8 Crucial Tips to Improve Your Website Design in 2021

website designing planning is being done by a web developer and designer on a table top

In today's online business world every small and medium business owns a website or portfolio or blog. When a user lands on your website within few seconds the visitor determines what your company does? Users can easily navigate to your blog if they need some informational content. But what will happen if your website is not properly designed? The users will not be able to determine what services or products your company deals with. So always make sure to keep your website design simple and clean so that users can easily navigate to your services and other things.

If your website is not properly designed then you may lose many potential customers and revenue as well. It could be a time-consuming process and also hard to redesign your website and optimizing it.

A clean, attractive and easy to navigate, and fast-loading website is always loved by the search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Fast loading websites are rewarded by Google after their latest core update 2021 which is page experience update and fast loading websites are ranking high. So why not grab the opportunity and have more sales and revenue.

Here are some key points you and website designing tips to improve your ranking, brand value, company, or business exposure.

How to Improve My Website here are some Website Designing Tips

1 - Eliminate the destructions and reduce the friction

Firstly analyze your website properly especially the top-ranked and traffic pages on your website and find the elements that are distracting the users and spoiling their experience. Complex design and animations, overly long content, and large-size images are some examples.

Due to these elements, the speed of your web pages and overall website will be very low because these elements take your server resources a lot as compares to other text elements. To reduce the size of the image properly resize them according to the standard size of the blog post image and header image. Use CDN for image serving to save your server resources when the website loads.

2 - Reduce the Unwanted CSS and Java Script

JS files loads slower than the other language used in the development of a website. If possible always try to reduce the unwanted use of JavaScript and CSS. Keep the web pages clean, easy to navigate with less animations. More the animations you will use more the css and js you will have to use and as a result your website will become heavy and will load slower. Slow website will hard your rankings on Google and other search engines.

3 - Have a Proper Plan

Now you have analyzed your website properly and pinned the improvements your website needs. It's time to create a detailed plan how you will make those changes to improve your or your client website.

Start the planning by mapping your customer journey from the beginning when someone visits the website until they become your customer. As you do this think about the pages which they will be viewing, what content they are going to view and read and what offers you can show the visitors to convert them into customers. As your website grow this whole knowledge will help you who are your clients and how you can sell them.

4 - Add Social Proof

If you are an online shopper and shop like other people who go to amazon, flipkart etc most probably all of you will choose the product that will have a good rating of atleast 4. You will also read the reviews by the different customer about that product on the page and then you will decide to buy or not.

By reading the reviews we gain some kind of confidence that the product will be actually good and we buy it. The same tactics are used by businesses or companies to make up their product or services and to unify their websites. According to some studies that if potential buyers first see evocative case studies from the real world people who have effectively endeavored your product, then there are chances that 58% of people would like to purchse it.

But how your testimonial looks like visually for the visiters to gain their trust when they see your testimonials. if it makes sense to add a video clip or text then use it. But today video content is so popular so you must follow the trend of using video content with the visual and text content. Video testimonials gets the better rating and attracts the trust more than the text and visual content. But make sure to resize the videos in proper resolution according to the web designing rules.

5 - Implement call-to-action button

Once a visitor visits your website(home page, service page, blog page or product page) your pages needs to be guide type so that visitors can turn into the customer by reaching to your product or service page from your blog pages or home page. People are lazy nowadays so make your page easy to navigate.

Guide your customers in the right direction so they don't need to drive a long way to find what they are looking for. There are few ideas that can help you to enhance your website design. Column your navigation. Nagivation is the most important part and section of a website where you can put your call to action. You can link to your free guide or sale/ discount page.

Aim your website to get a lot of customers attraction, traffic and customers to visit your website back. If you designs and make your website convenient for the visitors to come back but not for the buying purpose then you will loose a lot or revenue and brand visibility.

6 - Use the proper stock images or custom made infographics

A image tells the whole story. Images are being used by the website owners from decades but the trend of media has been changed a lot in the recent few years. Infographics are popular than the images and are in trending like video content. If possible use infographics in stip by step guide like style or chart format so that visitors can understand the page just by having a look on the infographics.

Or you can also use images but make sure to use some unique images so that no one give you a copyright strike. So its better to find a perfect image online. You can find stock royality free images from some popular image sharing sites - Unsplash, Pixabay, Pilels etc. It is not possible to get the perfect image from these websites but if you have some budget then you can also purchase the stock images for your or your client website from iStockphotos etc.

7 - Properly Organized Navigation

designing of a proper navigation bar strategy making

Website navigation is an important and most used part of a website in terms of user point of view. User interacts with a web page and to reach to the other
pages of a particular website he/she use navigation bar. So it becomes very important for a web designer to create a properly organized navigation bar.
 Don't make it complex to navigate and search for the other pages of the website keep it clean. Use user friendly color for the navigation bar of the website. If users face any problem with finding the service pages or any other page of your website then there are high chances that they will left the website and you will lose the potential customer. As a result you will lose revenue. So design your nagivation bar properly with less complexities.

8 - Use Easy to read Fonts

When it comes to the real interaction the fonts plays an very important role in web designing. Always use clean, professional and easy to read fonts for your text on a website or blog. If visitors will face any problem with the fonts regarding hard to read then they will pogostick the website and visit another website. If this thing is repeated by hundreds of users regularly then Google will push down your website ranking because according to the logic users are not interacting with your website properly and they are bouncing back to another website. As a result your ranking will go down and your competitor/ client's competitor will rank higher and will get more sales.

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