10 Effective and Powerful Instagram Marketing tips

effective instagram marketing tips

10 Powerful Instagram Marketing tips

In the digital world, the use of social media is one of the most critical aspects of any brands’ marketing strategy. And among this, the playful and fun platform of Instagram holds the most significant piece of the pie. 

Here are the ten more critical aspects to consider when creating a marketing plan for your brand on Instagram.

1 - Use Reels For Reach

By mid-2021, Instagram publicly explained their change in properties. They announced that Insta would no longer be a photo-sharing platform, and they plan to move to a video-first approach. And with this, they kicked off the fad around Reels.

Reels is Instagram’s reply to TikTok, a passive feed that allows users to discover video content irrespective of whom they follow. These videos, of lengths up to sixty seconds, are the best way to find new followers. 

Use the trending themes, music, and formats to present your content. Experts suggest posting a Reel Each day to ensure prolonged growth.

2 - Is Your Profile Optimized?

Before creating and promoting your content and using Instagram as a marking tool – you must ensure your profile is top notice. Here are some factors to provide the ideal profile optimization.

  • Add a relevant profile photo. Use a logo if you are a brand, or add your photo. Ensure the background is clean and helps your image stand out. 

  • Add your bio and website URL. These three lines should explain who you are, what you do, and why someone should follow you. 

  • Update your contact information. 

  • Set your profile to public. You can also go a step further and set up an auto-reply to your Instagram inbox. 

3 - Use A Business Account

This is one of the first steps towards building your Instagram brand. Switch to a business or creator profile type. This change allows you to follow insights, run ads directly from the page, add a shopping page, and much more. 

The inbox of these profiles divides between primary and general messages, allowing you to better filter interactions and engage with the people who matter the most. 

The best part of using a Business Profile is adding a call to action on the home page. Buttons like address, contact, and website are addable to the section below your bio for the additional calls to action.

4 - Focus On The Aesthetics

Your IG profile is soon becoming your brand’s identity. This also means you will have to ensure the appropriate use of colors, fonts, and formats on the IG profile. 

Allow all your posts to have a similar aesthetic. Find color themes you like and keep all your posts, Reels, and videos in the same template. Your whole profile should also look like a photo book. Read about creating grids on your Instagram profile to provide a more attractive outlook to new users.

5 - Use IG Stories Like This

Users spend a lot of time on IG stories as they delete and change every twenty-four hours. This also means you must ensure constant interaction on your Story with well-curated content. Here are some pointers. 

As the name suggests, tell a story. Explain hidden gems of your business, share a behind scene, share customer stories, and much more. Furthermore, ensure you consistently provide valuable content so they never Mute you.

Using an Instagram Video Editor, you can also make these short videos in bulk. Ensure each Story also contains a call to action and some relevant purpose. Use interactive features like a poll, quiz, Gifs, Q&A, and much more to enhance the engagements on your story further. 

6 - Setup Your Story Highlights

Once your IG stories expire, Instagram allows you to add them to your profile as “Highlights.” These are available right at the top of your profile which further helps as an information section. 

Club similar themed stories to place all the information on a single click. You can also set up custom names and thumbnails for each to make them further attractive.

See the highlight section of a few brands and pages to understand and ensure you make the most of yours.

7 - Use IG Store

The shop feature has helped many brands directly sell products from their profiles. It’s possible to tag an image as a store item, and when a user clicks on this item, it redirects them to the online store. 

This feature is only available to business profiles. A business can also add a “view store” button to help direct more traffic. 

This button is beneficial for an e-commerce company or any brand to sell merchandise from their page.

8 - Post At The Correct Times

While everyone recommends you post consistently, no one ever tells you when to post. Based on research by HootSuite, they studied over two-hundred-thousand posts and determined some pointers on Ideal posting time. 

These time windows are merely a reference; there are no hard and fast rules regarding these. 

Media and entertainment posts saw the best impressions when posted around 12 PM and 3 PM during a mid-week. However, travel and tourism-related updates received better traction on a Friday morning. 

Similarly, posting about retail, personal care, and technology receive the best results during the afternoon of a weekday. 

9 - Be Social

As a creator of content, it’s easy to forget that Instagram is first a social media platform and then a platform for distribution. Another way to build a network on the forum is by remaining active and engaging with users. 

Reply to comments, pin top comments to the post, reply to other businesses or creators in your domain, reshare and repost stories/posts. 

When users see these interactions on the page, they give a human touch to the brand and tend to trust it a lot more. Allows your Instagram to look less robot-managed.

10 - Collaborations

Instagram recently allowed people to share posts on their feeds in collaboration with other users. The same post will appear on two profiles, and the insights and statistics for this will also collect together. 

This allows creators to share content without duplication collaboratively. It also enables more users to discover your profile.

In Closing,

In closing, note that no formula or mantra replaces good content. Content is king, and you will have to create compelling work to keep your audiences engaged and with you in the long haul.

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