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Top 5 Best Call Voice Changer Apps for Android and iPhone in 2021

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Want to change your voice during a call? If yes then why not try the below-listed call voice changer apps for Android and iPhone. If you want to do some prank on your friends, family or known ones. If you are looking for some fun while sitting in your home during these pandemic days we have already covered some best prank call ideas.

Isn't it cool to prank your friends by calling via the voice changer app from where you are sitting right now? If you are wondering how to change voice during a call then we have the complete answer for this question below.

You can change your voice during a call by using the best voice changer apps during call. The call voice changer apps are available for Android and iOS.

Best Call Voice Changer Apps for Android and iOS

Here is the list of best voice changer apps during calls for Android and iPhone.

1 - Magic Call

magic call - call voice changer app

When it comes to voice changer apps Magic call is one of the best call voice changer apps which is available for Android and iOS both. It can be used as a good prank call apps or prank call websites for calling your friends and making a prank call using multiple effects you get in the Magic Call app. It is a very easy-to-use application that comes with prefixed background effects and different voice mods. In the voice section of the app, you get - Male, Female, Robot, Kid, Old woman, Elderly Male. Under the background section, you get - Concert, Traffic, Birthday, Racecar, Mount Everest, and Rain sounds. There are also some other added sounds with emoticon sections you can use Punch, Laugh, Kiss, Clap, Gasp, etc with the calls.

You have to make a call and select any of the sounds - male to female, female, kid, and cartoon with the added background noise. The call receiver/ person will hear the changed voice during the call and this makes it a fun way to prank on your friends.

Download Magic Call App for - Android

Download Magic Call App for - iOS

Features of Magic Call app:

  • Multiple voice changer options
  • Add various background sound effects like - Rain, Traffic, Birthday, etc.
  • You can earn money by referring your friends to download the Magic Call App.
  • User-friendly and simple user interface.

2 - Fun Calls

fun calls voice changer app during call

FunCalls is another best app to change voice during calls and is popular among Android and iOS users in the call voice changer apps category. You can also make international calls with the paid version of the FunCalls app. You can choose any of the plans offered by the app. The app charges you as per minute and you can select a plan according to your requirements. There are various fun voice effects you can use during the call include - Male, Female, Funny, Scary, etc. There is also a variety of sound effects that can be used background voice effects like - Dog, Cat, Wolf, Monkey sounds, etc.

The thing that makes it one of the best voice changer apps during call is its demo feature. The demo feature allows you to make a call to yourself. So that you can preview the voice changer effects during the call.

On the home page of the application, you will get functions to make calls very easily. The app also provides a tutorial video so that users can easily understand how to use the app properly.

Download FunCalls App for - Android

Download FunCalls App for - iOS

Features of FunCalls

  • Real-time voice changer during calls
  • Choose from different voice effects - Scary, Helium, Man, Scary, etc
  • Add animal sound effects to your calls
  • VoIP calls to make it easier to connect from anywhere
  • Download your recorded voices and share them with your friends and others

3 - Voice Changer Prank Calls

voice changer prank calls app during a call

Voice Changer Prank Calls is developed by ACETELECOM. It is one of the best call voice changer apps. It was previously named Call Voice Changer available for both Android and iPhone. The name of this app on the Google play store has been changed now. Voice changer prank calls are another best prank call apps you can download from the Google play store and App store and have fun with your friends, family, and known ones.

You get different voice options in the app such as - Darth Vader. Extraterrestrial other than usual male to female and child voices. The app also offers background sounds like - Traffic, Birthday, airports, Cat, and Dinosaur sounds.

You can also add more effects like ghosts, winds, etc. You can try the preview of these features before using them in the actual calls.

Download Voice Changer Prank Calls App for - Android

Download Voice Changer Prank Calls App for - iOS

Features of Voice Changer Prank Calls App

  • Check the voice before calling in the preview
  • Keep changing your voice continuously during the call anytime anywhere
  • You can earn free credits to use the feature on the voice changer app during call
  • This app works with phone internet or on wifi as well
  • Use many sound effects for background during a call

4 - Call Voice Changer - IntCall

call voice changer male to female

Call Voice Changer app by IntCall is another best call voice changer app for iPhone. You can use this app for making prank calls. This application works very find with the iPhones and iPads as well. The latest version of Call Voice changer works with iOS 14, iPhone 9, and the higher Apple iPhone series. IntCall has different voice changing options like - Male to female and female to male etc. Also, you get different sound effects and can add during your call such as - kiss, baby, doorbell, the phone ringing, animal sounds, and many more.

With the app subscription, you get a 3 days trial for free. The call voice changer app uses the VOIP so a good internet connection is always needed to make the calls. You can renew the subscription every week from your iTunes account. To turn off the auto-renewal of the subscription turn it off from the settings.

Download Call Voice Changer for - iOS

Features of Call Voice Changer

New users will get free minutes to make calls
You can change the pitch of your voice with this call voice changer app
Play any birthday song in the background to wish your friends on their birthday
Multiple options to select from to change voice and add different sound effects
Surprise your friends by calling them and playing greetings in different languages

5 - Voice Changer Plus

voice changer plus - change your voice during call

Voice changer plus is a popular voice changer app for iPhone and iPad users who are looking for a premium voice changer app then this app could be the perfect choice for them. You can record your own voice and hear it in different voices so that you can choose which voice effect to activate during the call. There are dozens of fun voices and sound effects in the app you can choose from. Voice changer plus is a fantastic iOS application if you want to try singing with Bad Melody or Bad Harmony. This fun app also plays your voice backward. Isn't it interesting?

The app is free to download but also comes with a couple of in-app purchases if you need those features then you can purchase otherwise the free version is enough for normal fun usage. The paid version lets you share photos.

Download Voice Changer Plus for - iOS

Features of Voice Changer Plus
  • The premium version offers you a ringtone creation feature
  • You can change your voice with over 55+ background sounds
  • The app supports saving, trimming, and sharing recordings via iCloud which is a great feature
  • Open your saved recordings and layer them with the sound effects from the app library

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