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12 Best Funny Prank Call Ideas for When You are Really Bored

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funny prank calling ideas

Prank calls are one of the most popular and common fun types of activities we make with each other sometimes. Prank calls are generally executed by a group of friends with their known ones and single friends. Pranking random people or your friends is the best way to amuse yourself but it should be carried out properly so that your prank call doesn't make any harm to whom you are calling. So choose the right person who won't take you seriously and you don't get into trouble. There are many best prank-calling websites out there you can use to make free prank calls to your friend or others. Keeping all the things in mind we have created a list of the 8 best prank call ideas below. There are different call voice changer apps out there for Android and iOS you can use to make pranks on your friends and family by changing your voice. If done properly can help you in becoming a good yet safe prankster :). If you are a teenager then here are the best funny prank call ideas for teenagers.

12 Best Prank Call Ideas in 2021

Make a funny prank call to your friends, family, or others. Below are the best prank call ideas to have some fun.

1 - Dealing with Telemarketers

We regularly receive telemarketing calls and other types of sales calls. When a telemarketer calls you simply listen to them, then stop them. Tell them politely "Could you hand on a second, I think there is somebody at my door". And set the phone down and pretend to answer the door. Pick the call again and say to them what you are doing tonight and have some fun with them by loose talk. Another idea is you can all a place like Nintendo and ask them how to fix the problem with your Wifi network then stop the representative midsentence and start your prank. This is one of the good prank call ideas.

2 - Order Food that the Outlet doesn't serve

Food delivery outlets are some of the best places to make prank calls. Simply call any food outlet and order something totally different and unique. Order your food online from some food delivery apps and make pranks related to money that you don't have money whatever. For example, call Krispy Kreme Donuts and ask them if they can send you a burger which they don't serve. Similarly, you can order a pizza also. A joke like this will not hurt anyone because it is a normal funny prank. To do this funny prank call a pizza shop like PizzaHut, Dominos, etc, and give a detailed order of a pizza available in the Pizza Hut. When they reply saying that they don't sell such a pizza reply to them by simply saying oops. Isn't it a good prank-calling idea that never hurt anyone?

3 - Cleaning Alert

An office and a new but boring place could be the best place to make funny prank calls. Call an office and tell them that you are calling on the behalf of a phone cleaning company. Tell the office representatives that your company will be doing a phone line blowup to clean the dirt in phone lines which affect voice clarity and we will improve your voice quality.

Warn them that you will be sending 400Volts of electricity to clean up the phone line so they don't use the phone for the next 3 to 4 hours. They all will be in running out from their office after listening to your prank. So make some fun by doing this funny call.

4 - Scorned Lover Teenager Prank Call Idea

You can make this prank call with your friend by calling them and say that you love them and miss them so much. You like them from school time or college time whatever you can say. When they will ask you who are you, simply appear upset and ask how many people call to tell them that they love them. After that, they will be most likely be super confused. But continue to play along as if you are upset. One bonus point for you is if you can make a fake cry then do it for a more realistic feeling. The other person will either try to console you or just hang up.

5 - You Called Me Prank Call

This is one of the most common and frequently used prank-calling ideas. Just call your friend and ask who you are speaking to? When they will respond or ask who is calling since you are the one who called them. Act so confused and say they are the one that called you totally madness idea. See how long you can keep that call going before hanging up. Try to hold the call for as long as possible.

6 - You own a Haunted House Prank Call Idea

Try this prank call idea on someone you know very well and who you are sure won't take your talk seriously. And he or she will not get disturbed with this prank call. Call the person and tell him/her that you are the previous owner of the house and that you need to tell something important to them about the house. Then start talking in a serious and low voice that they need to listen to you very carefully. Now tell them that a few years ago someone died in that house and their soul haunts the home. Their soul lives in that house and appears at night mostly. Try to sound really convincing so that they can trust you. But if you see your prank is causing the other person distress to stop the prank and make sure you let them know that it was just a prank. So that they can get relief.

7 - It's been so long Prank Call

Suppose you find a random number and name of that person and make him/ her a prank call. If you can do this then call the number and start going off about how you got their number and name and wanted to call to see how they are doing. Talk very politely so that the other side person doesn't get angry at you in the starting. Maybe if she is a girl then she might be your next girlfriend. Tell them that you want to catch up soon and see they are doing well not. Tell them you want to meet them and see if you can get them to play along. If they ask you questions trying to figure out who you are and how you look. It is another best prank calling idea which is commonly used by pranksters.

8 - Trapped in the Subway

To do this prank you will have to find the number of a Subway restaurant located in a city. Subway is the place that sells sandwiches. You will then call them and ask if they are really the Subway. Let them know that you are trapped in a train bogie and were wondering if they can help you. When they say No which they most probably will say for sure. Say they should help you because they are the Subway.

9 - You Have Won the Tickets

After doing this prank your friend or the person to whom you are making the prank call might get mad at you. So be prepared for that mad reaction of your friend. You will have to be very serious about convincing your friend that he or she has won the tickets. Make sure to call them by their real name not by the nickname to make the prank call more real. They let your friend that they have won the tickets. The tickets could be of anything - movie, amusement park, free meal at a restaurant, free shopping vouchers, etc. But to receive the tickets they have to answer some questions correctly. Ask the question "If a cow laughed real hard, Would mike come out of her nose?".

When your friend responds let them know they got the wrong answer and unfortunately didn't win the tickets. Isn't it a funny idea to make a prank call? It is another best prank-calling idea.

10 - Is Mister Wall there? How About Misses Wall?

It is another really funny prank call idea and for a second I thought that it would be a stupid idea but this was a really good prank. You call a random person and say that it's over now and start talking about your wedding. I tried it and laugh aloud.

11 - No Toilet Paper

Big restaurants and companies are always an easy target to prank calls. Swanky restaurants offer impeccable customers service. This prank call idea involves calling a restaurant in your local city or other than that and asking for the manager on the phone line. The restaurant employee will ask you the purpose of the call and if you are expecting someone.

After they have completed their question to you, tell them that "You are stuck in their restaurant toilet and there is no toilet paper available". I can't come out without it please help me. The prank will turn into reality and more fun when they will be running towards the washroom to check if you are there.

12 - Telephone Service

This prank call is a good prank call idea if you wish to annoy a buddy. Call your buddy and make him/her believe that you are an engineer in any telephone service company. State that there are some issues in her/him phone line and you want to test the voice quality. Choose a couple of silly phrases making your victim repeat exactly the same words and lines for voice testing. Say I love you and she will reply I love you and have some fun.

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