7 Best Male to Female Voice Changers Online in 2021

Sound like a girl with the best male-to-female voice changer applications available for both android, iOS, Windows, and MAC devices. There are plenty of voice-changing apps out there that lets you convert a male voice into a female. Isn't it good to sound like a girl by using some girl voice changer apps? In this article, we will cover some best male to female voice changer applications for MAC and Windows. Use these voice changer software for your audio dubbing and editing projects. Or you can have some fun with your friends by making a prank call with them and sound like a girl on a phone call.

Top 7 Best Male to Female Voice Changers Online

Male to female voice changers are available with free and paid versions. Paid version will provide you some more features and functionality. So let's start the list:

1 - Morph VOX Pro

Morph VOX is a popular male-to-female voice changer software for PC you must download to use in your dubbing projects. This software is available for both Windows and MAC. With this app, you will be able to change your voice in real-time. The free version of this app will allow you to switch between 3 voices only that are male, female, and child. But if you purchase the paid version of the app you get more features and opportunities. With the paid version of MorphVOX, you get full access to the female to male voice changer settings.

morphvox pro

How to use MorphVOX Pro voice changer -

1 - Firstly download the software from their official website and install - run the software on your computer.
2 - You will see several dialogue boxes and you will have to select record voice.
3 - After selecting that MorphVOX will morph your voice into their in-built voices.
4 - You will see the options male to female voice changer in the list of pre-given voices.
5 - Now click on Woman to hear your voice turn into a woman's. That's it.

2 - Clownfish

Clownfish is another best application that allows you to change your voice across different media platforms like Skype, Viber, Discord, and TeamSpeak in real-time. You have the option to choose from the vast range of pre-made voices like - Baby, Clone, Robot, Pitch, Atari, etc. You can use the simple male-to-female voice changer feature of the Clownfish app. Clownfish is a free-to-use application but it is only compatible with Windows currently.

clownfish voice changer software

How to use Clownfish -

1 - Download the Clownfish app on your PC and install the app on your Windows PC.
2 - After launching the app in the main window you will find the built-in sounds to choose from. You can choose a female pitch from there to change from male to female voice.
3 - Right-click on the Clownfish icon which will appear on your Windows tray bar and choose Hear microphone to listen to the morphed voice.

3 - Voxal

Voxal is an excellent software to change your voice from male to female. If you are working on a project where you need dubbing of female voice then you must try this tool. You can also customize the pitch of your sound. The software is compatible with both MAC and Windows. If you want to use it for personal use then a free home version is available but in case you have a production house or for any other commercial purposes you will have to purchase the software.

voxal male to female voice changine application

How to use Voxal -

1 - Download the software and install it on your PC.
2 - Run the application you will immediately find a list of various build-in sounds.
3 - Select the woman effect from the list and now you can use this effect in any app seamlessly.
4 - Use the list to change the female to a male voice.

4 - Voice Mod

Voicemod is one of the best male to female voice changer software available out there in the market. This application allows you to customize the voice and add effects to it. This app is compatible with different games like Minecraft, Fortnite, etc. If you are a gamer and want to sound like a girl in the game then you must try this. Voicemod also offers you a live voice-changing feature for Skype, Zoom calls, Google meets, WhatsApp, etc. The only con/ disadvantage of this app is that it is only available for Windows for the time being. Hope MAC users will get it soon for their platforms.

voicemod realtime voice changer app

How to change voices with Voicemod app -

1 - Download the application for your Windows and make sure you have already set your microphone as your input device.
2 - Then you will find a toggle button at the bottom of the window as a voice changer. Now toggle it on.
3 - Now you will have the access to a whole collection of built-in voices from which you can choose any.

4 - After choosing a voice from the list you can hear a demo sound of that voice effect. Click on the Hear Myself button at the bottom of the Voicemod window to do that.

Visit website - voicemod.net

5 - VoiceMeeter

Another best voice changer software for Windows computers. It is like an Audio mixer but it can be used to increase or decrease the pitch of the voice. This tool is powered by a virtual audio device that is used as a virtual I/O to mix and manage the audio sources from or to any other audio device or application. For personal or single usage the application is free but for commercial use, you need to purchase the software. It is a unique app that is designed and developed for everyone willing to manage audio in a smart and professional way for VOIP(voice over IP) users, broadcasters, video gamers, musicians, DJs, podcasters, etc.

voice meeter by vb-audio an voice changer app

Visit website - vb-audio.com

6 - Lingo Jam

lingo jam male to female voice changer online

KlingoJam is a free-to-use online voice changer that can help you change your voice from male to female voice and vice versa. You don't have to download anything. Simply input your audio clip then adjust the voice settings like pitch, height, etc as per your requirements. As a result, you will get a voice changed audio file. If everything is ready click on the download button to save the audio file directly to your computer or smartphone. No registration is required to use LingoJam. LingoJam is a free and easy-to-use online tool to change male voice into female within seconds.

Visit website - lingojam.com/MaletoFemaleVoiceChanger

7 - Voice Spice

voice spice male to female voice changer online

Voice Spice is another best free voice recorder online tool that enables you to record your voice in man, woman, robot, hell demon, girls, kids, and others. Other than this it also allows you to change the text to speech in female or male voice automatically. You can choose from 15 different languages. Simply set your prefered language and gender, input your text in the blank area of the tool and click on the create message button to generate male or female voice speech. You must give a try to this amazing tool.

Visit website - voicespice.com

Bottom Line

So these were the best male to female voice changers you can give a try to turn your male voice into the female. These voice changer apps works fine and you will see a drastic change to your voice.

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