Why Do 99% of Designers Prefer to Use MAC than PC

why do graphic designers prefer to use mac than a PC

A massive number of creatives use Mac computers for their professional work. There are several good reasons why this is the case, especially for graphic design professionals. As you would think, any creative would look into the performance before picking a computer, and that’s the significant factor here.

But then, what makes a Mac better than a PC for a graphic designer? Well, this article will look into the reasons why graphic designers choose Mac computers for their work. This will help you as a graphic designer on what to choose when confronted with the two options.

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Reasons to Pick Mac for Graphic Designing

1 - Simple Operating System

The Mac operating system is one of the simplest you can use today. This is among the compelling features that make it an excellent pick for graphic designers. Every creative wants a simple operating system that delivers to their expectations. Not a complicated OS that they can’t navigate.

Besides, you should be ready to install updates regularly if you pick Windows over Mac. You may even have to update multiple drivers in a single day, which isn’t the case with macOS. The only time you’ll need to update a MacOS is when Apple releases a new OS version, which happens once in a while.

2 - Better Build Quality

The quality of computer hardware you get is an essential thing for a designer. This is another factor in which Mac beats Windows by far. Its aluminum unibody guarantees you longevity, and you can rely on it for many years. The sleek and modern design makes it an even better pick over a PC.

If you speak to a Mac user, some will tell you that they have used their laptops for seven or more years. This is without having to replace a single part on their Mac. Not many PC users will say the same, especially those that work in the highly demanding design industry where computers may wear quickly.

3 - Considered an Industry Standard

Another reason to pick a MacBook for graphic design work is that it is because of its popularity in the design industry. As you grow your design skill and career, you will need a computer that makes your work as efficient as possible. This is why you need to go for what other creatives trust.

But then, you will also need to choose well, even when dealing with MacBooks. Some are better than others, so you can go for the best of the best if you can afford it. Also, think about learning how to use a Mac even if you don’t own one. Interviewers for design jobs prefer people who’re conversant with Mac.

4 - Better Accessories

It would be best if you never bought a computer without thinking about its accessories. They should fully take advantage of the features your operating system comes with to function best. Besides, their design needs to keep simplicity and functionality in mind to get the benefits of using them.

Mac accessories are the best when looking at all these factors. They are simple, functional, and have great designs that will make your space look beautiful. In addition, they have gesture controls that make it possible to convey ideas with imagery making your work more effortless and efficient.

5 - Apple’s Great Ecosystem

The Mac operating system offers interconnectivity on a whole new level. You cannot compare it with a Windows PC when it comes to the ecosystem. You can use two or more Apple devices without switching them back and forth. For instance, you can receive messages on your MacBook instead of your phone.

In addition, sending files from one Apple device to another is seamless. Small accessories like air pods also can find your device and connect to it automatically. In short, all Apple devices have a better interconnection, making them better to work with and more efficient than Windows PCs.

6 - Extra Graphic Design Applications

Both Mac and Windows have all the major applications that one needs for design work. They have all the Adobe Creative Cloud applications that will help you handle various design tasks. Thus, there are no significant differences when looking at the applications that come with both of them.

However, there’s a reason why MacBooks still come on top when looking at applications. Being a designer’s computer, you should expect it to have better applications than PCs. It features some applications that you won’t find on PCs, such as Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro for motion graphic designers.

These applications and tools make your work even more efficient. Combining them with the Adobe applications available on both Macs and PCs boosts your productivity. Such small details are what make most designers choose Mac over PC. Extra applications are a legitimate reason to choose Mac as they boost productivity.

7 - Ease of Use

mac are easy to use

User-friendliness is a factor that matters to every designer but more for beginners. Finding an OS that you can work with easily is one way to increase your productivity. There’s no doubt that the Mac OS is more user-friendly than Windows. It gives you more in cloud storage and offers better file management.

Mac also continues to improve all its features with every new release. This makes every new version come with better applications to make your workflow smooth. It also comes with a wide range of third-party applications and features that make working with it more manageable than with a PC.


It would be best to consider a wide range of factors when choosing between a Mac or PC. The main thing that will determine what you choose is, of course, your personal preferences. However, many other business requirements will determine whether a computer is perfect for your work.

This article has explored some of the vital factors that make a Mac better than a PC. You can be sure that a Mac will be easy to use and last long because of its solid build quality. You shouldn’t look any further if investing in a graphic design computer as a Mac will meet your expectations.

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