

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Want to watch cartoons for free? If yes then here we have listed some best websites to watch cartoons. These cartoon streaming websites allow you to watch cartoons for free and offer hundreds of different cartoons shows. When I was a Kid I love to watch cartoons all day. But the era has been changed a lot. At that time we kids don't leave the TV still our parents don't force us to do study and switch off the TV. But nowadays Smart TVs has been introduced and the penetration of the internet has been increased so kids can watch cartoons for free on them by connecting the TV to the internet.

watch cartoons for free websites

But I can't explain the excitement and pleasure of my 90s days when I was a kid. The excitement to watch my favourite cartoon shows on those days I can't explain my feeling. At that time the only way to watch cartoons was on TV but now you can watch on Youtube and there are many cartoons streaming websites of every TV channel because of digitalization so you can also watch cartoons for free on those websites. Like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney these are the big players in the cartoon industry and they have their own websites that provide online cartoon streaming for free.

Hello kids, what's up? Wanna see cartoons for free? So here in this article, I'm going to show you some cartoon streaming websites where you can watch your favourite cartoons for free.

Sometimes my parents don't allow me to watch tv because they also watch their favourite TV shows or mostly the news. But I personally don't see the news. Sometimes it is good to see news to be updated about what's happening in the rest of the world. But when I get bored or tired from my study I always like to see my favourite cartoons but you all kids know our parents. So we can’t do anything if they are not allowed to watch TV for cartoons.

But today the time has changed because of the Internet availability to almost every kid and person. We can find all the information or videos just in a few clicks on our smartphone or PC.

So let's see our favourite websites to watch cartoons for free.

12 Best Free Websites to Watch Cartoons for Free

1 - Youtube

Today everyone knows about youtube, the world's 2nd largest search engine. A product of Google, which allows us to see any type of video content for free. We can watch anything no matter where we are. Only we need to have an internet connection and a device(computer or smartphone). Youtube is the biggest platform nowadays to promote your business with videos.

You can watch any of your favourite cartoons or cartoon movies for free. Just simply type your cartoon names or character names youtube will automatically show you all the cartoons videos related to that topic. Youtube also suggests other related cartoons on your sidebar.

Download your cartoon series for free and watch them later or add them to a custom playlist to find them easily.

Charges:  Free(you also can buy Youtube premium for more features)

2 - Cartoonito

If you are a parent or kid and searching for a cartoon streaming site, then this website can be lovable by your kids. On this site, your children will spend their time and they won't disturb you when you have some kind of work. They will be busy watching cartoons.

This website is also free. Your kids can watch educational and knowledgeable videos here for free. You can also check this cartoon site.

Charges: Free

3 - Nick

I'm sure all the kids are familiar with the name Nick if not I'm giving another hint Nickelodeon. Hope you got it and understand what channel I’m talking about. Nickelodeon is a cartoon channel and they also have a website on which you can watch your favourite cartoons for free. Only you need a good internet connection. Kids will definitely love it. 

My childhood memories are also connected with this channel. Now I'm 22 but I still love cartoons and watch them in my free time. I also understand their feelings.

Charges: Free(Premium membership also available)

Now watch a cartoon with online app Nickelodeon App on play store and apple store

4 - Anime Planet

Want to watch your favourite and most popular anime series? Then Anime planet is the perfect cartoon streaming site for you. You’ll find the best anime here for free. Search your favourite one by typing the character name. The UI of this site is very good and attractive. You can also create your own list of series(your favourite ones) and watch them in future. It is one of the popular websites to watch amine cartoons online for free.

Charges: Free

5 - FOX

Fox entertainment is one of the most popular channels out there. For your basic knowledge, FOX is a company that deals in film production etc. If you've ever watched TV, I'm sure you know about this channel that also broadcasts cartoons. The channel has introduced a series like Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons etc. You can find these series on the FOX website for free.

The latest cartoon episodes appear on this site immediately. The UI is cool and you will not face any problem with irritating popup ads.

Charges: Free

6 - Super Cartoons

Super cartoons as the name say all the things clearly. You will find all the Disney cartoons as well as Looney Tunes series here for free. The interface of this website is so simple even kids will be able to use it very easily. Search and find your favourite cartoons by just typing their character name Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Road Runner, Daffy Duck, Pink Panther, Goofy, Porky Pig, Tweety, Speedy Gonzales and many more. Visit super cartoons and watch your favourite cartoon today.

Charges: Free

7 - Vimeo

Vimeo is like Youtube which allows you to upload videos and watch them anytime. With Vimeo, you can create your own cartoon videos and upload them on the site so that others can also watch them. Watch, download and stream any cartoon on this site for free. Free and premium features both are available just like Youtube which gives you some extra features in the premium version. You will be glad to access such an awesome website for watching cartoons for free.

Charges: Free, Premium(with some extra features

8 - Hulu

Hulu is a legal cartoon watching site with a large variety of cartoon series you can enjoy. The quality of the videos is really so good. 

But there is a problem with this website - this website is not available in all the countries of the world. The availability of this website is in countries like the UK, US, India, France, Germany etc. But I have a trick for you to use VPN(a virtual private network) to access the site from any country.

Charges: Free

9 - Comedy Central

It is an animated cartoon and movie site. There is no option for registration and downloading the videos. But it is free to watch. It's enough. There are some popular cartoon series like Futurama, Ugly Americans, Drawn together, South park, Professional therapist etc. You can visit this site if you like to watch cartoon animated movies or cartoons.

Charges: Free

10 - Disney Video

This website is a perfect choice for those cartoon fans who like classic animation movies. There are such exciting shows like Zootropolis, The lion guard and others. You can watch your favourite Disney cartoon which is broadcasted on many other TV channels. The recommendation feature will show you all the other videos you will like to watch. Watch trailers and short clips of your favourite Disney movie or the upcoming ones. You also can play games on this cartoon website.

Chagres: Free

11 - Cartoon Network

Everyone knows about this channel if I say Ben 10 and Tom and Jerry all the people love these shows. Cartoon Network brings you the best and old cartoons with full-length episodes and movies also. You can play games also of your favourite series. I mostly play Ben 10 with his Omnitrix. You can watch all your old cartoons online for free. Men 10 was my favorite show at my childhood time

Charges: Free

12 - Watch Cartoon Online

This is another best free cartoon streaming website with lots of anime and cartoon shows. Here you will find all types of cartoons and animes like action, comedy, Biography, Adventure etc. You can find your favourite cartoon by typing the name of your favourite character or series name in the search box.

Charges: Free


If I have to choose the best cartoon sites from the above list my first preference will be Youtube then Cartoon network, Vimeo and Nickelodeon. These are my favourite ones and are popular all over the world in the cartoon Industry. The above cartoon streaming sites are all free and some of them also come with the premium membership having some extra premium features. 

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