Apple MacBook Air With M1 Processor Now Available on Amazon for Rs. 78,990

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Apple MacBook Air With M1 Processor Now Available on Amazon for Rs. 78,990 at The Great Indian Festival Sale

Flipkart and Amazon both the big online shopping sites are currently offering different deals and discounts on a variety of products like tablets, PC, Gaming consoles, Laptops, Smart devices, and many more gadgets. If you were looking for a MacBook for a long time then it could be the right time to buy a MacBook with the best deal. Get the all-new MacBook with the latest powerful and advanced specifications. If you are looking for that then Amazon has a crazy deal for you. Get a powerful MacBook with the M1 processor at Rs. 78,990.

The base model of the Apple MacBook Air with octa-core and seven-core GPU with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage space is available at INR. 78,990 on Amazon during the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale. Similarly, the Apple MacBook Air with 8 core GPU and 8-core CPU with 8GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage is priced at INR. 1,02,990 which is not a bad deal. Apple products are premium and expensive but worthy.

Apple is transitioning its Mac lineup to ARM chipsets and the Apple MacBook Air is one of the 1st laptops which are powered by the Apple-made M1 processors. The processor is efficient when it is compared with the Intel processors that Apple uses before.

So it means the Apple MacBook Air M1 will stay new for at least 4 to 5 years as compared to the speed performance and latest technology. Apple will provide the software updates regularly when compared to the Apple MacBook with Intel CPU. In terms of performance, the Apple MacBook Air M1 might not be a good choice as the 16-inch or even 15-inch MacBook Pro. However, this laptop is meant for regular users who are looking for a laptop that can handle tasks like web surfing, taking notes, document editing or data entry, video and audio content consuming type general tasks. You could face some kind of heating issues on heavy usage of the laptop.

As we told before that Apple products are premium and too good in terms of features, securityand performance. So they are worthy to buy so at a price tag of Rs. 78,990 is a good deal to have an Apple MacBook Air M1. But there is also a drawback of the Apple MacBook Air M1 that you can't upgrade RAM and storage. But we think 512 GB is enough for general usage.

Maybe Apple is also expected to launch the next generation of Apple Silicon in the next few upcoming weeks. Which is likely to cut the pricing of the Apple MacBook Air. Overall it is the best deal on MacBook during Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. So grab this deal on these festivals.

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