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Top 11 Best Free Breeding Games for Android and iOS

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best free breeding games

Many of you who are reading this article would be pet lovers but in reality, they can't afford or bring pets to their homes because of personal reasons, or maybe your parents will not allow you to bring any pet at home. Or maybe you have less space at your home so that you can't bring pets at your home. Breeding games could be the option if you want to experience pets in the virtual world.

The reason can be anything but we always like to have a pet at our home. But don't worry there are many breeding games for android and iOS that empower you to take care of virtual pets. And you will learn how to take care of the pets when you will bring any pet to your home in the future. You will have experience of how to tackle them. You will find different kinds of virtual pets there like - butterflies, fishes, pond creatures, dragonflies, birds, and many more other pets. In the breeding game, you have to take care of the virtual pets.

In this article, we have listed some tried and tested breeding games for android and iOS you can download from the google play store and app store and play.

Here are the top 10 best breeding games for Android and iOS.

18 Free Breeding Games for Android and iPhones

1 - DragonVale

dragonvale dragon breeding game

Dragon Vale is a breeding game developed by Deca live Operations GmbH that permits players to breed dragons. Your main mission in this breeding game is that you have to create a colony of dragons by doing breeding the existing dragons you have. You will start the game with an egg of the dragon and watch your dragon come out and grow into a full-on beast. For now, we have more than 500 dragons breeds in the game you can pick any and each have their own ability. Fire dragons, earth dragons, wind dragons, and many others are there.

You can feed your virtual pet dragons, play with him, upgrade his abilities and take care of him if he/she gets sicks. When you take care of your pet dragon perfectly you get some points and you can spend those points on different things in the game. The game also offers various competitions with other players you can race with the other people's dragons and when you win the race you get eggs as a reward in your collection. More the races you win more the eggs you will have and you will have more pets.

Available for - Android and iOS

2 - Monster Legends

monster legends dragon breeding game

Monster Legends is another best breeding game for the people who love monsters developed by Social point. Breed and train the monsters in the game and create your own dragon empire. Challenge other monsters in the game and fight with them to show your dragon's special power and win over them. Build your own dragon city for your monsters. Collect different monsters and make your strategies to win over other players. It is a real-time multiplayer battle dragon breeding game. Challenge other monster masters in the real-time live duels. You can enjoy exclusive events like Wars and Marathons with other players by making a team. Build your own breeding mountain, farm, or habitats straight away. There are more than 900 monsters you can collect and the game receives new monsters every week.

Available for - Android and iOS

3 - ZooCraft Animal Park Tycoon Game

It is another best game for animal lovers. If you are an animal lover then this game could be the best play choice for you. You have to design your own zoo and put the different animals there and take care of them. The more creative you will be more unique your zoo will be. There is no limit to building the Zoo you have to think and design the zoo. Decore your zoo with trees and flowers to make it more environmentally friendly and attractive. Help cute animals, discover amazing new species in the laboratory, welcome visitors, and become a zoo tycoon. You can also visit your friends Zoo and take inspiration from their zoo and create your own like them.

Available for - Android and iOS

4 - Breeder

The breeder is a plant breeding game that is interesting and very entertaining. The game puts you in the position of the breeder that has to make a selection with a limited amount of resources. You can obtain the tallest plants with the right color? What cross should you make in the end? The engine of this game is so realistic genetic model with linkage and recombination, topped off with some random noise. This plant breeding game is so good to play you must give it a try. If you have any questions related to this plant breeding game then you can ask the experts using the contact form given on their official website. To download this plant breeding game visit the link below.

Download the Breeding Game

5 - Hamster Life

In this hamster breeding game, you will have to take care of a cute and adorable hamster. This game lets you raise your own pet's on a smartphone or iPad. Your mission in the game is that you have to make sure that they grow up happy while nurturing their personality trails like eating healthy food or playing with other fellow hamsters.

hamster life breeding game

You also have to protect your hamsters from other dangers like attacks from predators and getting lost too much outside so it is very important to keep your eye on the external threats to your hamsters. But you will see the guide on how to protect your hamsters from those attacks. You will be in charge of the food and water intake of hamsters at different levels and ensure that they have a great place to live with plenty of space for running around on their wheel all day long. Love and take of your little hamsters and you will get rewards at different levels.

Available for - Android and iOS

6 - Dog Hotel

Dog Hotel is a dog breeding game for Android and iPhone. The Dog Hotel game app invites you into an interactive way of doing some fun where you will have to manage the hotel where pubs will be there. You(as a player) will have full control to manage the hotel, design and decorate the rooms with different themes you will get in the app library. Some of the themes are Furr friends or doggie dreams.

You will be in charge of your doggy hotel. You can create your own custom atmosphere of the hotel with canine-friendly rooms, beautiful gardens, and lake and swimming pools for the dogs to splash around in. Pets will come to your Dog Hotel and you have to serve them the best services as they are your guest. Imagine as deep as you can and run your Dog hotel.

Available for - Android and iOS

7 - Flutter Butterfly Sanctuary

flutter butterfly sanctuary a butterfly breeding game

Flutter Butterfly is a butterfly breeding game for Android and iOS. Collect different types of butterflies and grow your own amazon rainforest in this butterfly breeding game. Flutter butterfly sanctuary game has more than 400 real-life butterfly and caterpillar species you can collect. Which is a huge number in terms of butterfly species. If you are the type of person who loves relaxing games, nature simulators, and calming sounds in a game then this is the perfect game for you. Flutter butterfly is one of the best antistress games for Android and iPhones. You will get different pleasing colored butterflies in the game. Players can collect endless varieties of brilliantly colored flora and fauna to attract new species.

Available for - Android and iOS

8 - Cat Simulator Online

Cat simulator as the name of the game suggests that it is a cat and kitten-based breeding game for Android and iOS. Live life with over more than 30 different cat breeds and explore the fantastic 3D environments and meet with other cats. This game will give you an all-new adventure RPG that will let you purring at every turn.

In this game, you will explore the wonderful world of a cat simulator online with one of your favorite cat breeds. This game is a multiplayer game you can make your own clans and fight with the enemies to protect your clan. Once you will start performing better new cats will get unlocked for you and you will have more fun and adventure. You can customize your cats and kittens by - nicknames, color, clothes, gender, etc. You will earn coins when you will level up in the game and then you can use those earned coins to unlock new breeds in the game. You must download and play this cat simulator game once.

Available for - Android and iOS

9 - Dog SIM

Dog SIM is a 3D virtual reality game with 6 different locations you and your characters in the game can explore. You can also create an adventure-loving, energetic and funny pack. This game is developed by Turbo Rocket games which is one of the innovative animal simulator game developers. You can create your own dog character and change its name, breed and other characteristics. You will have full control over your virtual dog and you can schedule their daily activities like morning walks etc.

This dog breeding game is a multiplayer game so that you can play with other players all around the world. This game also offers mini-games duels and clan battles.

Available for - Android and iOS

10 - Angus Black Book by Folio3

When it comes to the best breeding apps for Android Angus black book by folio is one of them you can download. The application is designed and developed by Folio 3 Animal care software company. It is the best assistant for cattlemen today. It also helps them to improve the productivity and profitability of their business.

Data storing is very simple and organized with Angus black book. You can record every important piece of data that will help you to improve the weaker areas of your business for profit. Some features of this app are detailed reporting, operation management, reminders, and managing your cattle farm without any stress.

Available for - Android

11 - WildCraft - Animal Sim Online 3D

This is one of the best 3D animal simulator games where you can explore nature as a wild animal and raise a family in the wildness in the Wildcraft game. It is one of the best RPG adventure games set in 3D you will definitely enjoy it. You will start your game journey with a wolf, fox, lynx, etc, and take your family on a new adventure. It is a multiplayer game and forms new animal families to protect your cubs from enemies. Unlock the new animal breeds and grow your animal family in the game.

Available for - Android

12 - Furry Paws

It is another best dog breeding game for dog lovers. Millions of dog lovers all over the world are playing this game if you are one of them then you must download this dog breeding game. The game contains more than 200 breeds of dogs you can choose from. Each kind of breed comes with its unique ability and strength and weakness. It is more than a typical dog breeding game that introduces you to 16 different sports for dogs. You will find different competitions in the game for your dogs more you participate in the competitions more you will learn about this breeding game. You can customize your dogs like names, colors, etc.

Visit site -

13 - Bulu Monster

The next app is the Bulu Monster and it is a game that permits you to grow a full monster on your smartphone in the game. You can grow your own monster in the game isn't sound cool. Bulu monster breeding game is developed by Sigma Game Limited for Android and iOS. This game is perfect for those people who have always dreamed to pet a magical and unique creature. It is not possible to have a pet monster in the real lift but yes you can have a pet monster in the game. The monster in the game looks like the Pokemons so you can imagine from where the developers took the inspiration to develop the game. In the game you have to find the monster and train then to fight against the other monsters. More the training you will provide to your monster character you will defeat others easily. You can also feed your monster in the game, play with him and give him medical help.

bulu monster - a dragon breeding game for android and ios

There are 150+ monster species in the game and you can pick any you like. All the monsters have their own abilities and specialties. The game has some kind of plot and it interesting than a regular Tamagotchi game because it has HD animation also. When you will give training to your monster and take care of him you get some points as a reward and you can spend those points on increasing your pet abilities and other stuff you can buy in the game.

This game can be played offline there is no need for the internet to play this game which is a good thing. If you live in an area where internet connectivity is slow then you can play this game without any problem there. You get a shop in the game from where you can purchase different items for your monster character in the game which is your pet.

Available for - Android and iOS

14 - Bird Land Paradise - Pet Shop Game, Play with Birds

Bird land paradise is the best bird caring simulator breeding game where you have to take care of the cute birds from the pet store. You will have different breeds of birds and you have to maintain and take care of them. If you are a bird lover then this game is perfect for you. This game is really a paradise of birds where you will find a variety of birds it is the best pet shop game for android any bird lover should download and play this amazing game.

In the game, you will collect the birds, feed them, and level up in the game. You can use the game coins to buy different pet birds in the game. Download this game and enjoy the pet shop game.

Available for - Android

15 - Dino Pets

Dino Pets is one of the best dragon breeding games for Android and iOS. This dragon breeding game allows players to combine totally 2 different species to create a new dragon breed. You can create more than 20 mythical creatures and discover more than 50 dinosaurs. This game lets you build your own Jurassic Park where you can breed different kinds of animals. In the game mission, you will need to help a human tribe rebuild a shelter for dinosaurs and their babies. You will see different dinosaurs like  T- rex etc. You will get plenty of breeding opportunities by combining two different species of dinosaurs to create bizarre breeds. There are 50 dinosaurs and 20 mythical creatures to create. You must try this dragon breeding game once.

16 - Pocket Frog

pocket frog breeding game

Pocket Frogs is a frog breeding game for iOS and Android where players can breed frogs and complete their frog collection with different breeds of frogs. You can also gift your bred frogs to your friends who also play this game and help them to complete their frog collection and vice versa. The paid version of the game is also available. For smooth and ads-free gameplay you can consider the paid version of the app. But if you are not a hard-core game love we don't recommend going with the paid versions of the games free versions will provide you almost the same experience. It is one of the oldest breeding games which was released on iTunes on the 15th of September 2010 as a freemium iOS game which was developed by Nimblebit. Currently, the game is available for both the platforms Android and iOS.

Available for - Android and iOS

17 - Dragon Mania Legends

dragon mania legends

Dragon Mania Legends is developed by the Game developing company Gameloft in the year 2015. This breeding game is available for almost all platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. This is a game of secret islands where hundreds of dragons live you have to make them friends and play with them. Collect different dragons and make them your friends and make your own dragon army in the game. Explore the island with your dragon friends. Create your own dragon city by breeding and training the dragons. Different species of dragons will have their own special power you have to train them and prepare for the battle with other players dragons in the game. The game is going to be full of adventures and thrill. Dragon Mania Legends is a dragon simulator game for the family. Build your own dragon city merge and collect different dragon breeds and collect different dragon pets. You must try this amazing dragon breeding game once. You can level up your dragons and expand your dragon collection.

Available for - Android and iOS

18 - Grow Animals

Wanna create your ideal pet? Make any pet you have ever dreamed of it could be a puppy, kitten, or whatever your favorite pet animal. You can create your own personal zoo in the game and decorate it. Grow animals is one of the best animal breeding games for Android.

Download Grow Animals for - Android


So these were the best free breeding games for android and iPhones you can download and enjoy. If you are a bird or pet lover then you must try these games. These games are so amazing to play each breeding game has its own features. Most of the breeding games listed above are dragon breeding games for android and ios you can download them for free and enjoy them on your android or ios device.

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