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Why Flutter is Best for Mobile App Development in 2022

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reasons why to use fultter for mobile app development

Would I Think Flutter is the Future of Mobile App Development?

There is no doubt that technologies have drawn a significant impact on us. Get back to the 1990s and compare that era with the present; you can see where we as humans are standing in this world. Every technology comes with its specific pros and specialties to stand out from other technologies. Mobile (Android and iOS) app developers like to build software using the best and effective technology. Therefore, Flutter stepped out and changed the development game. Below we will be discussing some points and will find why and how flutter is best for mobile app development.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a software development kit (SDK) consisting of ready-to-use and customizable widgets. This technology comprises multiple accessories like tools and free and open-source libraries used to develop exquisite software, be it your app for mobile, web, or desktop on different platforms from a single codebase. It permits app developers to craft mobile apps with a native-like look experience and look.

How can Flutter take a Win in the Future?

Flutter is better than other technologies as the world's most famous tech giant Google has its back. Google launched this framework for open-source web development in 2017, and it is blessed with Google's powerful SDK.

Many of London's smart app developers like to develop on Flutter as it offers a fast and easy mobile app development process. So let's see what makes Flutter different from others?

Hot reload feature and how it works?

This Flutter feature helps you fast-develop user interfaces, allows you to add more features, and fix bugs efficiently. Hot reload works when updated source code files get inject into the Dart Virtual Machine (VM). Then VM updates classes with new versions of updated fields and functions. Once this gets done, Flutter rebuilds the widget tree, which shows the updated effects in the software within a short time. This feature helps exceptionally developers build the software fast with unlimited editing in the software's source code.

Flutter Performs Exceptional!

It is its best performance that lets it stand out among the competitors. Flutter utilizes Dart programming that helps developers in ensuring that the cross-platform app development will be seamless. I hear you asked

why flutter for mobile app development

What is Dart?

Dart is a language that uses static type checking to ensure that a variable's static type always matches the variable's value. It offers a flexible typing system that permits you to use dynamic type combined with runtime checks. Learn more about Dart here.

On the other hand, app developers use Flutter. It makes it easy for developers to build hybrid app architecture without facing issues and reuse code with each architecture implementation. Telling that, flutter helps app developers to build more stable applications. Due to these various reasons, Flutter is prominent and performs better compared to other technologies.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development 

Flutter is popular for cross-platform app development, so when it comes to cross-platform app development, modern and smart app developers' choice is Flutter. So, you must be thinking about why Flutter is getting so dominating in the development world? Here are several reasons you should know.

Single Codebase

As discussed above, Flutter came with the app development kit. It uses the same codebase for different platforms, be it Android, iOS, or web apps. This ability of Flutter offers an effortless approach to mobile app development in a short time because, when it comes to enterprises and businesses, they always head to smart moves, i.eThey choose such an app development framework that can work on both sides of the fence (for business and development). If you have an online business or store you just need a mobile app for your online store. Flutter offers an incredible development process with less effort, cost, and time. Worth appreciation, right?

Easy Adaption

Flutter is way easier to adapt; that is why it is a go-to choice for app developers. As this framework uses Dart, this makes more sense to app development with efficiency. Due to its easily adaptable and straightforward nature, app developers like to build MVPs using it. Flutter makes it possible to make fast and cost-effective MVPs for clients who want to deploy some immediate features of an actual software product early. In this sense, Flutter helps you build apps from a single code base regardless of platforms. 

Flutter Open-source Packages 

Flutter has many open-source packages that enable the creation of modular code that can be shared easily. These packages include loading Animations, flutter e-commerce, etc. In addition, its global community helps answer all the queries regarding Flutter. These free flutter packages offer developers the boundless necessary functionality to include during app development. 

Fast Cross-platform App Development Process

Flutter is an expert in creating cross-platform apps in a brief period. As it offers app development from a single code base, this facilitates developers not to build code for many days to make an app for another platform from scratch. Due to the fast cross-platform development offered by Flutter, you can meet a deadline even before the exact time and get cross-platform app development at rock-bottom cost. Doesn't flutter act as a catalyst to your mobile app development? Yes, it does. Enhance your knowledge about Flutter.

Some Examples of Mobile Apps Built with Flutter Framework

There are many top examples of mobile apps built with Flutter in the marketplace. App developers happily made these apps using Flutter due to its enormous app development advantages. Some common flutter app examples are:

Google Ads

Google Ads is the best example of Flutter. It can be accessed on Android and iOS platforms. It is the best tool for advertisers to create impact-drawing ad campaigns for businesses. Google ads help you gain more conversions, manage your bids on campaigns, and market your service efficiently to broader users.


Wide-ranging social media users are on Instagram and enjoy sharing their stories. Instagram has developed PostMuse for editing stories with many beautiful templates, frames, and other touch-ups to make your stories captivating. This app also chose a flutter platform to enhance usability and offer more eye-catching designs and the best and more exhilarating user experience, all these abilities while maintaining the app's best performance.


You don't have to worry about interviews anymore. Flutter has brought an app called Toughest. Don't judge it by its name; it helps you prepare for your interviews with numerous questions and tips. This app not only increases your confidence but also develops your professional personality. So next time, when you get a call for an interview, go confidently and come back with an appointment letter. 

Final Thoughts

Flutter is rapidly increasing in the mobile app development world. Flutter offers wide-ranging benefits to app developers. It is the dream of every app developer to build a hassle-free cross-platform app with less time and effort. Flutter seems to make this dream come true. Worldwide mobile app development companies are choosing the flutter framework to provide businesses what they exactly ask in less time and effort—the community of this framework bringing more improvements in it.

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